May 05

Old El Paso Hard And Soft Taco Dinner Kit ★★★★☆

Old El Paso Hard And Soft Taco Dinner Kit

What do we get in the Old El Paso Hard And Soft Taco Dinner Kit?

+ 6 small hard taco shells
+ 6 flour tortillas
+ 1 seasoning packet (for the ground beef)
+ taco sauce packet

I bought toppings, ground beef, refried beans, and rice. It was yummy, seasoned just right, but taco shells were on the small and brittle side. For a family of four, I think I really needed two boxes.

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May 05

Solilor Women Classic Plaid Cotton Hoodie Button-up Shirts ★★★★★

Solilor Women Classic Plaid Cotton Hoodie Button-up Shirts, Gray

I like my clothes loose, so I thought at first this Solilor Hoodie Button-up Shirt tugged a little too much on my shoulders and arms. I was afraid it would shrink in the wash. It didn’t. The tugging was a figment of my imagination. That’s what I get for always wearing one size too large (I fit medium but often order large). I got used to it quickly. It’s not too small at all. It’s just right.

This shirt is soft and warm. Too bad summer’s around the corner. I’ll soon have to pack it away for the season. For now, I’ll wear it every chance I get.

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May 05

Platypus Combo ★★★★★

Platypus Combo – Ortho Flosser for Braces, 30count/pack and Toothbrush

When my son complained he couldn’t get around his braces with his regular toothbrush, I knew I had to do something. After all, what good are braces if his teeth fall out? There were so many choices on Amazon, but the Platypus Combo came with floss. He didn’t complain about floss, but I’m sure he wasn’t flossing, either. The first day, thumbs up. He told me this toothbrush is a huge improvement. He can get his teeth and braces clean now. What about the floss? I see him flossing. It’s hard to get a teenage kid to open up, but he says they work.

May 03

Newstep Women’s Classic Style Push up One Piece Swimsuit ★★★☆☆

Newstep Women’s Classic Style Push up One Piece Swimsuit Dress (Blue)

I gave the vendor my clothing size and bra size and they sent what they thought would work for me. I normally wear a size 10 and I’m flat chested (36A). I don’t know what size they sent, but it says 44 on the tag. The entire bottom half of the Newstep Swimsuit fits me perfectly. The top half is huge. It’s padded, so that helps. I guess if I were two cup sizes larger, this would be perfect.

This is one of those full coverage suits. You won’t need a bikini shave. The bottom looks like a miniskirt, which we can cinch up or down using the straps on the bottom. It even comes with a swim cap, but I don’t use those.

The reason for three stars is I wore this in the hot tub one night and the left strap fell off three times within half an hour. The hook just isn’t secure the way it’s sewn on. How embarrassing that would have been in a public facility or the beach.

This product was provided for review by Newstep.

May 03

eBoot Squeaky Giggle Treat Dispensing Chew Ball ★★★★★

eBoot Squeaky Giggle Noise Sound Dog Food Treat Dispensing Chew Ball (large)

My dog didn’t know what to do with the eBoot Squeaky Giggle Treat Dispensing Ball at first. Once she figured it out, there was no stopping her. I have to take it away when the food it gone, because she keeps trying to get it to give her more. It is an absolute hit.

The large size is perfect for my cocker spaniel. The treats don’t release too quickly like some other treat balls. They fall out just enough to keep her interested. There are ridges all over, so my dog can pick up the ball and walk around with it, or she tries to chew the ridges to get inside the ball. The sound is very soft. I don’t hear it much when she’s rolling it around, but I don’t think it’s necessary. She’s there for the food.

I did have this ball outside the first day, but I’m going to keep it in the house, because she tends to “bury” her favorite toys and I never see them again. We’ve lost some of her best toys that way. This ball being black will make it extra hard to find, and we can see it will be something she’ll want to bury.

This product was provided for review by eBoot.

May 03

For U Designs Fashion Tiger Head Print School Backpack ★★★★★

For U Designs Fashion Tiger Head Print School Backpack for Teen Boys and Girls

The For U Designs Backpack is a backpack you really have to see in person. It’s much nicer than it looks online. I’m not sure what they call the printing process, but it looks like the image is an essential part of the fabric, not something that will peel off or wear away – as if colored threads were woven together to form it. It’s a finely detailed image, very impressive.

The construction of the backpack is also topnotch. The seams are finished. The back of the backpack is padded, as well as the shoulder strap and carry handle, and they are all topped with a mesh fabric for breathability. There is an outside pocket on the back of the backpack and two zippered side pockets. That’s handy for small, loose items, but they won’t hold water bottles.

Like most backpacks nowadays, a laptop pocket that’s big enough to fit my 11″ Dell is included. It’s lined on one side with velvet and padding. The other side is the fabric that forms the pocket, which isn’t padded. I think some light padding there would be nice. Opposite the laptop pocket sits a zippered mesh pocket, which I like because I don’t have to unzip it to see what’s inside.

If your child carries a lot of textbooks, the backpack may not hold them all. I consider it a medium backpack. I used it to carry my laptop, clothing, a book, and action cam kit to my daughter’s gymnastics. I also took it with me on walks with my dog. It’s comfortable to wear and has served me well.

This product was provided for review by For U Designs.

May 03

38 in 1 Premium Screwdriver Set ★★★★★

38 in 1 Premium Screwdriver Set Repair Tool Kit for iPad, iPhone, Tablets, Laptops, Macbook, Smartphones & Other Devices

The 38 in 1 Premium Screwdriver Set is a tool set designed for small electronic devices. They are itty bitty, not for computer towers or home repair, but for smartphones and handheld gaming devices. I can’t even make out the shape of most of the heads without a magnifying glass, which is why I make it a point to return every head to the case as soon as I’m done. Otherwise, I may not know which slot to put it back in. The handles are made so we can push in with constant pressure while turning the screw. I love that design. There’s an extension included that bends, so we can turn screws while at a 90 degree angle. There are pieces made for prying cases open (oh, how I need those) and a pin for opening micro SD slots or doing hard resets on our devices.

I have a watch repair tool case, so I would disagree that this kit will help repair watches. It may be used to unscrew a screw, but repairing watches requires a lot of other tools.

I did have a chance to use this tool kit recently. It was great knowing every tool I needed was in one spot. They are so neatly organized. When I release the latch, the heads all stand up at attention, ready for me to make my pick. When I’m done, they rest flat back in the case. This case is well made and thoughtfully laid out. I’m very glad to have it.

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May 03

Chobani Flip Almond Coco Loco Low Fat Greek Yogurt ★★★★☆

Chobani Flip Almond Coco Loco Low Fat Greek Yogurt

I’m not a huge fan of coconut, but the Chobani Flip Almond Coco Loco was pretty good. The yogurt is coconut flavored. The toppings are chocolate chips and almond slices. When my daughter ate her Flip, she scooped toppings from one compartment to the other. I decided to try “flipping.” It looks like that’s what it was designed to do. I bent at the score mark and slid the toppings onto the yogurt. The score mark didn’t help it flip. Nothing spilled onto the floor, though, so I was successful. For coconut, it was tasty. Next time, I’ll try another flavor.

May 01

Collapsible Cat Tunnels ★★★★☆

Collapsible Cat Tunnels (2-Pack) — Peep Hole Design — Pet Magasin

I have given my cat the most plushest digs, all kinds of pet beds, all sorts of cat houses. It’s like she reads “made for cat” all over them and refuses to even try them out. So, when she wouldn’t get inside these Collapsible Cat Tunnels, I didn’t hold it against the tunnels. She’s just a finicky cat. I thought the toy would do it for her, but no. I thought the crinkly material would entice her. No. It’s been two weeks. No.

The tunnels look great. The big one is 35″ and the small one is 17 ½”. They’re colorful, crinkly, and well-made. Any cat (not mine) would love to have it. She just doesn’t know what she’s missing.

This product was provided for review by Pet Magasin.

May 01

SOOCOO® Waterproof Sports Camera ★★★★★

SOOCOO® Waterproof Sports DV 1080P HD 170 degree Wide Angle Anti-shake Diving Camera for Biking Riding Racing Skiing and Water Sport

Action cams just keep getting better and better. The SOOCOO® Waterproof Sports Camera is my first action cam that comes with a remote control watch. It also comes in the nicest padded case I’ve ever seen.

Accessories are on the basic side. The most interesting one will mount the camera on a bike handle. Not to fear, this camera is compatible with my GoPro accessories kit. I especially like using it with a chest strap (not included).

Controls are extremely versatile. There are so many options. Instructions are poorly written, but I figured it out. The remote control watch works, it just takes a long press on the button to get the video to record. Wi-Fi with my HTC One M8 has a slight lag, but that has always been my experience with any Wi-Fi action cam. As always, I like using the buttons on the cam when I can.

This camera is waterproof. We don’t need a special waterproof case, which has its advantages and disadvantages. I like not having to hunt a case down. On the other hand, a case will protect my camera. If I break the case, I can get another one for cheap. Don’t get me wrong, the housing on Soocoo is rugged as can be, but I don’t want to scratch up my pretty camera’s lens and screen.

This product was provided for review by Hofan.