Oct 06

Baked Lay’s Potato Chips ★★★★★

Baked Lay’s Potato Chips Bag, Original

I’ve been a fan of Baked Lay’s for a long time, not just because they’re healthier. No sir, they taste great. In fact, if health wasn’t an issue, I’d still choose baked over fried, and so do my kids. The fried stuff is just so greasy. Oven Baked Lay’s are crispy with just the right touch of sweetness and flavor. Yes, I might try other varieties, but I always come back to Baked Lay’s.

Oct 06

ORBLUE Stainless Steel Serrated Bread Slicer Knife ★★★★☆

ORBLUE Stainless Steel Serrated Bread Slicer Knife

Here sits a knife with visual appeal. All metal, front to back, just gorgeous. It feels good in my hand, though a little light. Bread cutting is not bad, but my Wusthof knife is better. Talk about apples to oranges! They are in a different league, but the ORBLUE Stainless Steel Serrated Bread Slicer Knife holds its own for a budget knife. It does a decent job of cutting my oven toasted French loaves; and in case you’re wondering, it’s survived multiple rounds through the dishwasher.

This product was provided for review by Orblue.

Oct 06

Velocity Toys Off Road Storm Truggy Remote Control RC Truck ★★★★★

Velocity Toys Off Road Storm Truggy Remote Control RC Truck, High Performance Lithium Battery, Big Size 1:10 Scale RTR w/ Working Spring Suspension

Oh boy, did I have fun with the Storm Truggy. At first, it did didn’t seem to have much range. But wait, pull that antennae out. Those few inches make a difference! Whereas I could only get the car across a two-lane road before, I can now drive it all the way down the cul-de-sac with no problem.

“Off Road” still needs hard surfaces. The Truggy will get stuck in medium grass, and it’s sluggish in low grass. Put it on pavement and it’s little Mr. Speedy. It goes backwards, which I use to “brake” and spin. The suspension system and large wheels help let it jump curbs and ride the gravel. It is just too cute.

Controls are easy enough for any kid to figure out. Just remember: not grass.

This product was provided for review by AirsoftRC Wholesale.

Oct 06

Solid Gold Furrever Young Holistic Dry Cat Food ★★★★★

Solid Gold Furrever Young Holistic Dry Cat Food, Turkey, Brown Rice & Cranberry, Less Active Adult Cats, All Sizes

If my cat were any less active, she’d be dead. That’s why Solid Gold Furrever Young is perfect for her, and she somehow knew it. Okay, so she somehow knows it with every cat food (not a picky eater), but she sat there waiting, as she always does, for me to pour out her new cat food. It didn’t look too appealing — dark, tiny balls of kibble that smelled of cat food. It thought it was fish, but it read “turkey, brown rice & cranberry.” And pounce, she did. I think she does like it more than the usual. It was such a hit that my dog wanted to try some, but my last dog got sick eating cat food, so we don’t chance it with this one. Sorry, Dog.

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Oct 04

ECOOPRO Ultralight Double Size Camping Hammock ★★★★☆

ECOOPRO Ultralight Double Size Camping Hammock, Orange

This is a nice, large hammock, big enough for two. I’m finding that I like large hammocks, even if I’m the only one inside. The extra room means I can spread out diagonally, which feels wonderful.

The ECOOPRO Hammock is one of those hammocks that’s tighter down the center than down the sides. Whether you like this or not depends on if you want to be a banana inside a peel or a banana with the front peeled off. With this hammock, you are a banana with the front peeled off. It’s my second hammock that holds me just so, and I like having the sides fall a little so that I can see the world.

Once I’m done, I just stuff everything back inside the pouch which is attached to the hammock. That bag isn’t going anywhere. I’m happy to have one less thing to misplace.  My only qualm was it didn’t come with the hammock tree straps that are shown in the photos nor the ropes that are listed in the description. To be fair, the vendor said they are supposed to be in the bag and offered to send them right away, but I declined, since I already have hammock tree straps. Just bummed they weren’t there to begin with.

This product was provided for review by Emarthtech.

Oct 04

Big Joe Dorm Chair ★★★★★

Big Joe Dorm Chair, Limo Black

My son bought the Big Joe Dorm Chair with his own money so he could sit in front of the TV and play video games. He’s a slight kid, 110 pounds. It’s been less than a month and it’s holding up well. It appears to be filled with foam beads, like a bean bag chair; but it is packed more tightly and sewn with a seat back, so it has a lot of support, unlike some other bean bag chairs we have in the house. I like how it feels. My brother, who came over to play a few games agrees.

I expect the foam beads to eventually collapse. I used to have to refill my bean bag chairs for that reason. There’s a zipper on the bottom. I suppose I can refill it, but for the price ($20), I wouldn’t mind replacing it.

Oct 04

Plus Guard Your ID Roller Advanced Wide ★★★★☆

Plus Guard Your ID Roller Advanced Wide, Green

I have a smaller version of Plus Guard Your ID Roller Advanced, so I’m familiar with these, and my expectations were adjusted accordingly. Before Plus Guard, I used a redacting stamper, which wasn’t quite as good, because I was stamping the shipping labels on boxes, and the boxes weren’t flat. A roller works better.

Of course, just about every shipping label I’ve ever come across is glossy. The packaging for this wide Plus Guard reads “Now for Glossy Paper Labels!” so I was excited that maybe now we have something that won’t come off, the holy grail of redacting ink! Alas, it’s the same stuff. Nothing new. Just use isopropyl alcohol or something similar and voila! I’ve known this, I’ve always known this, and yet I still use it. Why? It helps keep the casual glancing eyes away. Most thieves are lazy and go after the easiest prey. Make them work for it and they move on. If you are the target, well no amount of ink is going to stop them.

I like it better than my old Plus Guard because of the size. It needs fewer swipes. When you have as many labels to go through as I do, every swipe saved is time earned. It’s good, if you know what you’re getting. Still, minus one star for getting my hopes up.

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Oct 02

Ponosoon Women’s Sunglasses ★★★★☆

Ponosoon Women’s Sunglasses Polarized Oversized Metal Rivet 2321 (Tortoise-Gold)

As I was removing the protective plastic film from my new Ponosoon Sunglasses, the lens popped out. Not a good first impression, but I popped it back in so easily and it has stayed in place ever since.

With inexpensive sunglasses, I always wonder if “polarized” and “UV protection” are just stickers placed by unscrupulous sellers or if they are true to their word. I performed some quick tests that anyone can do at home.

For polarization, I held the sunglasses up to my computer monitor and rotated them. If they darken, they are polarized. These are polarized.

For UV protection, I shined a blacklight flashlight on something that fluoresces. Then, I placed the lens in front of the flashlight to see if it blocks the light. In this case, it does, and the fiber I saw fluorescing suddenly “turned off.”

Satisfied that I was getting some UV protection, I wore the sunglasses for driving around town. I’ve been wearing them for almost two weeks, and I love them. At first, I was concerned about light coming in from the sides, but that hasn’t been a big issue. I was also concerned about clarity. With some cheap sunglasses, I have trouble reading the road signs. That hasn’t been a problem with these.

Yes, if I push on the lenses, they will pop out. That’s about the only issue I’ve had. They haven’t accidentally popped out except when I first got them, but minus one star for this minor problem.

This product was provided for review by Ponosoon.

Oct 02

Shefko ‘Warden’ Wool Blanket ★★★★★

Shefko ‘Warden’ Wool Blanket – 80% Wool 66″ x 84″ Grey – Fits Twin / Full Size Beds

I’ve been using the Shefko Wool Blanket every night since the day I got it, which is two weeks ago. It’s warm this time of month, but my husband turns up the air so that I’m freezing cold. It’s a constant battle. The wool blanket has kept me nice and warm. It’s scratchier than my comforter, of course, but not nearly as scratchy as I expect wool to be; and it is much better at keeping cold air from leaking in. I think I’ll move this blanket out to my car eventually, for use as an emergency blanket. I have a few blankets in the trunk, which I’ve pulled out on a number of occasions when we’ve been stuck outside in the cold. This is a nice addition.

This product was provided for review by Shefko.

Oct 02

JustNile Table/Desk Clock ★★★★★

JustNile Table/Desk Clock With Holder – Antique Bronze Bike Roman Numeral

This JustNile Clock is much larger than I expected. The basket in the rear is big enough to hold pencils. It’s taller than my large Kindle Fire, about 10 1/2 inches tall, and about 12 inches from front to rear. I’ve had it sitting on my desk for two weeks. The second hand sweeps smoothly around the face, not that jerky motion, and no tick-tock sound. It keeps good time, not a minute lost nor gained since I’ve set it. I love the style and quality of construction. Very cute!

This product was provided for review by JustNile.