Jan 20

Marswell Plug Power Adapter

Marswell Plug Power Adapter Converter for Travel to US

This adapter was made for those traveling to the USA. The plug is a type A, two-prong plug, while the socket on the back is made for several different plugs, one of which is type I (found in China, Argentina, New Zealand, and Australia). My turtle nightlight has a type I plug. I tried it and it works!

This product was provided by Marswell.

Nov 28

Shinngo 6700mAh Ultra Compact Power Bank

Shinngo 6700mAh Ultra Compact Power Bank

I want a small power bank that won’t weigh me down, and Shinngo fits the bill. This one comes with a super short micro USB cable and a drawstring pouch. There’s even a single-bulb LED flashlight built in. What a seriously great idea for a stocking stuffer.

Just remember, small battery equals lower capacity. If you want more, you’ll have to pay for it in space and load-bearing muscle.

This product was provided by Shinngo.

Nov 25

GRDE Solar Battery Charger

GRDE Portable Dual USB Solar Battery Charger

The GRDE solar power bank is listed on Amazon with a capacity of 15000 mAh. It’s about the size of a large smartphone but more lightweight than I expected. I real world tests, I found the capacity closer to 10000 mAh. That’s enough to charge a smarthphone several times or a tablet once, depending on the device. The charger has a flashlight with six LED bulbs built in, bright enough to light the way in a pinch.

Like many other solar power banks, the solar charging is to be used as backup only, perhaps to extend the life of the battery while outdoors. From my tests, I found that one hour of sun gives about 260 mAh, which is enough to give my phone a 10% charge. That’s impressive for such a small solar panel.

This product was provided by Greentimeszone.

Nov 02

MengK Bluetooth 4.1 In-ear Stereo Earbuds with Mic

MengK Bluetooth 4.1 In-ear Stereo Earbuds with Mic

The ultimate solution to peace with your roommates is Bluetooth earphones. These earphones paired easily with my HTC One M8. They stayed in my ears, no problem. Controls are not hard to find by feel. The sound would work for the average user. (Let’s face it. They’re not high-end.) My only problem was the shutter control, which did not work with my phone’s camera.

This product was provided by Big Corn.