Nov 22

Easy@Home TENS Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit ★★★★★

Easy@Home TENS Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit – a Portable Muscle Stimulator for Electrotherapy Pain Management | 6 Auto Procedure Options and 10 Levels Intensity

I get aches and pains in my muscles and bones, but it only flares now and then. Since I’ve gotten this Easy@Home TENS Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit, I’ve had one flare-up and used it on my knees. Ahhh.

There are two sets of wires. Each set will connect with two pads, so we apply a total of four pads. These pads are reusable, but they can be replaced as necessary.

We can choose an automatic procedure based on what part of the body the pads are placed:
+ waist
+ shoulder
+ joint
+ hand/leg
+ sole

If we want more control, just choose from three settings:
+ massage, a more continuous stimulation
+ beat
+ knead

Intensity can be set on a scale of 1 to 10 and speed is adjustable.

I do wish for a display that easier to read in dim light. I’ve found myself turning on a desk lamp just to read it. A backlight would be nice. Other than that, this TENS machine is wonderful. It really does help with minor aches and pains. If you think a massage would help you, this TENS machine may be just the ticket.

This product was provided for review by Easy@Home.

Nov 22

Nanny’s Choice Infrared Body Thermometer ★★★★★

Nanny’s Choice Infrared Body Thermometer — C° or F°

Nanny’s Choice Infrared Body Thermometer is an excellent thermometer. I love that I can take my children’s temperature without touching them. I never want to wake them when they are ill. With the infrared thermometer, I can check their temperature without touching them.

Compared to my other thermometers:

tympanic thermometer: 99.8 °F
temporal thermometer: 99.3 °F
Nanny’s Choice infrared thermometer: 99.1 °F

What I like is we can manually calibrate it. If I think the readings are 0.2 °F higher than the gold standard, I can adjust it down. Even better: the lens is recessed. I won’t dirty and scratch it like I could on my last infrared thermometer.

In addition to body temperature readings, we can take surface temperature readings or check the room temperature. Nanny’s Choice told me the room temperature is 77.9 °F. My thermostat said it’s 78 °F (it does not measure in tenths).

The two most important things to remember when using this thermometer is we need to let it automatically calibrate whenever we insert the batteries or move it to a room with a significant change in temperature. This takes 15 to 20 minutes. Also, we should not take measurements closer than 3 to 5 seconds apart.

This product was provided for review by Nanny’s Choice Childcare Products.

Nov 22

DE 2600mAh Powerbank ★★★★☆

DE 2600mAh Powerbank — Portable Battery Charger- with 3 Function Flashlight

I like this DE Powerbank. It not only gives my HTC One M8 a 54% charge, it can also double as a flashlight. Unlike the single LED bulb “flashlight” on some other power banks, this one has a reflector that gives a true flashlight beam. It looks like a flashlight, it feels like a flashlight. I would actually use it as a flashlight. We even get three modes: bright, dim, strobe. I guess strobe would be good in emergencies.

The only thing I don’t care for is it’s a little “loose.” When I shake it, there’s a little movement inside. I have a few other power banks like this that aren’t “loose.” I prefer not to feel that movement inside.

This product was provided for review by GE Affiliates.

Nov 22

Scented, Natural Soy Wax Candles ★★★★☆

Scented, Natural Soy Wax Candles — Hand-poured in the USA — Fall Harvest Themed Gift Set of 3 Different 2 Ounce Candles — Includes Pumpkin Spice, Cranberry, and Autumn Leaves.

We get three candles in this Fall Harvest Themed Gift Set: pumpkin spice, cranberry, and autumn leaves. Pumpkin spice and cranberry make my house smell like I’m cooking up a storm — so yummy.  After I burned them, I just left the jars open and we could smell them for days afterwards.

The autumn leaves candle has a much more mild scent. At first, my daughter couldn’t smell it at all. Then, she said it smelled like lemon. I admit, I couldn’t smell it well, and neither could my husband. It’s there, but just a hint, not a knock over the head.

I’ll be burning these candles over Thanksgiving when my in-laws arrive. It’s the perfect way to set the mood.

This product was provided for review by Old Factory Candles.

Nov 22

LDYS Unisex Hollow Cotton Hooded Vest Jacket ★★★★☆

LDYS Unisex Hollow Cotton Hooded Vest Jacket for Couples Black M

I normally wear a women’s medium, but this LDYS Vest Jacket runs small. I could get it on, but it would not come together to zip — not even close. I passed this on to my daughter. She normally wears a child XL or adult XS. It fits her, maybe a little on the large side.

The eye-catching bright splash of color suits the younger crowd. My daughter, who never wants to wear a jacket, will wear this one without complaining. I’m glad. It looks cute on her.

This product was provided for review by Nature.Z.

Nov 22

Kossedeng Men’s Cotton Loose Fit Multi Pocket Cargo Shorts ★★★★☆

Kossedeng Men’s Cotton Loose Fit Multi Pocket Cargo Shorts #3233 Soil Yellow 32

I’m not sure why anyone says the Kossedeng Men’s Cargo Shorts fit looser than expected. Based on that, I got one size smaller for my husband. I should have gotten his regular size. The smaller size is just a tad too snug. Still, it fits enough that he can wear it. He’s planning on using these shorts as his gold prospecting shorts, since the color is about the color of dirt we work in and they look like rugged shorts.

Straps hang loose all over these shorts. At the bottom of each leg, there are two straps that he can tie together to close up the opening around each leg. There are two more straps hanging off the front pockets. We’re not sure what those are for. Maybe it’s a fashion statement. Other than the odd straps, we like it.

This product was provided for review by Nature.Z.

Nov 22

Heavy Duty Metal Dinner Forks ★★★★★

36 Count Heavy Duty Metal Dinner Forks

These Heavy Duty Metal Dinner Forks are similar in design to my Mikasa forks, just a little bit lighter in weight. I showed them to my husband and he agreed that most people would not even notice the difference. I’ve been using them every day, washing them in the dishwasher. They look great. I’m throwing them in with the rest of my flatware, ready for Thanksgiving.

This product was provided for review by Atlas Stone.

Nov 22

17M 55ft 100 LED Solar Powered String Lights ★★★★★

17M 55ft 100 LED Solar Powered String Lights Garden Decoration Christmas Wedding Light RGB Mixed Color (Red, Green, Red)

I have always wanted solar string lights for Christmas, but I wasn’t sure of their performance. I have no doubt now. These LED Solar Powered String Lights are amazing. They are bright and colorful and so pretty. We even have a choice of constant on or flashing (I choose always on). They turn on automatically and stay on all night. When I go out the next morning, the sun is mostly up (about 6:15 AM), the lights are still on, bright as ever. They turn off automatically about fifteen minutes after that, but I can’t believe it. None of my other solar lights are on. None of them would ever last that long without dimming. I am in awe of these lights. They are a much better option than running extension cables all over the yard.

I would absolutely recommend these solar string lights to anyone putting up lights in their yard for Christmas.

This product was provided for review by Aukey.

Nov 22

Amzdeal® 10 Pcs of Waterproof Solar Powered Stainless Steel LED Lights ★★★★☆

Amzdeal® 10 Pcs of Waterproof Solar Powered Stainless Steel LED Lights for Outdoor Garden Pathway Patio Lawn (White Color)

I placed these Amzdeal® Solar Powered LED Lights along the path in front of my house. Every night, they turn on automatically. Most of them do, anyway. I have a wayward one that never started out with much power and it doesn’t turn on, but the other nine do. They don’t give off a whole lot of light, but they will light the way.

The path lights are small and cute, not heavy and cumbersome like some other solar path lights I’ve seen around. I like the look and the way the light casts on the ground like the rays of the sun.

What could use a little improvement is the flat bottom. That makes it harder to drive into the ground. A spike would be nice. Also, the lights don’t last through the night. By 10 PM, they are either snuffed out or are very dim, so they last about four hours.

This product was provided for review by Aukey.

Nov 22

SlimPlate System ★★★★★

SlimPlate System – Step by Step Portion Control Plate Weight Loss Program

I began the SlimPlate System on October 15. Today is November 22. I’m on step 2 and still have two more steps to go. When I started, I was 140 pounds. My BMI is okay, but I’m heavier than I’d like to be. Today, I’m 136. I was planning to wait until the end of four months to write this review, but the holidays are coming up and it would be hard to evaluate the effectiveness of the system if I cheat and gain weight, so I want report what has happened up until now.

I’ve followed the system as best I could, but it was not exact. The first month, there was no room for carbs on the dinner plate. If we were having spaghetti and meatballs with salad, I’d take just meatballs and salad. However, if it was lasagna night, no problem. I still had my lasagna on the protein portion. I just pat myself on the back for adhering to smaller portions. There’s a breakfast bowl and plate for bread and cereals, so the system does not disallow carbs completely in step 1.

To be honest, I was hungry the first day. After that, it wasn’t so hard. We get two snacks, which the plan insists we eat, and I can drink two sugared drinks (not sugar-free) per day, so I can get in my sodas.

I’m on step 2 now. There is room for a small amount of carbs on my dinner plate now. If my roll is far too large for the carb section, I might break it in half; but something that is just a little bigger, I leave whole. Having room for carbs is so much nicer.

We eat out a lot. I cut portions in half most of the time. When I eyeball it, half a portion is what fits on my plate. Alternatively, I order off the light menu.

I plot my weight with an app using my Bluetooth scale. My weight has been fluctuating much less since I’ve started the system. It is on a steady downward slope. You can see it in the photo of the screenshot I uploaded:

SlimPlate Weight Loss Graph

I’m very happy with the weight loss and I hope I have some self control for this Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This product was provided for review by SlimPlate System.

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