May 25

ANART® 12MP 170 Degree Full HD 1080P Digital Waterproof Sports Action Camera ★★★★★

ANART® HGSPC-01-BL WiFi SJ4000 W8 12MP 170 Degree Full HD 1080P Digital Waterproof Helmet Sports Action Car Camera Black

The ANART® Sports Camera comes with a basic set of mounting hardware and a waterproof case. You need to supply your own micro SD card. It is compatible with my GoPro accessories kit, which I highly recommend buying if you want to get the most out of it. With GoPro accessories, we can mount the camera on glass and helmets without using adhesive pads, or we can wear the camera on our body or put it on our dogs. Accessories will take this camera to the next level.

This action cam has a screen for filming and playback, and the buttons are accessible through the case. We also have the option of connecting to our phone via Wi-Fi, but I normally avoid that option, because there’s a lag. That’s just how it is with Wi-Fi. I get a lag with other action cams, as well.

It’s a nice action cam. I like it.

This product was provided for review by ANART.

May 25

Ultimate PM-MID Glass Aquarium Cleaner ★★★★★

Ultimate PM-MID Glass Aquarium Cleaner Cleaning Magnet, Medium © Pet Magasin

The inner surface of my aquarium gets cleaned once in blue moon with a brush, which doesn’t do a very good job. The first time I used the Ultimate Aquarium Cleanerwas the first time that aquarium glass got such a thorough cleaning. It’s easy to use. Just place the scrubbing half inside and the magnet on the outside and drag the brush around. Whoever thought of this was brilliant.

This product was provided for review by Pet Magasin.

May 25

ACEVOG® Women’s Vintage Lace Peplum Top ★★★★★

ACEVOG® Women’s Vintage Lace Peplum Hem Slim Party Top Bodycon

What a cute top. The description says “party top,” but it doesn’t have to be just for parties. I wear it casually. The ACEVOG® Peplum Top Bodycon is comfortable, and I like how the back end is lower than the front. For sizing, I normally wear a medium or large. Actually, I wear medium, but I often choose large because I do not like fitted tops, and women’s tops are often fitted. For this blouse, I went by the size recommended by the sizing chart and chose large. It fits perfectly. For anyone who’s worried, the lace is a tight weave. Nothing shows through.

This product was provided for review by Acevog.

May 23

Set of 7 Shell Pearl Stud Earrings with Butterfly Backs ★★★☆☆

Set of 7 Shell Pearl Stud Earrings with Butterfly Backs by Kurtzy

I’m sorry. These Pearl Stud Earrings by Kurtzy didn’t quite do it for me. Maybe I was expecting too much. Seven pairs of earrings arrived. They are comfortable, and I don’t react to them. I can wear them every day, all day. The problem is it is hard to find a pair. Why so? Well, the obvious pairs, like the red and the copper, have very different shades. If I didn’t see them in a box together, I wouldn’t know they were a pair. The shapes are also off. One would be more round, one more oblate. There are three sets that are similar in color and shape yet they don’t quite match, so I can’t tell which are supposed to pair with which. The best matches in my box are the pearl and black. It’s too bad. I was looking forward to having a whole set to match ever outfit.

This product was provided for review by BWH Ventures.

May 23

Hefty Ultimate Flex Tall Kitchen Bags ★★★★★

Hefty Ultimate Flex Tall Kitchen Bags, Clean Burst, 76 Count

My son is responsible for taking out the trash. When he complained that the new trash bags his dad bought were tearing and leaking, I went out to buy replacement bags. Hefty has a good reputation, and “Ultimate Flex” sure sounded strong, so I fell for the marketing and bought Hefty Ultimate Flex Tall Kitchen Bags. Well? He likes it. He said no more leaks and no more tears. The bags stay on the trash can and the handles don’t pull off. I’m happy he’s not spilling fluids all over our flooring, and he’s not complaining, either.

May 23

Crescent CSWS11 1/2-Inch Drive Socket Wrench Set ★★★★★

Crescent CSWS11 1/2-Inch Drive Socket Wrench Set, 12-Piece

The Crescent Socket Wrench Set is much smaller than another set I own. Imagine my surprise when I picked it up and it felt so much heavier. When it’s half the size and twice the weight, I expect quality inside. Indeed it is. I could feel it in the heft of the ratchet handle. The sockets don’t just snap on, they lock on. The rounded edges and smooth are further evidence of fine craftsmanship. Even the ratcheting action flows. Too bad it’s only a standard set, no metric.

The pieces all nestle in the molded case with a padded top cover. My only complaint is the latch for the case. When everything is such high quality, why did one latch fall off in my hand? I put it back on and all has been good. I hope the latch doesn’t eventually break and ruin my nirvana, because everything else about this set is beautiful.

This product was provided for review by the Amazon Vine program.

May 21

Glocalme® G1 Free Roaming Mobile Wifi Hotspot ★★★★☆

Glocalme® G1 Free Roaming Mobile Wifi Hotspot Unlocked Embedded One Cloud SIM Card (No Local SIM Card Required) Support Over 100 countries(Italy/Europe/UK/France/Germany/MiddleEast/Thailand/Singapore/Japan/Korea/China/Hong Kong etc.) Ethernet Travel Router & Power Bank Supports All Andriod & iOS Devices

I can’t tell you if Glocalme® works all over the globe. I can tell you that it works in my neck of Southern California. The rates are in euros. You have to pay in that using the Glocalme app. The rates vary depending on the country and the plan, but I figure the 30-day worldwide rate is about comparable to my other SIM card’s rate for data here in the US. I’m not sure what the credit card company would charge for the conversion to euros. You would have to factor that in. The nice thing is you don’t have to worry about hunting down SIM cards when traveling. You can see all the different plans listed in the app and buy what you need through your phone wherever you are.

I had some problems initially applying a credit voucher for EUR 10. It showed up on my app’s screen, but I couldn’t use it. It took a couple of days for the vendor to fix it. I’m not sure if I had bought the data if that would have been a problem. I’m not sure who I would have contacted to fix it. I tried to report it through the app, but it didn’t get me anywhere. There is a phone number, but it’s an international number.

Once I got everything going, it works. EUR 10 was 200 MB. To use it, I just turned Glocalme on, searched for the Glocalme SSID on my device (Kindle Fire HD), and punched in the password (located on the device). Surfing and email is fast and easy. The only problem is 200 MB won’t last me very long. Yesterday, I turned off all automatic syncing and spent 20 minutes surfing the web, checking email, and a few seconds (literally) streaming video. That took me down 76 MB. I’ve used data from my plan for a total of 75 minutes and have 67 MB left. It’s not the fault of the plan or the device. Just know what you are paying for and how much data your device goes through so there are no surprises.

If you happen to be in a hotel room that provides only Ethernet access to the internet and you want Wi-Fi, you can connect the Ethernet cable to Glocalme and make a hotspot that way. Glocalme won’t charge a dime for that, because you would be using the hotel’s internet service. I tried it on my home network. I didn’t have to remember to switch anything on or off. It just knew, and it didn’t charge me.

Oh yes, on top of everything else, it’s a power bank. Use it to charge your cell phone while on-the-go. As a matter of fact, I’m charging my cell phone as I write this review. How’s that for jack of all trades?

Aside from the initial glitch, this product has performed as promised. Minus one star for the glitch.

This product was provided for review by Glocalme.

ADDENDUM: In the video, when I switched to Wi-Fi mode, the switch got stuck in power bank mode, which I didn’t notice as I was filming. Wi-Fi mode is one more step over. It was set properly for the YouTube streaming, where you see the Glocalme in use.

May 21

MEKU Handmade Wooden Wrist Watche ★★★★★

MEKU Handmade Wooden Wrist Watche Quartz with Solid Natural Zebrawood + Date Calendar

When my husband first saw the MEKU Wooden Wrist Watch, he started laughing. I guess his dad used to have a saying about being “silly as a wooden watch.” I’d never head that, but he thought it was a joke. Still, he wore the watch to work. The first day, he came back telling me how he was getting positive comments all day. Every day, he’d come back saying more of the same. Eventually, he realized what a conversation starter this watch is, and how much everyone likes it. He likes this watch. He’s worn it for three weeks straight and everyone from family to friends and strangers comment on it.

Looks can be deceiving. I expected a wooden watch with a wooden wristband to be heavier than it is. It’s actually one of the lightest my husband’s ever owned, and it keeps time very well. His one and only complaint is the clasp, which he finds a little difficult to work.

This product was provided for review by MekuLife.

May 21

Half Sheet Pan by Island Ware ★★★★★

Half Sheet Pan by Island Ware – Natural Aluminum Finish – Commercial Baker’s Size – Non Rimmed but a Sanitary Bead – Heavy-Duty – Cake, Cookies and Jelly Rolls All Fit

I’ve always used nonstick baking pans, but I think I’ll switch to aluminum. For the past three weeks, I’ve been using the Half Sheet Pan by Island Ware for everything from cupcakes (in silicone cups) to veggies to chicken. For aluminum, I’m surprised by the weight. It feels so solid. It cooks as well as can be expected and cleans up easily. I’ve only ever known nonstick pans, so the easy clean aspect surprised me, too. After all this time, I didn’t need to buy nonstick after all.

This product was provided for review by Island E-Tailer.

May 21

Wellness TruFood CocoChia Bakes Natural Grain Free Dog Treats ★★★★★

Wellness TruFood CocoChia Bakes Natural Grain Free Dog Treats, Chicken, Beets and Coconut Oil Recipe

I’m not sure my cocker spaniel really needs superfoods, but she likes Wellness TruFood CocoChia Bakes Dog Treats. They’re small enough to fit in her mouth but large enough that she feels the need to carry them away to her special spot in the grass. She spends so much time chewing, I think she’s just savoring the moment. Yes, I think these have her seal of approval.

This product was provided for review by the Amazon Vine program.