Apr 14

Pogi’s Poop Bag Dispenser ★★★★★

Pogi’s Poop Bag Dispenser with 15 Earth-Friendly Poop Bags (Cream)

There are poop bag dispensers at the dollar store shaped like bones. I own some. Pogi’s Poop Bag Dispenser looks like a bone, but the quality is much better.

Dollar store dispensers are made of cheap plastic. They come apart when I’m on my walks, spilling my roll of plastic bags all over the ground. Not Pogi’s. This is quality hard plastic. It comes apart only when I need it to come apart.

Dollar store dispensers have a cheap plastic hook. Not Pogi’s. Pogi’s comes with a metal carabiner.

Dollar store dispensers have cheap plastic bags that don’t separate easily. I end up with holes in the thin bags I pull off. Not Pogi’s. We get a nice scent with each bag we pull out. They tear off easily. They are thicker, no holes.

The one thing that is a problem: the opening sticks shut like the produce bags at the supermarket. I need to wet my fingers to open them. That seems to be a problem with a lot of brands I’ve used.

There are poop bag dispensers, and there are poop bag dispensers. There is a difference. I like Pogi’s.

This product was provided for review by Pogi’s Pet Supplies.

Apr 14

Micro Touch Max Hair Remover ★★★★★

Micro Touch Max Hair Remover

For years, I’ve used the women’s version of this product in all different brands. Usually, they come with the hair remover and a couple of guide combs and maybe a tiny brush for cleaning the hair remover.

This Micro Touch Max Hair Remover comes with so much more. I’m surprised it’s not at all listed in the description.

* two AAA batteries
* double headed comb guide (2 mm and 4 mm)
* single headed comb guide (6 mm)
* cleaning brush (to clean the MicroTouch)
* zippered case
* toenail clipper
* shoehorn
* fingernail clipper
* lint brush
* nail file
* tweezers
* hair comb
* travel toothbrush in toothbrush case

Everything is great with the exception of the tweezers. They are ultra-cheap tweezers that don’t work any better than if I used my fingernails.

I use the hair remover on my brows along with the guide comb to trim them so they’re less bushy. It trims just as well as the women’s hair removers. There’s a light on the MicroTouch that I keep off, because it would otherwise shine in my eyes. That’s better for other parts of the body.

Overall, a fantastic set. I should have switched to the men’s kit years ago.

This product was provided for review by Interact Marketing.

Apr 14

e-Plugz Earplugs ★★★★★

e-Plugz Earplugs for Hearing Protection At Work, Sleeping and General Peace & Quiet – Provides Noise Cancelling of NRR 33. ‘Comfo-soft’ Material Shapes to Fit Large to Very Small Ear Canals Comfortably. 20 Pairs/40 Units

e-Plugz Earplugs are rated 33 NRR, about the highest I could find in foam ear plugs. They really do work. I used them for my son when he was helping me test a loud whistle. At 290 yards away, I could hear that whistle. I could see the effect of the ear plugs when I talked to him. All he could say was, “Huh?”, at least until he took them out.

When I wore e-Plugz, I could see my daughter’s lips move, but I couldn’t hear her talking, nor could I hear the shower on. Certainly, there are sounds I could hear. My daughter’s voice was understandable when she raised it, but it was very much dampened.

These ear plugs are bullet shaped, not cylindrical, so they are easier to insert. They are comfortable and I like the splashes of color, much like tie dye.

It’s always handy to have a box of ear plugs around the house. We never know when we’ll need them.

This product was provided for review by Info Solutions Fuzion.

Apr 14

The Friendly Swede Bundle of 3 Flower Gel Cases Covers Skins for iPhone 4 4S 4G ★★★★☆

The Friendly Swede Bundle of 3 Flower Gel Cases Covers Skins for iPhone 4 4S 4G + Stylus Pen + Cleaning Cloth in Retail Packaging

My daughter’s first reaction to The Friendly Swede Bundle of 3 Flower Gel Cases for my iPhone 4S was very positive. They are indeed pretty, and we get three of them to suit our mood. I like the silicone texture, which gives me a good grip. The fit is perfect, they’re easy to get on and off, and there’s good cushioning for that occasional drop.

One drawback: although all the ports are exposed, there isn’t enough clearance for the charging port. I have to remove the case to connect.

Also included is a lightweight stylus and a little microfiber cloth. I don’t use styli on my iPhone, but my phone did have very good response to it. The cleaning cloth is small and smooth, but it works.

This is a very attractive set. It’s three individually packaged cases in one larger sealed bag. I could see taking them out and giving them individually as stocking stuffers.

This product was provided for review by The Friendly Swede.

Apr 14

Eparé Stainless Steel Powdered Sugar Mill ★★★★★

Eparé Stainless Steel Powdered Sugar Mill (EPSM01) | Spice Grinder

This is my first ever sugar mill and I am in love. You see, our family doesn’t put syrup on our pancakes and waffles, we use powdered sugar. Invariably, the kids just pile it on. With this sugar mill, they grind the granulated sugar, much like with a salt mill. It comes out as a nice, fine dusting, and the kids just think it’s so cool.

For pastries, the effect is finer and much prettier than sifting – very delicate.

The one thing you shouldn’t expect is large amounts of powdered sugar. You’d no sooner grind a teaspoon of powdered sugar than you’d sit there and grind a teaspoon of salt. If you need that, for heaven’s sake, go buy a bag.

The Eparé Stainless Steel Powdered Sugar Mill is classy and would make a conversation starter at the table. Add that to the salt and pepper mills and be the talk of your gourmet friends. For kitchen gadget geeks: love.

This product was provided for review by Eparé.

Apr 14

Epson VS230 SVGA 3LCD Projector ★★★★★

Epson VS230 SVGA 3LCD Projector, 2800 color lumens, 2800 white lumens (V11H552220)

I’ve owned another projector, but the Epson VS230 SVGA 3LCD Projector is incredible. It is bright enough for me to see the image in daylight with the shutters open. Try that with my other projector and the image is so washed out, I can’t see a thing.

In darker rooms, it is brilliant. The colors pop. I only have a painted wall to project on. I can’t imagine the effect if I had a white backdrop to shine it on. As it is, it blows me away. What a difference from my old projector.

The Epson comes with a variety of choices for input, including USB, VGA, and HDMI (VGA cord included). I tried to see if a flash drive would work in the USB port. Only photos show up that way. Videos don’t work. That’s too bad. I would like to carry a video with me on the flash drive to play; but if I want to do that, I have to connect it to my netbook and then connect the laptop to the projector.

My netbook displays on the VGA port, and my son’s Wii and Xbox connect on the HDMI port.

Yes, the kids now have a giant screen to play their video games on. I think that’s going to be the primary use of this projector for now. We tried that before with my other projector, but it was a no go. With the brighter lights of this projector, they can play all day, not just at night. Very nice.

This product was provided for review by the Amazon Vine program.

Apr 14

Return to Ord Mantell (Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights) ★★★☆☆

Return to Ord Mantell (Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights)

by Kevin J. Anderson

Of all the books in the series up to now, this is the first time I’ve noticed Han sounding not at all like Han. Who is this guy? He just drones on and on with words we’ve never heard him use, sighing in long whistles, and dropping stories about his adventures with Luke and Leia back in the day — to to be sure we know this is the Han Solo. This is *not* the Han Solo. No, no, nope. La, la, la. I don’t hear you.

Return to Ord Mantell is far too simplistic. Han and the children go to a planet to try and stop a civil war that has been going on for generations. The plan? Just have everyone sit down and talk. Ahem. I expect that of the children, who haven’t yet been hardened by war, but if Han couldn’t figure out war is complicated, that really isn’t Han. I mean, did he expect the Empire and the rebels to just sit and have a chat? And the worse thing is how that was resolved. Unbelievable.

Anja is a new character who appears to have Force powers but really is just on drugs. Why every other criminal isn’t on this is beyond me. Please, tell me why this drug is bad.

I can’t believe there is more to come.

Apr 14

1999 – 2008 Quarter Folder ★★★★★

This review was originally posted May 10, 2009.


I am not a serious coin collector, but I wanted to have the complete collection of all the commemorative quarters. I chose this quarter folder because it is small (6″ x 8 ¼”), thin and attractive. It has an understated elegance about it, unlike some bigger, flashier ones I’ve seen.

The inside front cover details a little of the history of the quarters for future generations. The first panel has room to display the front of an old quarter and a new quarter to highlight the differences between them. Then, the quarters are grouped by year in the order they came out.

The panels are made of cardboard and the cutouts are just the right size for the quarters. They fit easily and don’t fall out.

Apr 14

Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 12-Inch Omelette Pan ★★★★★

This review was originally posted May 12, 2009.

Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 12-Inch Omelette Pan

I love this Calphalon Omelette Pan. It is one of my favorite cookware pieces. Whenever I need a large pan, this is it. It’s nice and heavy, heats quickly and cooks evenly. It don’t have any problems with food sticking to it so cleanup is easy. The lid is made of glass, so I can see how my food is cooking and I can put the whole thing in the oven when I need to.

Large and durable, I’ve had this pan for years and cooking surface is still in great condition.

Apr 12

Smart Weigh Digital Multi-purpose Body Scale ★★★★★

Smart Weigh Digital Multi-purpose Body Scale, Baby Scale, Pet Scale, and Luggage Scale with Ultra Wide Platform, Step-on Technology and LCD Display

There are some things that are just not that easy to place on a standard bathroom scale. Those things include babies and pets. Most people attack this problem by getting on the scale, getting the baby, then getting back on the scale and calculating the difference. Now, there’s no need to calculate anything. Get on, get off, get on, and the scale calculates it for us. How convenient!

My only problem was figuring out the instructions. The Smart Weigh Digital Multi-purpose Body Scale was not set to tare when I got it and the instructions were not clear. For all you confused souls, the switch is under the battery cover. After that, it’s easy.

I tested the accuracy by weighing some objects on a scale I know is accurate (verified with calibration weights). 3.08 pounds on that scale measured 3.1 pounds on this Smart Weigh scale.

It is accurate, and I like it. It’s easy to use, easy to read, and especially handy for new moms, but we can use it for so much more – luggage, pets, even ourselves. Weighing everything just got simpler.

This product was provided for review by Smart Weigh.