Jul 26

Z-Roya [Robot-Bear] Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

Z-Roya [Robot-Bear] Dual Layer Protective Hybird Armor Case [Slim Fit] with Kick-Stand Feature for Samsung Galaxy S8-Black-CGTXS08B

If you want a slim case for your Galaxy S8 for light-duty protection, you’ve found it in Z-Roya. This is a lightweight case that’s quick and easy to install. The buttons push through and the ports are fully accessible. It’s even compatible with my case-friendly, tempered glass screen protector.

This product was provided by Z-Roya.

Jul 10

iClever BoostCel Solar Charger with Battery

iClever BoostCel 12W Portable Solar Charger with 8000mah External Battery

Most solar chargers need to be connected to a battery. This solar charger comes with the battery inside. It’s so seemless, I couldn’t even tell.

The case is beautiful compared to any other solar charger I’ve ever owned. It includes a magnetic closure and an elastic band for hanging on trees. It’s a gorgeous power bank. I love it.

This product was provided by Thousandshores.

Jul 10

KingYou Bluetooth Earphones

KingYou Bluetooth Wireless HD Stereo In-Ear Earphones

Buddy likes these Bluetooth earphones because they don’t tie him down to his phone. The magnetic buds connect so he can wear them around his neck when he’s not using them–a rare site, indeed. With controls within easy reach, he doesn’t even have to take them off for phone calls (and adjusting the music is so much easier).

This product was provided by KingYou.

Jul 03

iClever BoostCell Eco 15000mAh External Battery

iClever BoostCell Eco 15000mAh External Battery with 4.8A Dual USB Output and 2A Dual Input, SmartID Technology

I can use this power bank to charge up to two devices at once. And at 15000 mAh, I can charge them over and over and over. You know they mean 15000 when you feel the weight. Just look at that thickness. For anyone who doesn’t understand what I’m saying, a power bank with this much juice should feel heavy and have good size. If it’s small, lightweight, and thin, you’re not getting what you’re paying for.

This product was provided by Thousandshores.

Jul 03

NEXGADGET V4.1 Wireless Bluetooth Neckband Headset

NEXGADGET V4.1 Wireless Bluetooth Neckband Headset, (Ultra Light,12 Hours Talk Time), Retractable Stereo Noise Cancelling Earbuds with Built-in Mic

Neckband headsets are for people who want their earphones at the ready. No more tangled up mess in your pockets. No more digging through your purse.

These headsets sport retractable earphones and they fold up for storage. Of course, they don’t actually fit in pockets very well.

This product was provided by Nexgadget.

Jun 23

Tenergy TN299 Hybrid NiMH, NiCd, Li-ion, LiFePO4 Batteries Universal Charger

Tenergy TN299 Hybrid NiMH, NiCd, Li-ion, LiFePO4 Batteries Universal Charger for AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, 18650, 14500, 10440 With 4 Independent Charging Slots and LCD Display

This charger is so versatile. It can charge every type of rechargeable battery I own and some that I don’t, like LiFePO4 and 9V batteries. We don’t even have to charge in pairs. When it’s done, the light indicator shuts off. Totally cool.

The only down side is like many battery chargers, it will not charge an NiMH battery that is too drained. My other battery charger is just like that. I have to throw those nearly dead batteries into a third USB charger I own to give them a little boost. The USB charger is too weak to complete the job, so it’s back to Tenergy I go for a full charge.

This product was provided by Tenergy.

Jun 17

Ocban Universal Travel Adapter

Ocban Universal Travel Wall Adapter with 2 USB Ports & Surge Protector

I took this travel adapter with me from the USA to London and used it to charge all my small electronic devices and two laptops. I plugged in up to three devices at once (2 USB + 1 outlet). What a lifesaver that was. I can verify that it works with USA and UK outlets, but it also has configurations to fit outlets from many other parts of the world. Everything is self-contained so I don’t have to worry about losing any pieces. It’s a truly ingenious device.

This product was provided by Ocban.

May 11

KingYou Bluetooth Earbuds

KingYou Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Magnetic In-Ear Sports Earbuds

Here are some earphones that not only work as a headset, it also can be used as a wireless shutter for your phone’s camera. Add to that the magnetic buds that keep them wired around your neck when not in use, and you’ve got a pretty good multifunctional device. A small carry case with carabiner, cleaning cloth, and extra earbuds are included.

This product was provided by KingYou.

Apr 04

Jellas Travel Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

Jellas Travel Carrying Hard Case for Nintendo Switch

My son’s Nintendo Switch fits perfectly in this Jellas case. It’s well-padded, and the stiff outer shell provides added protection. Not only does it have room for his game cards, it holds his bulky wall charger, as well. I’m also happy with the dual zipper, a feature I’ve come to appreciate in every purse/bag/case I own.

This product was provided by Jellas.