Sep 19

Juno Power JUNOJUMPR ★★★★★

Juno Power JUNOJUMPR (BLACK) – Pocket-Size Car Battery Jump Starter and Portable Charger for Smartphones, Tablets, Cars and Motorcycles; 6,000mAh with Single 5V/2A and LED Flashlight; Car Battery Charger and also Portable Battery Charger for iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S; Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5; Motorola Moto X; HTC One; Nexus 4; and More

Our family has a hobby. We like to hunt for gold. One way to do that in the desert is to use a machine called a dry washer. Ours is electric. It runs off a ride-on lawnmower battery (smaller version of a car battery), which is heavy and takes up room.

Enter the JUNOJUMPR. On our last trip, I took out the JUNOJUMPR and hooked up the battery clamps to the clamps on the dry washer. Voila. It worked! I thought 6000 mAh would not last for more than a few minutes, but we ran it for a whole hour before giving out. I was so impressed. It’s much easier to port a JUNOJUMPR than it is to carry a lawnmower battery. It may not last as long, but it’s so much smaller (the size of a smartphone) and lightweight.

The JUNOJUMPR comes with one flashlight LED bulb and one USB port. I used that to charge my HTC One M8. 88%, I was a little disappointed. I tried again, this time on my iPhone 4S. It gave a full charge, this time with 3 out of 4 power indicator lights showing. Now that’s more like it.

This is a great battery to have when a 12 volt battery is required. Instructions say it’s not for V8 vehicles or engines over 3.5 liters. It works with 1.5 – 2.5 liter and some 3.5 liter engines. I’ve not jump started my car, but my Honda Odyssey is 3.5 liter and a V6. I hope that qualifies under “some 3.5 liter.”

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Sep 19

Dragonwing girlgear Girl’s Chill Weight Workout Capri ★★★★★

Dragonwing girlgear Girl’s Chill Weight Workout Capri, Medium (12), Black with Azure Blue

Okay, so it’s way too hot to figure out if Dragonwing girlgear Workout Capri will keep anyone warm. My ten year-old wore them anyway to gymnastics over her leotard. She’s normally a size 10/12, and the 12 capris were a little baggy on her middle, but they didn’t fall.

She likes them. It looks like she’ll be able to like them for a whole nother year or two. They are well-constructed at the seams and have a lot of give. Very comfortable.

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Sep 19

Water Splashers Water Bombs ★★★★☆

500ct Water Splashers Water Bombs Team Tubes Balloons -Biodegradable

My daughter complains that these Water Splashers Water Bombs are too good. They don’t pop when filled. They don’t pop when thrown, either. They bounced off her and only broke when they fell to the ground. She said she didn’t get all that wet. I noticed her friend got wet, so they must have broken on some kids.

500 balloons is a lot. My son has had this tube of balloons forever. My kids and their friends filled up a few buckets full of water balloons. The tube has been used before, and it’s still full of balloons. They must have been compressed in there and they are expanding as the tube empties. It sure gives the illusion of a never ending supply. Nice.

For not breaking on her, my daughter rates the water balloons four stars. She still had fun.

Sep 19

BISSELL OXYgen BOOST Portable Machine Formula ★☆☆☆☆

This review was originally posted December 23, 2008.

BISSELL OXYgen BOOST Portable Machine Formula, 0801A

I hate to burst everyone’s bubble. I’ve used BISSELL OXYgen BOOST with my Spotbot, because it came with it. I’ve used it in my Hoover Steamvac. I’ve used both the Spotbot and Steamvac without it. I have two kids and a dog that pees everywhere and I see no difference.

Spotbot is an excellent spot cleaner and it works perfectly well without OXYgen. I get all sorts of spots out with it and no need for OXYgen. Perhaps that’s why everyone is getting such marvelous results. It’s the Spotbot with regular detergent, not the OXYgen.

One big drawback to using OxyGen is the Spotbot manual instructs us to discard the unused solution if it contains OXYgen, meaning I can’t leave it in my Spotbot. I don’t have to do that with plain regular detergent. Since I must mix the OxyGen with water and detergent, I have to discard the detergent and OXYgen, which feels like a waste.

Personally, I don’t think this product does any harm. It just doesn’t do much good. Spend the extra money elsewhere.

Sep 19

Hangman ★★★★★

This review was originally posted December 24, 2008.


Funny that my 7 year-old doesn’t play this much with pencil and paper, but he loves Hangman in this format. I like it, too, and it is our most frequently played game at home.


I am not sure about the other reviews, but our tiles are not see-through. The cases and tiles are well-made and I expect will last a long time.


As in classic hangman, we choose a word. The other player guesses the letters and tries to figure out the word. For every missed guess, a part of the man is drawn. In this game, there is a dial to turn to build the man. Unlike the pencil and paper version, since there are two boards and the people are built in exactly the same order and body parts, two people play against each other. First person to build the man loses.


A great buy and fun way to play with the kids.

Sep 17

Tony & Candice (TM) 100% Silk Extra Long Oblong Scarf ★★★★★

TONY&CANDICE(TM) 100% Silk Extra Long Oblong Scarf,70.8″L*47″W (Colur 2)

I’ve seen pretty scarves before, but the Tony & Candice Silk Scarf took my breath away. I keep thinking I need to go buy an outfit to go with the scarf.

It’s sheer, in the most sophisticated warm fall colors. Think greens, oranges, yellows. The size is large enough to cover like a shawl, wrap around like a headscarf, or wear it around the neck like a traditional scarf. It’s gorgeous. I love it.

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Sep 17

Kevenz Senior Cell Phone ★★★★★

Kevenz Senior Cell Phone, SOS Button, Unlocked GSM 2G Elderly mobile Phones -Brown-KM300BROWN

My husband gets so flustered with smartphones. We have one dumb phone, but it’s not dumb enough for him. Not long ago, he was cursing that the volume was set too low and he couldn’t figure out how to adjust it. I knew the Kevenz Senior Cell Phone was the phone for him.

This is one rugged phone. It’s bigger than our other dumb phone – the better to grip, the better to see the number pad. Large numbers, they are. All raised, so he could operate by touch, and it speaks every number so he could do it blindfolded.

Large display. He doesn’t need glasses to read it.


SOS BUTTON: It’s on the back of the phone. This button has to be programmed, and it’s not intuitive how to do that.  In fact, I can’t figure out how to do it.  It’s not in the instruction sheet.  An alarm sounds and it wants to dial, but that won’t happen until the senior selects “options” and then “call.”  You’d think 9-1-1 would be programmed in by the factory and that it would automatically dial.  Nope.  The numeral 1 is preprogrammed in.  Also, the SOS button is camouflaged.  For these glaring flaws: -1 star.

Better to just call 9-1-1.

DUAL SIM CARD SLOTS: I’m not sure I’ve ever needed one, and I think an elderly person looking for simplicity would be too confused by dual cards. I’m using an Airvoice Wireless SIM card in one slot and leaving the other one empty.  It works flawlessly.

TF SLOT: Located under the battery. It’s not easy to access. On the other hand, is it necessary? We have the option of using the phone’s memory. For someone who wants to use a dumb phone, that’s probably sufficient.  I put a card in, because I always fill up memory slots when available.

TEXT, PHONEBOOK, CAMERA: These are all available through a tree menu. Honestly, I didn’t bother, because anyone wanting a dumb phone will not want to use the phone for photos and texts. It’s much easier to use a smartphone for that. Even knowing how to do it, I find it clunky and a complete turnoff. That would be true of my other dumb phone. It’s the nature of the beast.


Love it. Phone calls are easy to make and receive. Calls come in loud and clear. This would be a good phone for children, also, when you don’t want them using up data. Trust me. They would be embarrassed to use this for anything but phone calls. Even texting, though doable, is out of the question. It’s a phone. It makes phone calls, and it does that well.

My only wish is  they replace the proprietary charging cord with a micro USB charging cord. Proprietary cords are easy to lose and difficult to replace. Put one of those in the hands of a forgetful senior and it may not last long.

This product was provided for review by Kevenz.

Sep 17

Simply Beautiful Tangle Teaser Brush ★★★☆☆

Simply Beautiful Tangle Teaser Brush – Professional Detangling Hairbrush – Pink, Black, Purple, Blue or Green (Black)

This Tangle Teaser Brush has bristles of different lengths. Its handle will fill up the grip of one hand.

I’ve been using the brush daily, and while it doesn’t pull hair, neither does it seem to dig into the hair. I feel like I’m brushing just the surface. If I push to get deeper, the bristles scratch my scalp. It’s not my favorite brush, but brushing afterwards with my preferred brush doesn’t catch a whole lot of little missed tangles. I guess it works.

This product was provided for review by Second Glance Beauty.

Sep 17

J.S. Hanger Superior Gugertree Wooden Wide Shoulder Coat Hanger ★★★★★

J.S. Hanger™Superior Gugertree Wooden Wide Shoulder Coat Hanger, Women Clothing Hangers with Polished Chrome Hook, Attractive Walnut Finish

I put these J.S. Hangers™ to use from the day I received them. They are gorgeous finished wood, perfect for suits. Nice weight, and very classy. Too bad there’s no bottom bar to hold his pants, but that’s okay.

These are hangers I’d use for special occasion clothing, suits and large coats. They are too bulky to fill up a closet, unless you have a huge closet or not much to hang.

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Sep 17

Vinsic Classic 5000mah Power Bank ★★★★★

Vinsic Classic 5000mah Power Bank, 1A External Mobile Charger Pack Battery for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Nokia Devices, Cell Phones, Tablet PCs (Black)

I love this power bank. Really, I do. It is ultra-slim, lightweight, and so attractive. At 5000 mAh, it can give my HTC One M8 a full charge and still have a little bit left over to charge my Kindle Fire HD 8.9” tablet 9%. Impressive.

I like power banks that easily fit in my pocket or purse. I like the rubberized texture that resists fingerprints. I like the capacity to fully charge my phone. Only one USB port . . . well, we can’t all be perfect. I would recommend Vinsic Classic to all my friends. It’s that nice.

This product was provided for review by Vinsic.