May 26

Bistar Galaxy 3D Animal Travel Backpack

Bistar Galaxy 3D Animal Travel Backpack, Squirrel

This backpack comes with a zipper that can’t be missed. It’s HUGE. So’s the storage. It holds all my daughter’s books, her PE clothes, water bottles, and more. My favorite features? The three zippered pockets on the back, more hidden for security. The upper back pocket extends all the way down to the bottom. My whole forearm could fit inside. Nice backpack.

This product was provided by Bistar Galaxy.

Mar 15

Jug&Po Women’s Knitted Sweater Dress

Jug&Po Women’s Long Sleeve Off Shoulder Knitted Sweater Dress

This sweater dress is comfortable to wear. It’s worn off the shoulder. If I were to wear it higher, the seam under the collar would show. Keep in mind that it’s very short. Unless you’re into showing off your panties, I’d recommend it with skinny jeans or leggings.

This product was provided by Jug&Po.

Dec 21


FREETOO Sling Bag Backpack: Adjustable Single Shoulder Bag Strap Chest Bag for Outdoor Hiking, Cycling, Camping, Travel

This sling bag sports two compartments containing multiple pockets, including one pocket large enough for an eReader or small tablet. I like the adjustable strap and that bright liner that keeps my things from getting lost in a deep, dark abyss. The material is a little slick for my taste, as I prefer leather or canvas over nylon. It works for me overall, though.

This product was provided by FREETOO.

Oct 25

HomyWolf Unisex Cotton House Slippers

HomyWolf Unisex Cotton House Slippers

These slippers are built for indoor/outdoor use, with a rubberized sole and a suede-like upper. That lining feels so warm, and the padding makes my feet sing. The only thing that distinguishes these slippers from something like, say Isotoner, is the seams. On the wrong side, they are not finished as well. On the right side, no one will be able to tell.

This product was provided by HomyWolf.

Oct 08

Procella 68 Inch Golf Umbrella

Procella 68 Inch Golf Umbrella, Large Oversize Umbrella For 3 Persons, Windproof Vented Canopy, UV Protection for Outdoor Activities

This is the biggest golf umbrella I’ve ever owned — the only one with a guard to protect the tips during storage. Speaking of storage, it comes with a sleeve we can sling over our backs like a sword. Pretty cool, eh? My only wish is it be automatic.

This product was provided by Procella Umbrella.