Mar 06

Avery Small Tent Cards ★★★★☆

Avery Small Tent Cards, 2 x 3.5 Inches, White, Box of 160 (5302)

Avery Tent Cards come micro-perforated and lightly scored. Separate them by bending back and forth. Don’t tear! They come apart so cleanly, you’d think they were cut by a blade. My tent cards looked sharp.

The only problem is we can only feed one page into the printer at a time. Yep, says that on every page. Each page has four cards. Small jobs are fine, but I’d not be too happy if I needed to print more than a few pages.

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Mar 06

Citations Made Simple ★★★☆☆

Citations Made Simple: A Student’s Guide to Easy Referencing: The Complete Guide

by Joanne M. Weselby

Citations Made Simple covers citation style guides for five different formats: APA, Harvard, Chicago, Vancouver, Oxford, and MLA. The author tells us a little about each format, where they are used (US or UK), and what fields of study we might find them.

This is a quick guide, but it would be more helpful if the author used fictitious names, titles, and dates in the examples instead of the generic “Title of Book,” “Author,” and “Year.” When I searched for examples of how to alphabetize in-text citations, I couldn’t tell how they were alphabetized by reading “(Author 1 & Author 2, Year).” Similarly, when sources are ordered by year, “Year 1, Year 2, Year 3″ doesn’t cut it. The entire book is filled with examples like these and it’s very hard on the eyes.

Mar 06

Lunch Bag by Freddie and Sebbie ★★★★☆

Lunch Bag by Freddie and Sebbie – Luxury Freezable Lunch Box Cooler Bag

Who needs ice packs? Just freeze the lunch bag. This lunch bag has room for six soda cans and a small sandwich.

Just how long will Freddie and Sebbie Lunch Bagstay cold? I’ve left the bag out all day in the desert in mild weather. At seven hours, drinks were still cold. At ten hours, the bag was no longer frozen and drinks were cool.

The bag is well constructed, but the flap opens all the way down the front. Things can fall out if it’s fully unzipped, so make sure the bag is sitting on a table first. Also, the bag is ice cold on the outside as well as inside. If you don’t want to feel it on the outside, you’ll need a different type of bag.

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Mar 06

Mudder Heat-resistant Locking Tongs Set ★★★★☆

Mudder Set of 2 (9” and 12”) Heat-resistant Locking Tongs Set Made of 100% Food-Grade Silicone, Stainless Steel (Red)

These Locking Tongs take a little learning. When I set them out for guests at potlucks and such, they don’t seem to know how to operate them. Push the circle lever at the top in to open. Pull it to lock closed.

The tongs have silicone where I need them, on the grabbing surface and the handle, so nothing slips. They are easy to use, easy to clean (I put them in the dishwasher), and they stay closed for storage. A bit of the silicone grip does come off the handle if I pull on it, but it pops right back in and I’m right back in business.

I use these tongs every day for cooking and serving and I love them.

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Mar 06

NomNom Delights Chocolate Lovers Popcorn Pizza ★★★★★

NomNom Delights Chocolate Lovers Popcorn Pizza in a Box – Unique Gourmet Gift! Kosher Certified (Sea Salt Caramel)

A solid chocolate crust, popcorn and salty pretzels drizzled in caramel. Please tell me I’m not dreaming. The presentation had everyone in the family drooling with excitement. Who would ever believe such sweetness could come disguised in a pizza box?

I loved my Chocolate Lovers Popcorn Pizza, absolutely. My husband was happy, yet critical of the popcorn. Too bland, he says. My daughter followed his lead.

I counter that sweet and salty need a balance, like spicy foods with white rice. Caramel popcorn would throw me into a diabetic coma. Yes, I need plain popcorn. It has an air-popped quality to it. Maybe that’s what they’re critiquing.

If there’s any indication what they really think, the caramel chocolate popcorn pretzel pizza box is sitting empty on the counter.

This pizza would make a great treat for a small party of about eight guests.

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Mar 02

Eachine AT55C Car Camera ★★★★★

Dash Cam, Eachine AT55C Car Camera DVR Camcorder 1080P 2.7 Inch LCD 170 Degree Wide Angle

I went through a few dash cams before deciding on features that matter most to me.

First, the dash cam needs a monitor. I will no longer use a dash cam without a monitor. Without a monitor, I don’t know if the cam is recording or not. Without a monitor, I don’t know if I have the dash cam angled correctly. Without a monitor, I can’t review footage. I need a monitor. The Eachine AT55C Car Camera has a monitor.

Second, the monitor must turn off after a minute or so. Monitors that stay on distract me, especially at night. The AT55C’s monitor turns off.

Third, the dash cam must record onto a memory card in a format that doesn’t require I install any sort of software onto my computer. That way, I can take the card out and view the video. The AT55C records onto a micro SD card (not included) in MOV format.

The AT55C has every feature I want and a bunch that I don’t use, but maybe others might like. For instance, I turned off the LDW and distance alarm because the beeps were annoying me. If I can’t tell I’m over the left lane or right lane, or I’m tailgating, or a car has passed in front of me, I shouldn’t be driving.

This dash cam has a battery that charges and holds a charge. I mostly rely on that battery when I’m parked and want to look at some footage. I don’t use it for filming while driving, because I like having the dash cam automatically turn on and off when powered on and off. I don’t like to think about needing to recharge it.

Also, I didn’t mount my dash cam on the windshield, since that is illegal in my state. To mount it on the dashboard with the suction mount, I have to place it upside down. Since I want to view video right side up on my computer, I opted to use a generic dashboard mount to hold the dash cam.

Bottom line: I get clear video I can play back on my dash cam or PC, which makes the AT55C one of my favorite dash cams.

This product was provided for review by Eachine.

Mar 02

18k White Gold Plated White Shell Pearl with Cubic Zirconia Accented Drop Earrings ★★★★★

18k White Gold Plated White Shell Pearl with Cubic Zirconia Accented Drop Earrings (11.5-12 mm) by ORROUS & CO

My daughter thinks these Pearl with Cubic Zirconia Accented Drop Earrings are too dressy for me. They are dressy. I could wear them out for the evening and they would look great. They dress up my blouses, also – just not jeans and a t-shirt, I guess. I’ve gotten a number of compliments on them already. Costume jewelry that doesn’t look cheap. I like it.

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Mar 02

Powerslife Dimmable Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp ★★★☆☆

Powerslife Dimmable Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp PL-TM001 (Flexible Neck, 4-Level Dimmer, Touch-Sensitive Controller, Black)

It’s hard to see where one could go wrong with a desk lamp. It turns on, it turns off. This one can dim and fold down.

Where the Powerslife Desk Lamp went wrong is with the controls. Touch and it turns on. Long touch and it turns off. Those are the instructions. In practice, it’s not so easy. Touch, and it might turn on. Instead, touch and fiddle and rub your finger around. Touch and hold, and it might turn off. Or wait, and try again. If they could make the controls more responsive, I could like this lamp better.

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Mar 02

Digital Bathroom Scale by VIVE ★★★★★

Digital Bathroom Scale by VIVE (Silver)

Because I don’t have a calibration weight for a bathroom scale, I tested the Digital Bathroom Scale by VIVE using a different tactic. I want to see how well it detects a change in weight. After all, we weigh ourselves to see how much we’ve lost or gained.

First, I weighed an object on a small scale that has been tested for accuracy. The object weighed 2 pounds. I got on and off the scale with and without the object. The difference? 2 pounds.

Not only can it accurately detect weight change, it has easy to read screen (at night and from a distance) and a smooth surface that quickly wipes clean. Units of measurement include pounds, stones, and kilograms. The only drawback is if you’re especially large. The maximum capacity is 330 pounds.

This product was provided for review by Health Source.

Mar 02

DUXTOP 1800W Portable Electric Cast Iron Burner ★★★☆☆

DUXTOP 1800W Portable Electric Cast Iron Cooktop Countertop Burner (Double)

The DUXTOP Electric Burner looks great. Two burners is enough for me to make the family dinner, but I’m afraid to cook on it because it rattles inside. It sounds like something broke off and is rolling around. I’m afraid to use an electrical element that heats up when all is not right.

This product was provided for review by LaFraise.