Apr 30

Gliving® 3D Pen ★★★★☆

Gliving® 3D Pen LED Display PLA ABS 2nd Generation


By now, I’ve used a number of 3D pens and I think I know what I like. How does the Gliving 3D pen compare? Well, it has a screen, so we can adjust the temp to exactly what we want. Not all of them have this screen. It also lets us choose between automatic ABS or PLA filament heat settings. This is the first pen I have that could do that. However, the set comes with either PLA or ABS and it doesn’t say anywhere which filament we have. How can you tell? I smelled it as it was being extruded. ABS has a sweet scent, like sugar. PLA smells like burned plastic. I received ABS filament. It’s the first set I’ve ever gotten that has ABS filament. I like how it handled.

The stand works better than other stands that I’ve used. I didn’t have to fight to keep it upright. The controls work as well as other controls, but it does not have an automatic feed function that is available in some models. I like automatic feed because believe it or not, my finger starts to tire after awhile.

Finally, the cord is very short. It is the first 3D pen I’ve had to grab an extension cord for. The wall wart of a plug means I can’t just dangle the end of the cable off the table. It has to rest somewhere. That’s the reason for the star deduction. It otherwise works well.

You can draw in the air or follow an outline on paper and put the strands together later or just freehand it. The net has all sorts of possible projects. Or, you can do what I did and use a mold. I made myself a cupcake that looks good enough to eat. LOL.

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Apr 30

AmazonBasics Thermal Laminating Pouches ★★★★★

AmazonBasics Thermal Laminating Pouches – 8.9-Inch x 11.4-Inch


After I ran out of laminating pouches that came with my Fellowes laminator, I bought AmazonBasics pouches. I’m surprised they are stiffer than the Fellowes brand, which is a good thing. The open end has one tacked down corner, so it doesn’t open up fully. I don’t have an opinion on that yet. The corner makes it a little harder to position the paper, but then the pouch will stay properly closed, not that I’ve ever had a problem with that. So far, I’m getting good results.

Apr 30

Zoo Med ReptiSand® Desert, White

Zoo Med ReptiSand® Desert, White


I know this is made for reptiles, but my daughter did all her research and determined that it’s good for hamsters, so she bought this sand and made a little beach in the corner of the cage . . . for her hamster. I have no idea if hamsters are supposed to like sand, but this one doesn’t seem to mind. She says it uses the sand. For what? I don’t know, but it does make for a nice break from the bedding that covers all six cages/carriers that she’s connected into some sort of hamster theme park. This is a very fine, clean sand, not like what you’d find at a real beach. Nice.

Apr 30

NUTRO Grain Free Natural Dry Dog Food ★★★★★

NUTRO Grain Free Natural Dry Dog Food


When this bag arrived in the generic Amazon corrugated cardboard box, both my dog and cat knew something good was inside. I finally had to put the food in the garage because they wouldn’t leave it alone. Yes, it’s as good as they thought it would be, at least for the dog, because we don’t feed the cat dog food. Every day, she eats the bowl clean. It’s two paws up from this pup. I have a suspicion the cat would vote, if only I gave her the chance.

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Apr 30

Vermont Smoke & Cure Uncured Summer Sausage ★★★★★

Vermont Smoke & Cure Uncured Summer Sausage


I didn’t know quite what to do with summer sausage, so I looked online for a recipe and found a simple one that basically required only jam or jelly and mustard or any kind. I put that on this sausage and some chicken sausage I had and cooked it in the oven. Truth be told, all that sweetness masked most of the flavor of the sausage, but I definitely preferred this summer sausage over the chicken sausage. This summer sausage had more texture and wasn’t as soft as the chicken sausage. That made it more bold, so I liked it, but next time I’ll tone down the sweet sauce to bring out more of the sausage’s natural flavor.

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Apr 30

Generic Outdoor Windproof Dustproof Face Mask PM2.5 ★★★★☆

Generic Outdoor Windproof Dustproof Face Mask PM2.5


From the looks of the Amazon product photos, this mask looks like it is a hard shell. That’s not so. It’s soft and made of neoprene and forms a ridge at the front of the face like the bow of a boat. Inside, there’s a washable, removable lining to cushion the face. It’s held in place by the filter plugs, one for each nostril, which contain the filters. An extra lining and filter plugs with filters are included in the package, but they can also be purchased separately.

I’m not a dirt biker. I go gold prospecting in the desert and the machine used to mine for gold kicks up lots of dust. Normally, I wear a disposable dust mask, but this mask will do nicely. It fits comfortably and I’m able to breathe freely. It’s rated PM2.5, which I have no way to verify; but if it’s true, I should be well protected.

I only wish I could buy just the filters, because I imagine changing these filters as often as I will need to change them will become rather expensive if I keep having to buy the lining and filter plugs with the filters as a set.

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Apr 26

VERA Premium Treats for Dogs ★★★★★

VERA Premium Treats for Dogs


I was not expecting so much meat! This is a huge bag full of jerky treats (says chicken fillet, but looks like jerky). Each piece is nice and big, moist and delicious. I wouldn’t mind having a bite myself. My dog is so lucky, and she knows it. Every time I have one in my hand, she dances around and sticks to my side like glue. Yup. It’s a definite winner.

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Apr 26

Comfort Research UltimaX Beans Refill ★★★★★

Comfort Research UltimaX Beans Refill


These foam beads were so inexpensive, I’m not really expecting them to last very long. I was just happy to fill out my son’s bean bag chair. So far, it looks great, and it only took me half a bag.

If you’re wondering how to fill the chairs without making a huge mess, watch my video. Basically, you’ll need a tube. Any size tube will do, but the larger the diameter, the faster the process will be. I sawed the end of a bread crumb canister to make my tube. The beauty of that was it has a lid. When I was done, I simply capped the lid to save the rest for later. Cool, huh? When you fill the bag using the tube, make sure to only unzip it enough to fit the tube into the bag and no more. That’ll keep any stray beans from escaping. Oh, you might have a few strays, but it’s nothing like what you’d have without some sort of system. Trust me on that. I learned the hard way. Anyway, I hope the video helps.

Apr 26

DrainWig Bathtub Drain Hair Catcher ★★★★★

DrainWig Bathtub Drain Hair Catcher


The DrainWig worked so well in the shower, I went and bought some for my bathtub. If you’re wondering what the difference is between the shower and bathtub DrainWigs, it’s the way it’s held in place. The shower version is a flower that rests over the drain grate. The bathtub version is an anchor with a suction cup that suctions to the wall of the tub.

This package is two 2-packs. That’s four DrainWigs all together. I misread it and thought I was getting only two, so it was a pleasant surprise. This is going to last us a couple of years, since my daughter is the only one with long hair using the bathtub, and she’s not always using it. Sometimes, she’s in the shower (we have a DrainWig for that one, too!).

Apr 26

Scotts EZ Seed 17508 Sun Shade ★★★☆☆

Scotts EZ Seed 17508 Sun Shade


The instructions said to prepare the soil, then add the seed and water. The mulch is supposed to expand and cover the seeds so they don’t wash away. Then why do I see so many seeds lying on top of the soil? When I water, they float away. I guess I could cover them up with more soil, but that sort of defeats the purpose. I mean, why pay more money for this special expanding mulch, when we have to add our own mulch anyway?

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