Oct 19

VDS Large Laundry Backpack

VDS Large Laundry Backpack with Adjustable Shoulder Straps

This laundry bag is much larger than I imagined. It holds lots–enough for a week’s worth of laundry from a college dorm room. What do I love about it? The compact size when folded, the zipper, the adjustable padded shoulder straps. It’s well-made and looks great. What’s not to like? Nothing.

This product was provided by Advanced Digital Image Co.

Oct 16

Mactrem Travel Tripod

Mactrem PT55 Travel Camera Tripod Lightweight Aluminum

This little tripod is lightweight, yet is sturdy as they come. The legs lock solid so that I’m never worried about collapse or tipping over. Speaking of features: It has a built-in level bubble, quick release plate, foam grips, and weight hook. Everything on this tripod works so smoothly. That goes for the pan and tilt. Unlike some other tripods, this one glides in any direction, at any angle–until I lock it, of course. When I’m done, I pack it away in the rugged carry bag. The Mactrem tripod offers incredible value for its price. I highly recommend it.

Oct 13

ZERRO 45mm Rotary Cutter Replacement Blade

ZERRO 45mm Rotary Cutter Replacement Blade (SKS-7, Pack of 5)

Changing the blades on your Fiskars rotary paper is easy, and you don’t need to restrict yourself to Fiskars blades. I used ZERRO blades, which comes in a handy plastic container. Each set comes with scalloped blades, perforating blades, and a straight blade. Love the variety.

The blades were provided by ZERRO.

Oct 04

Vivo Per Lei Espresso Coffee Body Scrub

Vivo Per Lei Espresso Coffee Body Scrub

Do you love, love, love your coffee? Then you’ll love Vivo Per Lei Espresso Body Scrub. I slathered my body in this today and it was like I had swum through a pit of coffee grinds. I lived and breathed it; and if I could have brewed myself in it, I would. The scent of coffee was unmistakable. So, you’d better like coffee!

After a good cleaning with this scrub, my skin is smooth as silk. Silk from coffee? You’d better believe it.

This product was provided by Vivo Per Lei.

Oct 03

Vivo Per Lei Retinol Wrinkle Serum

Vivo Per Lei Retinol Wrinkle Solution Skin Serum

If anyone ever knew how to make beauty look great, it’s Vivo Per Lei. I just started using their Retinol Wrinkle Solution Skin Serum, which comes boxed like the lux brand that it is. Just one squirt will do ya. I learned that after two squirts had it going all over my face, down my neck, and then some. Add that to my Vivo Per Lei Vitamin C Moisturizer and I was set. Even after many hours, my face feels tight, like I got a facelift in a bottle. I’m beatin’ back the years, and Vivo Per Lei is helping me do it.

This product was provided by Vivo Per Lei.

Oct 02

Vivo Per Lei Vitamin C Day Moisturizer Cream

Vivo Per Lei Vitamin C Day Moisturizer Cream for Face and Neck

Day one of my Vivo Per Lei beauty treatment regimen. Vitamin C moisturizer came out of the box looking like gold. Nothing but quality all around–even the bottle. Luxury is the only word for describing Vivo Per Lei.

I expected beauty to match all outward appearances and Vivo did not disappoint. Lotion that smelled like the lotion it is without all the frills. This is serious. They mean business. When I finished, my skin felt like a million dollars. Okay, not really. It felt like skin that was fully nourished–supple and young. I’m surprised this was so inexpensive (about $15). They really ought to charge much more.

This product was provided by Vivo Per Lei.

Oct 01

Ablest Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer

Ablest Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer Instant Read Food Cooking Thermometer Built-in Clock Timer with IP67 Stainless Steel Probe

I used my Ablest cooking thermometer to help make with this super easy chicken recipe. Just three ingredients! Now, that’s my kind of chicken.

The cooking thermometer was provided by Ablast.

Sep 14

Kitty City Steel Claw Mega Kit Cat Furniture

Kitty City Steel Claw Mega Kit Cat Furniture, Cat Condo Duplex with Toy

In this video, I’ll show you how to build the cat condo shown on the box, but you can make any configuration you want. Want a bigger condo? Buy two kits and joint them together.

My 13-pound cat loves her new digs, even though she sags into the cloth platforms. No problem. She likes sleeping in hammocks.

This product was provided by Chew King.

Sep 11

UIYI Unisex Backpack

UIYI Unisex Polyester Lightweight Travelling Backpack 160033

This backpack is huge! It holds way more than I expected. Great for outings for carrying blankets, jackets, and the like. It even holds my 15 inch laptop. Cinch the top to close and then fold over the flap and buckle. This makes me think “stuff bag,” except there are tons of pockets inside and out. The straps are padded and reflective, and it has a handle for carrying.

School books will fit in this bag, but they might be harder to access because the top doesn’t unzip down the sides. There’s no padded pocket for the laptop, not that I need one. Like I said, for bringing gear on a hike.

This product was provided by UIYI.