Dec 16

Dog Feeding Mat with Bowl ★★★★☆

Dog Feeding Mat with Bowl – Stainless Bowl & Silicon Mat

My 23 pound cocker spaniel always pushes her bowl around when she eats. The mat on this Dog Feeding Mat with Bowl will keep her from knocking it over, but she can still push it around. She also makes a mess when eating, and the mat is not large enough to contain that.

It’s a small bowl, probably better suited for a toy breed or cat. We can take the bowl out and use the mat as an additional bowl, but the metal bowl looks easy to tip over without the mat. I know it wouldn’t stand more than a few minutes with my dog.

If you’re looking for a bowl that won’t tip, this will definitely work. If you’re looking for one that can’t be pushed, my dog can push it. Maybe a smaller dog can’t. My cat would be fine with it.

This product was provided for review by Pet Magasin.

Dec 16

TheraPearl Pals – Pearl the Pig ★★★★★

TheraPearl Pals – Pearl the Pig

Pearl the Pig is filled with more beads than similar cold packs I’ve used. I’ve had it sitting on my arm for the past half hour and it’s still cold. I honestly didn’t expect something smaller than the size of my hand to work for that long.

My daughter picked out the pig. She thought it was cute. At least when she gets hurt, the pig will give her something to smile about.

This product was provided for review by THERA°PEARL.

Dec 16

Sportown Women’s Contrast Scoop Neck Yoga Tank Top ★★★★☆

Sportown Women’s Contrast Scoop Neck Yoga Tank Top with Built-in shelf bra (L, Crimson)

The Sportown Women’s Tank scores points for style: one point for sophisticated color combination, one point for the racerback cut combined with a round bordered neckline, one point for the form fitting cut that ends way below waistline.

It has a built-in padded bra. I think I need a bigger bust to fill it in. Things are a little loose in there for my 36A frame. Maybe I should have gotten medium instead of large. My women’s t-shirts are usually medium or large (broad shoulders don’t always fit medium), but then I’m not sure if the body would be too tight in this tank if I got medium. Around the belly and hips, the large size yoga tank hugs me just right.

More bra issues: The bra will peek out so that it looks like my bra is showing, because it is. The seams are finished so well around there, it made me wonder if that’s how it’s supposed to look, but I’d rather not see that material.

Overall, it looks nice, except for the bra peeking problem. Minus one star for that.

This product was provided for review by Appearances International.

Dec 16

ACEVOG Women’s Warm Cool Fashion Thicken Hoodie ★★★★★

ACEVOG Women’s Warm Cool Fashion Thicken Hoodie Blouse Coat Dress Black

Baggy clothing is the most comfortable thing on the face of this earth. “One size fits all” speaks my language. When I saw this ACEVOG Women’s Hoodie, I knew it was going to make a permanent home in my closet. Baggy? Yes. If you’ve ever wanted to be a gourd for Halloween, this is the pattern you could use to cut it. Big body, skinny arms.

Ahem. Skinny arms. I could wear a medium, but I usually choose large. The sleeves on this hoodie don’t feel like they’d be any larger than the sleeves in a large sweatshirt. “One size fits all” means “one size fits anyone who doesn’t have extra large arms.” If you qualify, this is a very comfy jacket.

This product was provided for review by Honormall.

Dec 16

V7 13-Inch Professional 2 FrontLoad Laptop and Tablet Case ★★★★☆

V7 13-Inch Professional 2 FrontLoad Laptop and Tablet Case (CCP24-9N)

I carry my 11-inch Dell laptop in this V7 13-Inch Laptop and Tablet Case. Sure enough, my laptop has a bit of wiggle room. This case includes two outer compartments (one zippered, one not) and an inner padded pocket big enough for a large tablet. Small pockets in the outer compartment will hold pens, cards, and other knickknacks.

The back of the case has a strap that will go around the handle of a rolling suitcase. How convenient. There is also an optional shoulder strap. I like using the attached handle.

I’ve owned a number of V7 laptop cases over the years and they have all held up. This one looks just as well made. The front side has a smoother, shinier nylon material. I’d prefer the whole exterior be made of the textured ballistic weave on the back. It’s otherwise very much to my liking.

This product was provided for review by Ingram Micro.

Dec 16

DreamSky ® Mini USB Digital Audio Voice Recorder ★★★★☆

DreamSky ® Mini USB Digital Audio Voice Recorder Flash Drive Pen Drive Disk

The DreamSky ® Mini USB Digital Audio Voice Recorder looks like a flash drive and works as one, too. Before beginning, charge the recorder by plugging it in to a USB port. To record, flip a switch. To listen, plug it into a USB port of a computer and search for the files on the drive like any other flash drive.

In case you’re wondering what size to get, 8 GB is more than enough capacity to suit me. I recorded all afternoon for hours without making a dent in filling the drive. The “manual” (no bigger than a Post-It Note) says we can change the bit rate but gives no instructions for doing so. According to the maker, the default is 128 kbps, which gives 150 hours. I believe it.

The sound files were clear enough that I knew what was happening, though the voices were sometimes muddled because the TV was on.

A blue little light blinks when recording. We can’t cover it because it’s in the microphone. If we want to be stealth, this might give us away. On the other hand, how many flash drive voice recorders have you ever seen?

Some improvements needed: The plastic feels cheap and I have a hard time removing the cap. The instructions could be more detailed. I’d like to find a way to change the time stamp.

This product was provided for review by Amexs.

Dec 16

TPE® Power Bank ★★★★★

TPE® Power Bank with Samsung Cells, Fast Charging 3.1A Output Portable 10400mAh Power Bank External Battery Charger Powered Backup Pack for Mobile Phone, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, LG, BlackBerry, iPod, MP3, MP4, PSP, PDA and Most USB Devices

The TPE® Power Bank is a standard, no frills power bank that puts its focus on power. 10400 mAh gives my HTC One M8 two full charges. There are two ports (2.1 and 1 amp) which we can use at the same time. I’m using them tonight to charge both a power bank and a smartwatch. It works without fail.

The housing sports pleasing curved edges and a matte white finish that resists fingerprints. Some thought was put into the design. Simple doesn’t have to mean boring.

This product was provided for review by TPE Company.

Dec 16

Ace3C 12-50 All-in-One Bluetooth Monopod ★★★★☆

Ace3C 12-50 All-in-One Bluetooth Monopod Selfie Stick for Cell phone, GoPro & Digital Camera Fun Holiday/ Party/ BBQ/ Family/ Sports Events, Compatible with GoPro HD Hero 4 3+ 3 2 Hero, Sony Action Cam HDR AS15 AS30V AS100VR AS100V AZ1VR AZ1, iPhone 6 (Plus) 5S 5C 5 4S 4 ipod, Samsung Galaxy S6 S5 S4 S3, Note 4 3 2, LG G3 G2, Motorola, HTC, Sony, Nokia, Canon Nikon Mount Handheld Extendable Extension Pole

I’ve had a lot of monopods, but the Ace3C All-in-One Bluetooth Monopod is the first monopod I have to twist and lock. Others either rely on friction or a lever latch system. Twist and lock works, but it’s a little cumbersome. The grip tends to slide around the monopod as I’m twisting.

Once the monopod is up, it’s great. The phone mount will fit most standard phones. Take that off, and you can use this monopod for cameras and camcorders. An adapter is included to use with GoPro cameras or generic action cameras.

The shutter controller is made of cheap plastic, but it works like a dream. It pairs every time I turn it on. I can take it out of the monopod grip, but I just leave it there and click away.

I’ve used this monopod at several of my daughter’s events, including a band performance and a holiday gymnastics show. I always get so many comments from parents, because it really is a great way to get unimpeded shots of the kids. You’ll not see any parents’ heads in my photos and videos.

This product was provided for review by Ace3C.

Dec 16

Tekterm Bluetooth Wireless Vibration Resonance Portable Speaker ★★★★☆

Tekterm Rechargeable Bluetooth Wireless Vibration Resonance Portable Speaker with Microphone (Black)

The quality of the sound the Tekterm Vibration Resonance Portable Speaker delivers depends on what it’s sitting on. It’s a vibration speaker, and some things vibrate better than others. I found wood to give a warmer tone. I can feel the beat through my desk as I work. Ceramic tile is too brassy. Carpet doesn’t have any affect at all.

I like the weight of the speaker. It’s hefty for its size. I also like the volume control and skip track function (turn the top like a knob). Bluetooth pairing and reconnection is quick and easy, and the range is good.

What do I think? The whole idea is intriguing, but it might be inconvenient searching for that perfect spot.

This product was provided for review by World of Accessories.

Dec 16

DUXTOP Portable Ceramic Infrared Cooktop ★★★★★

DUXTOP Portable Ceramic Infrared Cooktop

I’ve never owned a portable infrared cooktop. It surprised me by performing as well as it did. One day, I cooked up a whole batch of scrambled eggs. This was a large frying pan. I couldn’t believe how quickly it heated up. Today, it was a large pot of boiling water for my pasta (I like to challenge my products). The DUXTOP Cooktop works.

I only wish for an on/off switch rather than relying on making sure the knob is turned all the way down. Of course, I unplug it when I don’t need it, so maybe that point is moot.

This product was provided for review by Lafraise.