Jul 13

Rocketek Car Charger ★★★★★

Rocketek Car Charger with 2 USB Ports and 2 Sockets car Splitter Adapter

I just got back from a weekend trip, using this Rocketek Car Charger all the way. It’s nice with all the devices I need powered. It fit securely in my Honda Odyssey’s power outlet with not even a jiggle.

My GPS went in the car charger’s power socket while my cell phone and dash cam took the USB ports. I still had one power socket left available. All went well. My phone was fully charged at my destination. I had plenty of power for the cam and GPS.

The Rocketek car charger is large. The tail end folds 90° to fit our needs, but I would prefer it somehow fold up to make the unit more compact for storage.

Truth be told, I think cars should come with lots of extra USB ports and power sockets built in. Until that happens, it’s nice to have a car charger like this.

This product was provided for review by Rocketek.

Jul 13

Best Natural Bully Sticks ★★★★★

Best Natural Bully Sticks – 100% Beef Grain-Free Dog Treats

We gave my cocker spaniel a Bully Sticks yesterday. It’s still around today, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been chewing it. She loves it. In fact, when we put her outside for dinner, she’s normally either eating or waiting at the door. Today, she was chewing on her Bully Stick. My husband commented that she never does that. He expected her at the door. It must really be good if it makes her forget she’s outside.

This product was provided for review by Best for My Pets.

Jul 13

Customized Design Aztec Tribal Pattern Rubber Gel TPU Case ★★★☆☆

Customized Design Aztec Tribal Pattern Rubber Gel TPU Case for Iphone 4S 4g

This Aztec Case is a good fit for my iPhone 4S. The back is a glossy, smooth finish that wipes down easily. The sides provide a good grip. I don’t have trouble with the ports. They are exposed enough to allow charging and my AV cable mounts securely. The mute switch is accessible.

What garners the case three stars is the push-through design of the power and volume buttons. They are flush with the case and not easily discernible by feel. It also takes a tad more force to push the volume buttons. I use all three buttons quite a bit and the problem is striking enough that I prefer my old case, which leaves all buttons exposed.

This product was provided for review by TMTC Trading.

Jul 13

Red Bull Energy Drink, Sugarfree ★★★★★

Red Bull Energy Drink, Sugar-free

I don’t drink a whole lot of caffeine, but I do need it to keep my focus when driving. Sugar-free Red Bull is my drink of choice. It’s not too sweet, just a hint of fruity. I like the flavor, and it really does help keep me from getting hypnotized by the road. The side effects last into the night, though. I took one yesterday at 3 PM and couldn’t fall asleep even going to bed late at 2 AM.

Jul 13

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner ★★★★☆

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner (Machine)

After a week of camping in a place filled with dust, I was happy to be able to clean the car. Might as well wash the interior carpet while I’m at it.

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner is perfect for the job. I’ve owned a number of spot cleaners and rug cleaners over the years. SpotBot is great for taking out spots in one concentrated area, but it wouldn’t do for a swath like the car. Spotlifter is weak and has no agitating brush. My upright carpet cleaner, Big Green, is simply too much carpet cleaner for the job, and no agitating brush on the hand tool.

Yes, agitating brush. It works like the hose attachment of a full size carpet cleaner. Spray on the cleaner and suck it up with the cleaning head. The suction is strong, but my favorite part is the brush, which does a great job getting the dirt up and out. When I’m done, the car’s carpet was clean and fluffed up.

A little larger than the SpotBot, much smaller than a full size carpet cleaner, this spot cleaner comes with wheels, a carry handle, and a retractable handle, so we can roll it around like a suitcase.

The power cord and hose are a little on the short side. We have to be somewhat near the outlet for what we want to clean, or carry an extension cord. The cord and hose both store neatly onboard, and there’s a quick release mechanism for the cord.

The detergent tank was much more than I ever needed to clean up the car. I could clean a fair number of cars with it. The dirty water tank is way too large, as it didn’t seem to fill up at all, but bigger never hurt. I always clean out the hose when I’m done by sucking up a quantity of clean water. Then, the tank was filled with very dark (almost black), filthy water. I knew the Rug Doctor did its job.

If you are considering this for stairs, it will fit on the steps of my stairs, but with the hose facing away from the stairs. I find the size awkward, but it will do. You will need an extension cord, though. The cord it comes with would be too short.

This product was provided for review by the Amazon Vine program.

Jul 13

Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Speakerphone ★★★★★

This review was originally posted February 14, 2009.

Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Speakerphone

My brother gave me a Jabra Speakerphone for Christmas. My phone was so old, it did not have Bluetooth technology and I went out to get a new phone just so I could use it. Well, I’m glad I did. The only time I need to talk hands-free is in the car. This is perfect for that.

The Jabra is wonderful. It’s sleek and thin, doesn’t obstruct my vision when on the visor. It was quick and easy to set up and use. When calls come in, I only need to touch it to answer. No more fumbling for my phone. The sound is crisp and clear. I talk mostly to my husband on it and he says the sound is clear on his end. My kids talk to him from the back of the minivan and he can hear them, too. I much prefer it to the earpiece, which I had to worry about falling out of my ear and gave listeners on the other end an echo. It’s also preferable to the speakerphone function of the cellphone.

This is a wonderful gadget — one of those nice to have, makes my life easy sort of things. I’m glad I own it.

UPDATE: The battery life is remarkable. It’s been three months and I’ve only charged it once. Admittedly, I only turn it on to make or accept calls about once a week, but most rechargeable batteries discharge over time even without use. Still haven’t found any problems with this product. Two thumbs up.

Jul 12

Blue Bowl Concentrator Kit ★★★★★

Blue Bowl Concentrator Kit w/Pump & Leg Levelers

It’s impressive how well the Blue Bowl Concentrator works. Whereas we used to try to get every last fleck out of the pan, we now just pan out the nuggets, pickers, and flakes, and save the rest for the bowl. It’s a lot of gold we would have thrown out if not for this simple invention. Stuff so small we couldn’t see gets separated out.

You’ll need a bucket to use this set. What prospector doesn’t have a bucket?  Also, get yourself a battery that you can attach clamps to.

Jul 12

Viva Choose-A-Size Big Roll ★★★★★

Viva Choose-A-Size Big Roll (1.25X Regular)

I have always been partial to Viva because of the cloth-like properties. We had guests over for a weekend and our friend simply gushed over it. She couldn’t stop commenting, had to ask the brand and committed herself to buying some as soon as she got the chance.

They are luxurious, and I like the choose-a-size feature. This wasn’t a choice when I first started buying Viva. I like the half-size perforations, allowing me to use only what I need. No waste.

I do wish the rolls were bigger. It feels like they’ve shrunken over the years.

Jul 12

Pop-Tarts, Frosted Cookies & Cream ★★★★★

Pop-Tarts, Frosted Cookies & Cream

I don’t buy Pop Tarts, but my husband will for our camping trips and then we’ll have the excess at home afterwards. My children go crazy over them. They are much too sweet, but oh so delicious.

Cookies & Cream is my son’s favorite flavor. I must concur. It’s good straight out of the bag, or even better out of a toaster oven. For a change, I’ll even eat them cold. Yum. I’ll have only one (too many Calories), but my kids will eat them all if I let them. That’s why I don’t keep them in the house.