May 26

Bistar Galaxy 3D Animal Travel Backpack

Bistar Galaxy 3D Animal Travel Backpack, Squirrel

This backpack comes with a zipper that can’t be missed. It’s HUGE. So’s the storage. It holds all my daughter’s books, her PE clothes, water bottles, and more. My favorite features? The three zippered pockets on the back, more hidden for security. The upper back pocket extends all the way down to the bottom. My whole forearm could fit inside. Nice backpack.

This product was provided by Bistar Galaxy.

Mar 01


MOSSLIAN 20L Ultra Light Daypack

This fold-up backpack comes with its own storage pocket so we don’t have to worry about losing the pouch. The material is quite rugged compared to the cheap dollar store variety. I have a few that are like this one and they are durable. The mesh strap is adjustable and the side pocket is large enough to hold a standard water bottle. Not all foldable backpacks sport this feature. Inside, there’s a zippered pocket for more important smaller items that we don’t want in the outer zippered pocket. Overall, very nice.

This product was provided by MOSSLIAN.