Oct 12

Onirii Compatible Brother P-touch Label Tape

Onirii Compatible Brother P-touch Label Tape M231 MK231 M-k231 12mm Wide X 8m Length 0.47″ Black on White

One of the things I love about the P-touch tapes is the durability. When my children were young, I label all their plastic food containers with their names and send them off to school. At night, I’d toss them all in the dishwasher for use the next day. P-touch tape faded slowly over time, but not before I’d gotten countless washings out of them. When I could read them no more, I’d peel them off. It amazed me that they could stick through all that punishment yet come off without leaving a trace of residue.

Today, I’m beyond forcing my label tape to endure such harsh conditions, so I tried Ptape, a generic of the Brother brand. This prints on a matte surface, as opposed to the semi-gloss tape I was used to seeing, and the Ptape is thicker. It sticks on everything I’ve tried it on, and it peels off nonporous surfaces with ease. I even tried washing my Ptape-labeled container in the sink like the good old days, but I admit I haven’t tried the dishwasher. Yes, the tapes differ, but I don’t think it would matter to most users.  Which one is better is a matter of preference.

This product was provided by Onirii.

Oct 10

Fine China Storage by G Brands

Fine China Storage – Set of 4 Quilted Cases for Dinnerware Storage. Sizes: 12″, 10″, 8.5″, and 7″ Diameter – Gray – Quilted Fabric Container with 48 Felt Plate Separators Included

These quilted cases are a great way to store my dinnerware. They come nested in one plastic pouch, with twelve felt plate separators for each container. Just in case we forget that the large bag is for dinner plates, they come with cards we can label. I’m using these to store a set that my brother gave me years ago (the one you see in the video). It’s only service for four, but I can see that there’s plenty of room for more.

This product was provided by G Brands.

Oct 08

Procella 68 Inch Golf Umbrella

Procella 68 Inch Golf Umbrella, Large Oversize Umbrella For 3 Persons, Windproof Vented Canopy, UV Protection for Outdoor Activities

This is the biggest golf umbrella I’ve ever owned — the only one with a guard to protect the tips during storage. Speaking of storage, it comes with a sleeve we can sling over our backs like a sword. Pretty cool, eh? My only wish is it be automatic.

This product was provided by Procella Umbrella.