Ivation Portable Mini Amplifier

Ivation Portable Mini Amplifier w/Aux In – Dock for iPod, iPhone, Android and other Mp3 Players Powered by Batteries or USB Cable.

This Ivation Portable Mini Amplifier is a speaker shaped like a mini guitar amp. Very cute. Up top is room enough to hold my iPhone 4S while it’s wearing its battery case cover.  I said hold, not charge.  It can’t charge a phone.

Also note: this is not a Bluetooth speaker. It requires an auxiliary cord (included).

There are several options for powering the speaker:
* AC adapter (included)
* USB port (cord included)
* 4 AA batteries (not included)

I prefer the AC route and used that exclusively.

We have control knobs for both treble and bass. While the volume can be loud, the bass never gets to heart thumping levels, and it suffers musically when I bring up the treble.

I can hear a difference between this and some of my better speakers. What it doesn’t feature in richness, it makes up for in novelty. Average sound in a cool package.

This product was provided for review by C&A Marketing.

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