Vivo Per Lei Vitamin C Day Moisturizer Cream

Vivo Per Lei Vitamin C Day Moisturizer Cream for Face and Neck

Day one of my Vivo Per Lei beauty treatment regimen. Vitamin C moisturizer came out of the box looking like gold. Nothing but quality all around–even the bottle. Luxury is the only word for describing Vivo Per Lei.

I expected beauty to match all outward appearances and Vivo did not disappoint. Lotion that smelled like the lotion it is without all the frills. This is serious. They mean business. When I finished, my skin felt like a million dollars. Okay, not really. It felt like skin that was fully nourished–supple and young. I’m surprised this was so inexpensive (about $15). They really ought to charge much more.

This product was provided by Vivo Per Lei.

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