Aug 27

Iams Healthy Naturals Adult Chicken Plus Barley Recipe Premium Dog Dry Food ★★★★★

Iams Healthy Naturals Adult Chicken Plus Barley Recipe Premium Dog Dry Food

It’s funny when they say Iams Healthy Naturals is made from “farm-grown fruits and vegetables,” as if the alternative is to pick them from the deep woods. At any rate, my dog has been eating the Chicken and Barley flavor over the past week, and she approves.

The kibble doesn’t have the bold colors of other brands. It’s more “natural” dark stone-colored and shaped in basic flat squares, triangles, and flowers. She likes it.

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Aug 27

Lerway Adult Mens Helmet ★★★★★

Lerway Bike MTB Road Cycling Adult Mens Helmet Unisex fit LW-829 + Bicycle Bell (Red)

In our family, we have several bike helmets. I normally just grab one and go. Of all the bike helmets, the Lerway Helmet is the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. It didn’t even have to adjust it (though the size is adjustable), I simply put it on. Wow. Padding right where I need it, lightweight, fits just right.

Also included is a little bell. I don’t ever have to ring a bell, but I attached that to my Kickbike and used it anyway. It’s not the loudest bell. If I don’t do it right, I get a thunk instead of a ding, but it works for the most part.

Great helmet. I wish I knew what I was missing before. I wouldn’t have bought the other helmets.

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Aug 27

FiveJoy® Parachute Double Hammock ★★★★★

FiveJoy® Parachute Double Hammock With Built-in Travel Bag For Easy Storage – 108″ (L) X 57″ (W) – Support Two Full Grown Adults – 2 X 8mm Wide Carabiners and 2 X 3m Long Climbing Ropes Included

FiveJoy® Parachute Double Hammock is my second hammock in recent weeks. I like it because it comes in its own little pouch sewn on the hammock, along with two loose ropes I need to tie it down. I tied it on my hammock stand, but it could be tied to a tree or anything else. The ropes are on the slippery side. If you don’t know how to tie knots, it might come undone.

On each end of the hammock is a carabiner, which comes tied to the hammock. The vendor was concerned that the latch on the carabiner is compressed by those ropes when I sit on the hammock. It does open the carabiner up, but that’s no problem. I’m not worried about the rope falling off.

I’ve been in the hammock, my kids have been in it, my husband was in it. It holds everyone just fine. When I lie down, I can pull the sides up and put myself into a cocoon. That would be great on camping trips.

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Aug 27

Car Sun Shade ★★★★★

Car Sun Shade -Provides UPF 30+ Sun Protection – Comes In a 2-Pack

I’ve used a lot of different car shades. What I like about Car Sun Shade is although they come with suction cups, we don’t need suction cups to mount them at all. They simply cling to the windows. I’ve been driving around town for three weeks with these on, and they don’t fall off. They provide great shade for the rear windows in my Honda Odyssey and help cool down my car. I only wish it was super sized to fill the whole window, but then it wouldn’t be one size fits all.

This product was provided for review by Freddie and Sebbie.

Aug 27

Wallet Ninja ★★☆☆☆

Wallet Ninja 18 in 1 Multi-purpose Credit Card Size Pocket Tool

I am a fan of pocket tools. I have a variety I keep around the house with me all the time, so I was happy to get a Wallet Ninja. It promised to do so much.

When I got it, I could see that the Wallet Ninja is well-built. I couldn’t bend it if I tried. There are all sorts of tools, and they are well-labeled on the tool itself. The only problem was a lack of instructions. While most tools were self-explanatory (hex wrench and screwdrivers), others were a bit of a mystery (peeler). I had to go online to see some of it in action.

Some things performed as promised. Others did not. The only tool I did not get a chance to test is the bottle opener. We just don’t drink things that require me to remove the cap.


+ Screwdrivers – They’re small, but they’re functional. As long as you have enough clearance and you don’t need a lot of torque, it’s all good.

+ Hex Wrench – We get the following sizes: #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12. They are on the smaller side, but they work. It’s a little hard to grip and give enough torque.

+ Ruler – This is good if you only need to measure 2 inches or less.


- Cell phone stand – Insert any card and the Wallet Ninja is supposed to transform into a cell phone stand. This will only work in landscape position for both small and large phones; but the phones recline so much, they might as well not be on a stand.

- Letter Opener – It works very poorly. I’d rather open letters with my bare hands.

- Box Opener – Worse than the letter opener. It doesn’t open boxes well at all, and I have lots of boxes to practice on.

- Peeler – I didn’t understand this one until I saw it online. It scores citrus fruits so we can peel by hand. I don’t consider it a peeler, and it doesn’t score well.

- Can Opener – I’ve used manual can openers like the ones from the army, so I know how to use them. This does not work as a can opener at all. It doesn’t grip the edge of the can and punch through.


I’m somewhat disappointed in the lack of functionality. I wish it could do all the things it’s supposed to do, and I dislike having to watch a commercial to figure out how to use it.

For small nuts and screws, this works fine, especially for something the size of a credit card. I couldn’t get most of the rest of the tools to do as promised. That’s too bad. I wanted to like it more than I do.

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Aug 27

InnoGear® 11200mAh Dual USB Portable External Battery Pack ★★★★★

InnoGear® 11200mAh Dual USB Portable External Battery Pack IP54 Waterproof Shockproof Dustproof Travel Charger Military Camouflage Power Bank with Bright LED Flashlight for iPhone 5 5s 5c 4 4s, iPad 3 4 mini, Google Nexus 7 Nexus 10, Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 Tab Note 2 Note 3, Camera, GPS, Tablet

Wow. The InnoGear® External Battery Pack can really pack a punch. I gave my HTC One M8 a full charge and there are still 3 lights (75% charge) remaining. I used that 75% to give my HTC One another full charge while at the same time fully charging my iPhone 4S.

Alternatively, the InnoGear power bank can fully charge my Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ tablet. What an amazing capacity.

It’s a rugged power bank, both dust proof and splash proof. The outlets are covered with flaps. Just don’t do what I did and accidentally rip out the flap when pulling out a plug.

The flashlight is one LED bulb that can be set to always on or flash a steady SOS. I don’t normally use the flashlight function on a power bank, but it would do in a pinch.

This product was provided for review by InnoGear.

Aug 27

Daily Chef Extra Virgin Olive Oil ★★★★★

Daily Chef Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 3L

I have a small bottle of olive oil that I refill with Daily Chef Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We go through so much of it, it’s only economical. I’m no connoisseur, but it’s good stuff. You might even say it’s healthy, but don’t tell the kids.

Aug 27

Wii ★★★★★

This review was originally posted January 12, 2009.


I come in late to the world of Wii. My son already had a Gamecube and I didn’t want to have him play video games all day. My son eventually got it as a gift, and I am very glad he got it, because now I can play!

My son can continue to play all his old Gamecube games on the Wii, so I don’t feel like we wasted all that money collecting games for a Gamecube and then have to switch over.

It was easy to plug in and get going. I didn’t understand the setting up the Mii and using the Wiimote at first from afar. My son (6 years old at the time) knew what to do with it right away, so I just let him go at it. Eventually, I did play and it wasn’t so difficult. I don’t think that the Wiimote is as intuitive as they say, but it’s not hard to learn.

What got me hooked is the Wii Fit and My Word Coach and then I discovered there are a bunch of Wii software (I’m not sure I’d describe them as games) for adults or older kids.

I don’t have to worry much about what title software my son gets when he goes shopping for games. They are all pretty safe, especially when compared with other gaming systems. What a great buy the whole family can enjoy.

Aug 27

The Four Ingredient Cookbooks ★★★★★

This review was originally posted January 12, 2009.

The Four Ingredient Cookbooks

by Linda Coffee

I love The Four Ingredient Cookbooks. I am and never was much of a cook. I can cook from recipes, but I don’t enjoy all that measuring; and most of the time, I only get okay results. I don’t enjoy spending time in the kitchen or grocery shopping for so many ingredients I often end up wasting. This book is it.

I have another 4 ingredient cookbook with recipes that often has more than 4 ingredients. This one sticks to its title — truly only 4 ingredients.

This book is not for people who “love to cook,” as I’ve read from some one star reviews. It is for people who HATE to cook. It’s nice to know that despite that, we can still churn out something edible.

Aug 24

aLLreli® Digital Audio Voice Recorder Dictaphone ★★★★☆

aLLreli® CP0037 Rechargeable SPY 8GB 1165Hr Digital Audio Voice Recorder Dictaphone MP3 Player Perfect for Recording Interviews and Meetings, Students Learning

My first thoughts when I saw the aLLreli® Digital Dictaphone? Why not use a smartphone app? Well, not only will this work as a plain old recorder, it can also be used to record phone calls. That’s right, and all the required cables and equipment are included. I tried it out with my daughter. Whoa. No one would be the wiser, and the end result are voices that are as clear as could be. Of course, anyone considering using this would observe all applicable laws.

As a recorder, it works very well. The only issue I have is recordings are listed in numerical order and they are hard to see on the main screen.

Included are a wearable mic and earphones. The earphones are necessary, if we want to use the radio function. For some reason, radio won’t play over the external speakers. The stations come in pretty well, and I’m able to enjoy the stations I like on it.

The Dictaphone has mp3 player functionality, but the only way I’d use it is if it came with a micro SD slot. It does not. I’d have to hook it to my computer and transfer files, so I skipped that.

My favorite use for this is recording phone calls, not that I’d do that, but it’s different. I’ve never had anything that could do that before, not without being noticed by the other party. Pretty cool.

This product was provided for review by aLLreli.