Nov 19

White Gold 24K Hand and Body Cream

White Gold 24K Hand and Body Cream from OROGOLD Cosmetics

While the packaging for 24K hand and body cream didn’t impress quite as much as the 24K face cream, the hand and body cream does deliver on so many levels. There’s a richness to the scent that screams luxurious beauty–and the creaminess is mutual.  It lingers on my skin, protecting and preserving and reminding me that yes, I deserve 24K.

This product was provided by Vivo Per Lei.

Nov 13

White Gold 24K Deep Moisturizer

White Gold 24K Deep Moisturizer for Face from OROGOLD Cosmetics

Orogold knows how to make beauty look like a million bucks. It all starts with a box worthy of the most special of gift-giving occasions. She won’t be disappointed.  Then, the clear orb–clearly a product from the distant but foreseeable future. My expectations were high, but Orogold is everything I thought it would be: creamy, smooth, not overly fragrant but pleasantly sweet.  When my skin needs pampering, I reach for Orogold.

This product was provided by Vivo Per Lei.

Nov 02


NIUBIER DJ Lights Strobe Light Sound Actived Party Lights 3W Night Lights with Remote Control

This is the smallest disco light I’ve ever seen, but big things come in little packages, especially when those packages come with a remote control. Yes, I filmed the lights that were actually coming out of this disco ball in the darkest room I could find (my walk-in closet).

There are functions on that remote that I think belong to other models, like an mp3 player. I can’t see where to insert a card on this little thing, so I don’t think it has one. What it does have is lights–all kinds of lights. Every party needs lights.

The disco ball was provided by Niubier.

Oct 29

Tenergy T20 Bluetooth Headphones

Tenergy T20 Bluetooth Headphones, IPX7 Sweatproof Wireless Sports Earphones for Running, Noise Canceling 8-Hour Working Time, In-ear Bluetooth V4.1 Stereo Earbuds with Mic Bonus Sport Armband

What a sweet package–perfect for the sports nut in all of us. Just look at that box. It’s beautiful! And what’s inside is even better. Always have your phone and never be without music. Ah. Nirvana.

This Bluetooth earphone / sports armband set was provided by Tenergy.

Oct 19

VDS Large Laundry Backpack

VDS Large Laundry Backpack with Adjustable Shoulder Straps

This laundry bag is much larger than I imagined. It holds lots–enough for a week’s worth of laundry from a college dorm room. What do I love about it? The compact size when folded, the zipper, the adjustable padded shoulder straps. It’s well-made and looks great. What’s not to like? Nothing.

This product was provided by Advanced Digital Image Co.

Oct 16

Mactrem Travel Tripod

Mactrem PT55 Travel Camera Tripod Lightweight Aluminum

This little tripod is lightweight, yet is sturdy as they come. The legs lock solid so that I’m never worried about collapse or tipping over. Speaking of features: It has a built-in level bubble, quick release plate, foam grips, and weight hook. Everything on this tripod works so smoothly. That goes for the pan and tilt. Unlike some other tripods, this one glides in any direction, at any angle–until I lock it, of course. When I’m done, I pack it away in the rugged carry bag. The Mactrem tripod offers incredible value for its price. I highly recommend it.

Oct 13

ZERRO 45mm Rotary Cutter Replacement Blade

ZERRO 45mm Rotary Cutter Replacement Blade (SKS-7, Pack of 5)

Changing the blades on your Fiskars rotary paper is easy, and you don’t need to restrict yourself to Fiskars blades. I used ZERRO blades, which comes in a handy plastic container. Each set comes with scalloped blades, perforating blades, and a straight blade. Love the variety.

The blades were provided by ZERRO.

Oct 04

Vivo Per Lei Espresso Coffee Body Scrub

Vivo Per Lei Espresso Coffee Body Scrub

Do you love, love, love your coffee? Then you’ll love Vivo Per Lei Espresso Body Scrub. I slathered my body in this today and it was like I had swum through a pit of coffee grinds. I lived and breathed it; and if I could have brewed myself in it, I would. The scent of coffee was unmistakable. So, you’d better like coffee!

After a good cleaning with this scrub, my skin is smooth as silk. Silk from coffee? You’d better believe it.

This product was provided by Vivo Per Lei.

Oct 03

Vivo Per Lei Retinol Wrinkle Serum

Vivo Per Lei Retinol Wrinkle Solution Skin Serum

If anyone ever knew how to make beauty look great, it’s Vivo Per Lei. I just started using their Retinol Wrinkle Solution Skin Serum, which comes boxed like the lux brand that it is. Just one squirt will do ya. I learned that after two squirts had it going all over my face, down my neck, and then some. Add that to my Vivo Per Lei Vitamin C Moisturizer and I was set. Even after many hours, my face feels tight, like I got a facelift in a bottle. I’m beatin’ back the years, and Vivo Per Lei is helping me do it.

This product was provided by Vivo Per Lei.