Feb 08

GranVela Wireless Bluetooth Portable Headphones

GranVela Wireless Bluetooth Portable Headphones X3 Foldable Classic On-Ear Stereo Headset with Microphone, FM Radio, Micro SD Player, AUX

These headphones sure have plenty of sound. I can hear them even without wearing them on my head. You can hear them in the video, as loud as can be recorded by my camcorder. The only problem I had was with the aux cable, which had too much static, but Bluetooth, radio, and micro SD card worked fine.

This product was provided by GranVela.

Feb 02

BBQ CoverPro – Waterproof BBQ Grill Cover

BBQ CoverPro – Waterproof BBQ Grill Cover (55x22x46″) For Weber, Holland, Jenn Air, Brinkmann and Char Broil & More

The CoverPro generic BBQ grill cover works for my charcoal grill. It’s just a tad on the long side, but I can keep it off the ground if I snap the four bottom straps onto the legs. And there are cinches on either side to tighten up the bottom, although I admit they don’t actually cinch up very much. Also included are covered vents on top and handles. Overall, it’s a nice cover for my grill.

This product was provided by CoverPro.

Jan 31

TYR TOYS Solar Powered Tortoise

TYR TOYS Solar Powered Tortoise

This cute little tortoise needs nothing more than the power of the sun. There’s no on/off button, but put it in full sun and it just works. Sorry if you only have clouds, shade, or indoor lights–no dice. And watch out for crags, crevices, and rough surfaces. The poor little guy’s legs aren’t strong enough to push through. On smooth surfaces, he’s good to go.

This product was provided by TYR.

Jan 25

LOPOO LED Strip Light

LOPOO LED Strip Light (1.5m) Motion Sensing Light USB Light (Auto-Off)

This LOPOO light strip is easy to install. Plug it into a USB port or use the included battery pack (4 AA batteries not included). To save energy, it won’t turn on during daylight hours, but it will turn on at night when it senses motion. You can program at the touch of a dial to turn off in as little as 30 seconds or as long as 10 minutes.

This product was provided by LOPOO.

Jan 20

Marswell Plug Power Adapter

Marswell Plug Power Adapter Converter for Travel to US

This adapter was made for those traveling to the USA. The plug is a type A, two-prong plug, while the socket on the back is made for several different plugs, one of which is type I (found in China, Argentina, New Zealand, and Australia). My turtle nightlight has a type I plug. I tried it and it works!

This product was provided by Marswell.

Jan 19

Marswell Led Nightlight/Turtle Charging Station

Marswell Led Nightlight/Turtle Charging Station with Voice & Light Sensor

If you’re travelling to China, Australia, New Zealand, or Argentina, you might want to bring this little guy along. It comes with a travel adapter that will fit the U.S. two-prong plugs (sorry, not American three-prong plugs). It’s a nightlight, converter, and USB charging station all in one.

If you’re not traveling outside the USA, well, the vendor sent me a separate adapter. I plugged it in and the turtle turned on!  I can’t seem to figure out which switch is for what mode, though.  There’s supposed to be a light/sound activation and light activation or always on mode.  It’s just always on for me.

This product was provided by Marswell.

Jan 16

JQstar Portable Portable Garden Stool

JQstar Portable Portable Garden Stool With EVA Kneeling Pad, Handles, and Bonus Tool Pouch

The JQstar garden kneeler is much bigger and sturdier than I expected it to be. It definitely has heft, no doubt about that. I was surprised by how high it sat off the ground. It’s a little too high to do gardening, but I can use it for resting or as a stool. In kneeling mode, the bars provide a good source of support and stability. (As I age, I need more help getting off the ground.) One advantage over regular kneeling cushions is the cushion on this kneeler doesn’t ever rest directly on the ground, so no mud dirties up the seat when I flip it over.

This product was provided by JQstar.

Jan 15

George Lucas: A Life

George Lucas: A Life

by Brian Jay Jones

I have read other biographies of George Lucas, but nothing quite as incredible as George Lucas: A Life. I blazed through the 560 pages–such easy reading, so full of detail, yet didn’t bog me down. Every page was a page turner, starting from Lucas’s teenage years to after the sale of his empire. We learn about his relationships, his movies, and of course his relationship with his movies. What did he really think of The Force Awakens? His personality spilled through the pages, so it surprised me in the end when Brian Jay Jones noted that this was an unauthorized biography. A shattering of glass! I could have sworn Lucas was interviewed every step of the way. If you knew that then pay no mind. Jones obviously did his homework, making this a must read for any Star Wars fan.

Jan 13

Instant Read Pocket Thermometer with Backlight by SuCoo

Instant Read Pocket Thermometer with Backlight by SuCoo

Changing the battery on this SuCoo cooking thermometer can be tricky. It’s not as easy as pushing a button. You have to open the battery case, but the switch is hidden behind a metal panel. The battery doesn’t just pop out, either. Look here to see how it’s done.

This product was provided by Ibeato.

Jan 09

Smallcar External USB 3.0 DVD-RW Reader/Writer

Smallcar External USB 3.0 DVD-RW Reader/Writer (Portable CD/DVD Player/Burner)

Sometimes, we really do need an optical disc drive, and not all laptops come with them. Enter the external DVD drive–aka portable CD player/burner, DVD-RW reader/writer (anything else?). The instructions booklet was rather sparse. Actually, no instructions. I played around with the two cables that came with it and the only way my Windows 10 laptop would work with it is if both cables were plugged in. So, you’ll need two open USB ports. No software installation needed on my end. It was completely plug and play. I used it to store files on a CD and watch an old video from my daughter’s six grade class. You can see the opening sequence of that video on my laptop screen showing with the countdown and sound effects.

This DVD burner/player works as it should. I would prefer a motorized ejection mechanism, even though the presence of gears just ups the anty on the number of parts to wear down over time. Non-motorized does mean more lightweight, so that can be a plus.

This product was provided by Smallcar.