Mar 15

Jug&Po Women’s Knitted Sweater Dress

Jug&Po Women’s Long Sleeve Off Shoulder Knitted Sweater Dress

This sweater dress is comfortable to wear. It’s worn off the shoulder. If I were to wear it higher, the seam under the collar would show. Keep in mind that it’s very short. Unless you’re into showing off your panties, I’d recommend it with skinny jeans or leggings.

This product was provided by Jug&Po.

Mar 08

Coolife Professional Kitchen Blender

Coolife Professional Kitchen Blender

I’ve used a lot of blenders in my lifetime, but this one beats them all. It is absolutely the best at crushing ice cubes: snow cone quality shaved ice in seconds.

Although the blender did not come with specific cleaning instructions (i.e., doesn’t say dishwasher safe or if we should take it apart), there is a cleaning mode. Duh. I just put in some detergent with water and spin the thing on cleaning mode for a few seconds. Put in clean water to rinse, and spin again. Wipe down the outside and wash the lid and wand. So easy.

Smoothies come out creamy–no chunks, even with frozen fruit. That wand and those sharp blades really do the trick.

This product was provided by Coolife.

Mar 01


MOSSLIAN 20L Ultra Light Daypack

This fold-up backpack comes with its own storage pocket so we don’t have to worry about losing the pouch. The material is quite rugged compared to the cheap dollar store variety. I have a few that are like this one and they are durable. The mesh strap is adjustable and the side pocket is large enough to hold a standard water bottle. Not all foldable backpacks sport this feature. Inside, there’s a zippered pocket for more important smaller items that we don’t want in the outer zippered pocket. Overall, very nice.

This product was provided by MOSSLIAN.

Feb 23

Precision Digital Tempered Glass Body Weight Scale

Precision Digital Tempered Glass Body Weight Scale

I can’t tell you if this scale really measures up to 400 pounds, but it does measure up to 140 pounds. Sleek, simple, easy to clean. If you want a scale that just measures weight without all the bells and whistles like bone density, body fat, and Bluetooth app, this is it.

This product was provided by SimplyModern.

Feb 08

GranVela Wireless Bluetooth Portable Headphones

GranVela Wireless Bluetooth Portable Headphones X3 Foldable Classic On-Ear Stereo Headset with Microphone, FM Radio, Micro SD Player, AUX

These headphones sure have plenty of sound. I can hear them even without wearing them on my head. You can hear them in the video, as loud as can be recorded by my camcorder. The only problem I had was with the aux cable, which had too much static, but Bluetooth, radio, and micro SD card worked fine.

This product was provided by GranVela.

Feb 02

BBQ CoverPro – Waterproof BBQ Grill Cover

BBQ CoverPro – Waterproof BBQ Grill Cover (55x22x46″) For Weber, Holland, Jenn Air, Brinkmann and Char Broil & More

The CoverPro generic BBQ grill cover works for my charcoal grill. It’s just a tad on the long side, but I can keep it off the ground if I snap the four bottom straps onto the legs. And there are cinches on either side to tighten up the bottom, although I admit they don’t actually cinch up very much. Also included are covered vents on top and handles. Overall, it’s a nice cover for my grill.

This product was provided by CoverPro.

Jan 31

TYR TOYS Solar Powered Tortoise

TYR TOYS Solar Powered Tortoise

This cute little tortoise needs nothing more than the power of the sun. There’s no on/off button, but put it in full sun and it just works. Sorry if you only have clouds, shade, or indoor lights–no dice. And watch out for crags, crevices, and rough surfaces. The poor little guy’s legs aren’t strong enough to push through. On smooth surfaces, he’s good to go.

This product was provided by TYR.

Jan 25

LOPOO LED Strip Light

LOPOO LED Strip Light (1.5m) Motion Sensing Light USB Light (Auto-Off)

This LOPOO light strip is easy to install. Plug it into a USB port or use the included battery pack (4 AA batteries not included). To save energy, it won’t turn on during daylight hours, but it will turn on at night when it senses motion. You can program at the touch of a dial to turn off in as little as 30 seconds or as long as 10 minutes.

This product was provided by LOPOO.

Jan 20

Marswell Plug Power Adapter

Marswell Plug Power Adapter Converter for Travel to US

This adapter was made for those traveling to the USA. The plug is a type A, two-prong plug, while the socket on the back is made for several different plugs, one of which is type I (found in China, Argentina, New Zealand, and Australia). My turtle nightlight has a type I plug. I tried it and it works!

This product was provided by Marswell.