Jun 02

Tenergy Syma X20

Tenergy Syma X20 Pocket Headless Quadcopter RC Drone with Altitude Holding

One of the nicest things about this Syma drone is how well it holds its altitude. Once I get it however high I need it, that’s one less thing to think about. It also has auto takeoff and landing, which has saved me when I needed it to come down quickly.

The drone charges with a micro USB cable (included), but you’ll need four AAA batteries for the remote.

This product was provided by Tenergy.

Dec 09

Potensic Upgraded UDI 818A HD 2.4GHz CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter

Potensic Upgraded UDI 818A HD 2.4GHz CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter

I love the design of this drone. Blades protected on all sides, big and sturdy, a camera but not lots of extraneous features that make me feel I have to use it to the max. Just fly — headless or regular mode. Take photos and videos along the way. It’s so great that I don’t need to pair the drone with my phone to do that. What? No Wi-Fi or FPV? Nada, but trust me. You’ll learn to appreciate the simplicity.

This product was provided by Potensic.

Nov 13

Potensic F186WH Hover RC Drone

Potensic F186WH Hover RC Drone RTF Altitude Hold Mini Quadcopter UFO with 2MP WiFi Camera

This little drone has so many options: fly by remote controller, app controller, or gravity controller. It’s FPV all the way! Getting started with the app is easy but not intuitive. First, you have to bind the drone to the remote controller and also the drone to the smartphone via Wi-Fi. (I have an Android phone.) Before you press the ON button in the app, press the FUNCTION-SWITCHOVER button on the controller to get the propellers spinning. THEN, press the ON button in the app. You could always just stick with the remote controller if you don’t want to deal with the app.

Landing is not as simple as it is with other drones. The propellers don’t just stop spinning when you press the throttle all the way down. You have to cut power with the FUNCTION-SWITCHOVER button (gradual reduction in power), or push the left stick to the bottom left corner and the right stick to the bottom right corner at the same time. There’s also a button somewhere on the app I haven’t tried. In the event of an emergency, I don’t think I would be able to find that button.

The drone appears to be quite durable, as I have crashed it without any permanent gouges or cracks on the blades or body. The soft plastic blade guards do get bent, but I just bend them back.

If you want to take photos and videos, you will need to use the app. There’s no micro SD card, so the images will be stored on your phone. They are AVI files (I had to convert them to put them in my video). I am impressed by the quality of the video coming from the cam.

This product was provided by Potensic.