Apr 27

Nexgadget Car Dash Cam

Nexgadget Car Dash Cam, 4.3″ LCD FHD 1080p Dual Lens Car Camera Front and Rear DVR Video Recorder Vehicles Camera with Car Charger One USB Port

This dash cam is one of the nicest ones I’ve seen. It has a larger viewing area for both the mirror and the screen. And, it comes with a rear cam. You have to mount the rear cam with screws and adhesive and run a long wire from front to back, but the mirror cam mounts with just two silicone straps. That’s easy. All you need to provide is the micro SD card.

The controls took a little fiddling, but I figured it out within minutes. The front cam moves, so we can adjust that. The rear cam . . . well, I didn’t want to drill holes.

The only thing I don’t care for is the tint of the mirror, which was there even after the clear protective film had been removed. Great cam, though. Just set it and forget it. Not distracting at all.

This product was provided by Nexgadget.

Apr 16


NEXGADGET WIFI Car Dash Camera with Super Night Vision FHD 1080P 150° Wide Angle Stealth Vehicle DVR Recorder Camcorder APP Support IOS & Android System

If you don’t like dash cams that distract you with a screen, this dash cam is for you. With this cam, you can check the placement with your smartphone and the Androind or iOS app. (I downloaded mine from the Google Play store.) One of the nicest thing about that is the time stamp automatically syncs with the phone. And yes, no distracting screen to get in the way.

Drawbacks include an adhesive mount (too permanent for some people) and a proprietary cable that is split between USB and composite video. Lose the cable and you’re out of luck.

This product was provided by NEXTGADGET.

Apr 04

Jellas Travel Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

Jellas Travel Carrying Hard Case for Nintendo Switch

My son’s Nintendo Switch fits perfectly in this Jellas case. It’s well-padded, and the stiff outer shell provides added protection. Not only does it have room for his game cards, it holds his bulky wall charger, as well. I’m also happy with the dual zipper, a feature I’ve come to appreciate in every purse/bag/case I own.

This product was provided by Jellas.

Apr 04

GRDE Dual USB High-Speed Charging External Battery

GRDE Dual USB High-Speed Charging External Battery

This 10000 mAh power bank features two USB ports, a flashlight, and a phone stand. It even comes with a short micro USB cable. The only drawback for me is the stand is very narrow. I have to take my phone out of its case to place it on the stand. Not a big deal for me, because I don’t often need a phone stand. If you do, make sure your phone and phone case are slim.

This product was provided by Greentimezone.

Mar 22

iXCC Outdoor Sweatproof Water-Resistant Fitness Waist Pack

iXCC Outdoor Sweatproof Water-Resistant Fitness Waist Pack

Not all running belts can boast two pockets, and if you carry more than your phone (i.e., keys, pepper spray, etc.), you’ll need two pockets. These iXCC running belts are compact, though not as compact as my other, single-pocket running belt. Still, I’ll two pockets over one. Oh, the two cable pass-throughs (one on each pocket) are a great idea for anyone in need of corded earphones.

This product was provided by iXCC.

Mar 22

EGRD Foldable Neckband Style Bluetooth Headphones

EGRD Foldable Neckband Style Bluetooth Headphones

These earphones are comfortable to wear and have good sound. The controls are within easy reach and they fold for storage. The only potential con is the broken English when pairing with Bluetooth. Other than that, it works great.

This product was provided by EGRD.

Mar 15

Jug&Po Women’s Knitted Sweater Dress

Jug&Po Women’s Long Sleeve Off Shoulder Knitted Sweater Dress

This sweater dress is comfortable to wear. It’s worn off the shoulder. If I were to wear it higher, the seam under the collar would show. Keep in mind that it’s very short. Unless you’re into showing off your panties, I’d recommend it with skinny jeans or leggings.

This product was provided by Jug&Po.

Mar 08

Coolife Professional Kitchen Blender

Coolife Professional Kitchen Blender

I’ve used a lot of blenders in my lifetime, but this one beats them all. It is absolutely the best at crushing ice cubes: snow cone quality shaved ice in seconds.

Although the blender did not come with specific cleaning instructions (i.e., doesn’t say dishwasher safe or if we should take it apart), there is a cleaning mode. Duh. I just put in some detergent with water and spin the thing on cleaning mode for a few seconds. Put in clean water to rinse, and spin again. Wipe down the outside and wash the lid and wand. So easy.

Smoothies come out creamy–no chunks, even with frozen fruit. That wand and those sharp blades really do the trick.

This product was provided by Coolife.