Dec 22

Ohuhu® Foonee Manicure Set ★★★★★

Ohuhu® Foonee 12 in 1 Manicure & Pedicure Clipper Manicure Set, Travel & Grooming Kit

I’ve had other manicure sets, but none so nice as the Ohuhu® Foonee. The clippers are a good quality, and we get three different types, plus a cuticle cutter and scissors, along with tweezers, a nail file, and other tools I don’t even know what to do with. An acne needle? Perish the thought! An ear picker? Isn’t there something about not putting small objects in our ears?

I love the compact case. I looks like a wallet. My only issue so far is the tweezers. They work, but not with ease.

This product was provided for review by Ohuhu.

Dec 22

Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board ★★★★☆

Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board – 18×12 Thick Strong Bamboo Wood Cutting Board with Drip Groove by Premium Bamboo

It’s not the largest cutting board I own, but for its size, it has some heft. After I hand washed and dried it, I applied some butcher block (everyone should do this) and my Bamboo Cutting Board looks so healthy. I could bring this out when we are preparing holiday dinner to show it off. There’s a groove for catching juices, which I haven’t had need for yet. So far, I’ve cut a two bags of apples and all sorts of vegetables on it. It works as well as any cutting board I’ve ever used and makes for a lovely sight.

This product was provided for review by Premium Lifestyle Products.

Dec 22

COTTEE Waterproof and Shockproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ★★★★☆

COTTEE Waterproof and Shockproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 3.0 with Bluilt-in Microphone, Handsfree Speakphone and Control Buttons and Dedicated Removable Suction Cup Compatible with iPhone 6 plus, 6 5s,5c,5, 4s,4,Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note

I’ve had this rugged little COTTEE Bluetooth Speaker suctioned to the tile wall of my shower, blasting Christmas music from my phone. The sound runs on the cool side, but shower walls helps with the acoustics. I can control volume and skip tracks with the speaker buttons so I don’t need to step out.

This is a speaker that’s simple and easy to operate. It paired right away and it reconnects every time I turn it on. It turns itself off after 15 minutes of no activity, in case I forget to turn it off. Bluetooth range is very good. Phone calls aren’t bad, either. They come in clear, though distant.

To tie it all together, I like the look. I imagine it outdoors in the woods. The suction cup comes off (with lots of effort, actually) and a carabiner is included to hang on a backpack. I can’t find the IP rating, but the micro USB port is covered and the shower hasn’t hurt it.

This product was provided for review by Cottee.

Dec 22

Attmu Non Slip Skid Yoga Pilates Socks ★★★★★

Attmu Non Slip Skid Yoga Pilates Socks with Grips Cotton for Women, 4 Pairs, 4 Colors

I’ve had yoga socks with grippy soles, but my feet slipped and slid all over inside. The Attmu Yoga Socks grip the floor, and they grip my feet inside. I’m stuck wherever I walk, which is great on my tile floors. You don’t have to be a yoga addict to appreciate these socks.

This product was provided for review by Attmu.

Dec 22

King Will 8mm Tungsten Carbide Ring ★★★★★

King Will 8mm Tungsten Carbide Ring Black Claddagh Wedding Band Irish Engagement Dome Surface

A beautiful ring, packaged in a lovely hinged gift box. The King Will Tungsten Carbide Ring is hefty for its size and smooth, with a comfort cut that is truly comfortable. The gray on black detailed pattern lends tribal appeal, with heart and hands to symbolize a marital bond. It’s classy. I like it, though my husband says he prefers a more traditional wedding band.

This product was provided for review by Max Lead.

Dec 22

Poweradd™ Apollo 3 Solar Panel Charger ★★★★☆

Poweradd™ Apollo 3 Solar Panel Charger 8000mAh Dual-Port Portable Charger Backup Power Pack for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S 5C 5 4S 4, iPods(Apple Adapters not Included), Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3 S2, Note 4, Note 3, LG G3 Most Kinds of Android Smart Phones and Tablets, Gopro Camera and More Other Devices – Green

I’ve had so many solar power banks, my expectations are tempered. They have small surface areas, so they don’t charge well even on a good day. We haven’t had good days. It’s been raining and our sunny days have not been intense. One full day of winter sun (cloudy and dark by 3 PM) gave th Apollo 3 enough power to charge my HTC One M8 3%. That’s actually good, considering the conditions.

I recommend fully charging any solar power bank via USB port and relying on solar power only if necessary. A fully charged Apollo 3 can give a full charge to both my HTC One M8 and iPhone 4S at once. Impressive.

This product was provided for review by Poweradd.

Dec 22

Westmark Germany “Olympia” 9 Piece Salad Bowls and Storage Containers ★★★★☆

Westmark Germany “Olympia” 9 Piece Salad Bowls and Storage Containers Plus Strainer

Nesting storage bowls, I need those. A colander included, wow. I can wash and drain my fruit, then store them. I’ve been storing all sorts of things in these Westmark Germany “Olympia” Storage Containers. They wash up in the dishwasher and they store neatly inside each other.

The lids snap on but they’re not leakproof. I tested by turning a bowl of water upside down. In less than seconds, I could see water seeping through. That was the end of that test. If you’re not worried about leaking (my containers sit upright in the fridge), these are nice bowls.

This product was provided for review by Home Fashions.

Dec 22

Adrenaline One Touch Windshield Dashboard Universal Car Mount Holder ★★★★☆

Adrenaline One Touch Windshield Dashboard Universal Car Mount Holder for iPhone 6 (4.7) /5s/5c/4s, Galaxy S4/S3/S2, HTC One – Retail Packaging – Black

I’m in a desperate search for the perfect dashboard mount. It has to fit thick objects, like my dash cam and GPS. It has to have a low profile. It has to have a gel suction mount. The Adrenaline Car Mount Holder holds my dash cam and GPS. It has a low profile. It has a standard suction mount, not sticky gel, but this mount hasn’t failed me yet.

There aren’t a thousand knobs for adjusting every angle. I prefer it that way. Simple is better. I would like to be able to adjust the profile a little lower, but it’s pretty low right now. That’s okay. The head rotates all around the ball joint, providing me a lot of flexibility.

This product was provided for review by Adrenaline Sports Accessories.

Dec 22

DBPOWER V9 2-in-1 Smart GSM & Bluetooth Watch Cell Phone ★★★★★

DBPOWER V9 2-in-1 Smart GSM & Bluetooth Watch Cell Phone with Voice Dialing Function — Anti-Lost Alarm Function for iPhone and Android Cell Phone (White)

I’ve owned smartwatches that were really quite dumb. The DBPOWER V9 is my very first smartwatch that’s not just smart, it’s some sort of prodigy. It has LCD, not LED. It has a touchscreen I can swipe. I can make calls using a Bluetooth connection with my phone or through the SIM card. Yes, SIM card. It’s a phone! My first smartwatch phone. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.

There are so many features, I don’t even know where to start. Below is a brief overview.


There are four different watch faces to choose from. Some of them include date and time in digital display. I chose to have it on virtual analogue mode. What’s neat about the watch is it’s usually off until I move my wrist. The system isn’t perfect, because movement doesn’t always turn it on. If it’s not on, I just press the power button to see the time.


We can make calls through a Bluetooth connection through another phone, or we can use a SIM card and use the watch itself as a phone. I’ve done it both ways. If I have the smartwatch connected to my HTC One M8, I can choose whether to make a call via Bluetooth or via my smartwatch.

Smartwatch calls come in incredibly clear. Bluetooth calls are doable. My end isn’t bad, but the callers sometimes complain of echo.


This is really more of an activity monitor. All my pedometers are like this, really. I don’t calibrate it, and it records steps every time I shake my wrist. To test, I walked 100 steps and checked the readings. It said I walked 48 steps. Still, it will record less activity if I’m sitting at my desk all day, so the data is useful.


We can either set it to record steps or sleep, but not both. Basically, it records movement. If we move a lot during the sleep monitoring period, then it says we didn’t sleep well. If we don’t move, we’re in deep sleep. This data is displayed on a time graph with colored bars.


Remote control functions are as follows:
* Find Phone
* Remote Capture
* Car Theft
* Anti-Lost

I didn’t use Fine Phone and Remote Capture because the QR code for installing the apps lead to a site that was all written in a foreign language. I don’t install things I can’t read, so I skipped them.

I have Car Theft left on, but I’m not sure how that works. How does it know my car has been stolen?

Anti-Lost sounds an alarm whenever I lose a connection. It assumes my phone is lost or stolen. I don’t have this feature on, but the watch will sound a different alarm regardless when I lose a connection. The Bluetooth range is incredibly good, so I don’t get too many false alerts.


This also requires scanning a QR code. I gave up scanning the QR codes after seeing that Find Phone and Remote Capture both lead to foreign language download pages, so I’m not really sure what the Notice app does.


This is text messaging. I sent my other phone a text message and it works great, except that texting on this watch is difficult, due to the small size of the keyboard. Expect lots of mistakes. If you have large fingers, forget it.


The watch displays all the contacts that are on my HTC One M8 through Bluetooth. I can also store contacts locally on the smartwatch. They are separate tabs.


This amazing watch has a camera, though we have point it like superheroes do when they have powers attached to their wrists. I can record video or sound or take photos. Afterwards, I can view the images, play the videos, or listen to my voice recordings.

Do you have music on your Android phone you want to play through this watch? How about streaming Pandora? Not a problem. Expect smaller sound, but it’s good for such a small size speaker.

Wait, there’s also FM radio. We can preset the channels or scroll or enter channels manually. Reception is good, but we have to use the micro USB earphones (included) to listen. I’m not sure why we can’t play the FM radio through the watch’s speaker, since mp3 music will play through the speaker.


Lastly, we get an alarm clock and stopwatch (but no countdown timer). The alarm clock allows multiple alarms and we can set them to repeat or just for one event. There is a choice of ring tones for each alarm.


I love this watch. It’s the very best smartwatch I’ve ever owned that does far more than I ever expected. I’m strapping it to my daughter so she can have a phone that doesn’t have access to the web. She can’t lose it, either. You know kids how kids are. It’s perfect for her little fingers. Adults with big hands might have a problem dialing and messaging. My fingers are skinny and I do hit the wrong buttons. I get around that by presetting numbers so that I only have to hit the button that says “home” to dial home.

To use this watch as a phone, you’ll need a micro SIM card (I use Airvoice Wireless). To take photos and video, you’ll want to add a micro SD card.

The only thing I dislike is the phone apps are located on non-English sites. Because I don’t want to download from there, I’m missing out on the full experience. No Find Phone, Remote Capture, or Notice for me. Less those three features, it’s an incredible experience regardless.

This product was provided for review by DBPOWER.

Dec 22

Amzdeal® 17M 55FT 100LED Blue Solar LED String Lights ★★★★★

Amzdeal® 17M 55FT 100LED Blue Solar LED String Lights, Outdoor Decoration (Blue)

Solar string lights need sun, the brighter the better. Unfortunately, we’ve been having rain and clouds and less intense sun. None of my solar lights are at their best. Some of them won’t even turn on. The Amzdeal® Solar LED String Lights didn’t light up during the rain, but they have recovered and now glow a deep purplish blue every night. It’s very pretty.

One strand of lights will string one small potato tree. We can have them flash, but I just leave it steady on. Every night, it turns on and it’s off by morning. I love not having to worry about turning it off or programming it.

This product was provided for review by Prodeals.