Nov 13

Potensic F186WH Hover RC Drone

Potensic F186WH Hover RC Drone RTF Altitude Hold Mini Quadcopter UFO with 2MP WiFi Camera

This little drone has so many options: fly by remote controller, app controller, or gravity controller. It’s FPV all the way! Getting started with the app is easy but not intuitive. First, you have to bind the drone to the remote controller and also the drone to the smartphone via Wi-Fi. (I have an Android phone.) Before you press the ON button in the app, press the FUNCTION-SWITCHOVER button on the controller to get the propellers spinning. THEN, press the ON button in the app. You could always just stick with the remote controller if you don’t want to deal with the app.

Landing is not as simple as it is with other drones. The propellers don’t just stop spinning when you press the throttle all the way down. You have to cut power with the FUNCTION-SWITCHOVER button (gradual reduction in power), or push the left stick to the bottom left corner and the right stick to the bottom right corner at the same time. There’s also a button somewhere on the app I haven’t tried. In the event of an emergency, I don’t think I would be able to find that button.

The drone appears to be quite durable, as I have crashed it without any permanent gouges or cracks on the blades or body. The soft plastic blade guards do get bent, but I just bend them back.

If you want to take photos and videos, you will need to use the app. There’s no micro SD card, so the images will be stored on your phone. They are AVI files (I had to convert them to put them in my video). I am impressed by the quality of the video coming from the cam.

This product was provided by Potensic.

Nov 08

MengK Eye-Caring Table Lamp

MengK Eye-Caring Table Lamp with Color Bar

This is a nice little portable lamp, for when you need light but have no outlet. Just looking at the box, I thought the base was a solid painted color, but it actually lights up in any color of the rainbow. The neck bends into any configuration, making this a very versatile little lamp.

This product was provided by Big Corn.

Nov 02

MengK Bluetooth 4.1 In-ear Stereo Earbuds with Mic

MengK Bluetooth 4.1 In-ear Stereo Earbuds with Mic

The ultimate solution to peace with your roommates is Bluetooth earphones. These earphones paired easily with my HTC One M8. They stayed in my ears, no problem. Controls are not hard to find by feel. The sound would work for the average user. (Let’s face it. They’re not high-end.) My only problem was the shutter control, which did not work with my phone’s camera.

This product was provided by Big Corn.

Oct 31

Tenergy 11W Dimmable LED Desk Lamp With Built-in USB Charging Port

Tenergy 11W Dimmable LED Desk Lamp With Built-in USB Charging Port

This dimmable LED desk lamp excels at versatility. Not only is the arm fully adjustable, it also sports a normal, study, and relax mode, along with a sleep mode and 60 minute timer. Don’t forget to charge your phone while you’re at it.

The only thing I don’t care for is the fingerprint magnet base. Keep a cloth handy or just don’t touch it.

This product was provided by Tenergy.

Oct 25

HomyWolf Unisex Cotton House Slippers

HomyWolf Unisex Cotton House Slippers

These slippers are built for indoor/outdoor use, with a rubberized sole and a suede-like upper. That lining feels so warm, and the padding makes my feet sing. The only thing that distinguishes these slippers from something like, say Isotoner, is the seams. On the wrong side, they are not finished as well. On the right side, no one will be able to tell.

This product was provided by HomyWolf.

Oct 19

Pro Detector MD-4010 Gold Detector

Pro Detector MD-4010 Gold Detector

I cannot believe the quality of this metal detector. For less than $50, it totally rocks my world! Great sensitivity, not a lot of false positives. It looks like a toy, but a toy that acts like the real deal. No earphone jack or armrest here, but it’s very light and super compact. I highly recommend it as a child’s first metal detector or for the casual beach comber hunting treasures in the sand. You won’t be disappointed!

This product was provided by Pro Detector.

Oct 16

ELECSHELL 1200LM Tactical LED Flashlight Kit

ELECSHELL 1200LM Tactical LED Flashlight Kit

One of the nicest things about this flashlight is its versatility. It includes an 18650 lithium ion battery and an 18650 battery charger with retractable prongs. But if you forgot to charge it, they throw in a AAA battery adapter that uses three AAA batteries (not included).

The modes (three levels of brightness, strobe, and SOS) can be changed by turning the flashlight on and off, or do it quickly by partial pressing the power button. Warning: the bright setting is bright!

To top it off, this flashlight can be stored in its hard plastic lined in egg crate foam. Nice.

This product was provided by Elecshell.

Oct 12

Onirii Compatible Brother P-touch Label Tape

Onirii Compatible Brother P-touch Label Tape M231 MK231 M-k231 12mm Wide X 8m Length 0.47″ Black on White

One of the things I love about the P-touch tapes is the durability. When my children were young, I label all their plastic food containers with their names and send them off to school. At night, I’d toss them all in the dishwasher for use the next day. P-touch tape faded slowly over time, but not before I’d gotten countless washings out of them. When I could read them no more, I’d peel them off. It amazed me that they could stick through all that punishment yet come off without leaving a trace of residue.

Today, I’m beyond forcing my label tape to endure such harsh conditions, so I tried Ptape, a generic of the Brother brand. This prints on a matte surface, as opposed to the semi-gloss tape I was used to seeing, and the Ptape is thicker. It sticks on everything I’ve tried it on, and it peels off nonporous surfaces with ease. I even tried washing my Ptape-labeled container in the sink like the good old days, but I admit I haven’t tried the dishwasher. Yes, the tapes differ, but I don’t think it would matter to most users.  Which one is better is a matter of preference.

This product was provided by Onirii.

Oct 10

Fine China Storage by G Brands

Fine China Storage – Set of 4 Quilted Cases for Dinnerware Storage. Sizes: 12″, 10″, 8.5″, and 7″ Diameter – Gray – Quilted Fabric Container with 48 Felt Plate Separators Included

These quilted cases are a great way to store my dinnerware. They come nested in one plastic pouch, with twelve felt plate separators for each container. Just in case we forget that the large bag is for dinner plates, they come with cards we can label. I’m using these to store a set that my brother gave me years ago (the one you see in the video). It’s only service for four, but I can see that there’s plenty of room for more.

This product was provided by G Brands.