Oct 29

Tenergy T20 Bluetooth Headphones

Tenergy T20 Bluetooth Headphones, IPX7 Sweatproof Wireless Sports Earphones for Running, Noise Canceling 8-Hour Working Time, In-ear Bluetooth V4.1 Stereo Earbuds with Mic Bonus Sport Armband

What a sweet package–perfect for the sports nut in all of us. Just look at that box. It’s beautiful! And what’s inside is even better. Always have your phone and never be without music. Ah. Nirvana.

This Bluetooth earphone / sports armband set was provided by Tenergy.

Sep 11

UIYI Unisex Backpack

UIYI Unisex Polyester Lightweight Travelling Backpack 160033

This backpack is huge! It holds way more than I expected. Great for outings for carrying blankets, jackets, and the like. It even holds my 15 inch laptop. Cinch the top to close and then fold over the flap and buckle. This makes me think “stuff bag,” except there are tons of pockets inside and out. The straps are padded and reflective, and it has a handle for carrying.

School books will fit in this bag, but they might be harder to access because the top doesn’t unzip down the sides. There’s no padded pocket for the laptop, not that I need one. Like I said, for bringing gear on a hike.

This product was provided by UIYI.

Mar 22

iXCC Outdoor Sweatproof Water-Resistant Fitness Waist Pack

iXCC Outdoor Sweatproof Water-Resistant Fitness Waist Pack

Not all running belts can boast two pockets, and if you carry more than your phone (i.e., keys, pepper spray, etc.), you’ll need two pockets. These iXCC running belts are compact, though not as compact as my other, single-pocket running belt. Still, I’ll two pockets over one. Oh, the two cable pass-throughs (one on each pocket) are a great idea for anyone in need of corded earphones.

This product was provided by iXCC.

Mar 01


MOSSLIAN 20L Ultra Light Daypack

This fold-up backpack comes with its own storage pocket so we don’t have to worry about losing the pouch. The material is quite rugged compared to the cheap dollar store variety. I have a few that are like this one and they are durable. The mesh strap is adjustable and the side pocket is large enough to hold a standard water bottle. Not all foldable backpacks sport this feature. Inside, there’s a zippered pocket for more important smaller items that we don’t want in the outer zippered pocket. Overall, very nice.

This product was provided by MOSSLIAN.

Nov 16

LOPOO Air Inflatable Portable Sleeping Sofa

LOPOO Air Inflatable Portable Sleeping Sofa

I’ve seen people run with an inflatable lounger like it’s a giant kite, but that’s not necessary. If you don’t have a lot of wind in your area, just sweep it around a few times. It may not look full until you roll up the end, but that method words.

No matter how much I roll the end of the Lopoo lounger, air finds a way of escaping, but it stays up long enough to enjoy for a day at the beach. If you are worried about it blowing away, just tie down then end with the straps.

This product was provided by Lopoo.

Oct 16

ELECSHELL 1200LM Tactical LED Flashlight Kit

ELECSHELL 1200LM Tactical LED Flashlight Kit

One of the nicest things about this flashlight is its versatility. It includes an 18650 lithium ion battery and an 18650 battery charger with retractable prongs. But if you forgot to charge it, they throw in a AAA battery adapter that uses three AAA batteries (not included).

The modes (three levels of brightness, strobe, and SOS) can be changed by turning the flashlight on and off, or do it quickly by partial pressing the power button. Warning: the bright setting is bright!

To top it off, this flashlight can be stored in its hard plastic lined in egg crate foam. Nice.

This product was provided by Elecshell.