Sep 29

Bravolink Fashion Cosmetic Brush Set with Burgundy Case ★★★★★

Bravolink Fashion Cosmetic Brush Set with Burgundy Case

When I saw this clutch, it was just so pretty. I couldn’t have guessed it was full of makeup brushes. What lovely brushes they are. I have been in need of a good set for some time, which I’ve been putting off because I don’t wear makeup often enough. Just seeing the Bravolink Fashion Cosmetic Brush Set made me want to go throw some on.

The bristles are soft and they don’t fall out. We get all different sizes, but I would like to have one a little bit larger than the largest brush. I had very good control of my powder with these brushes. They’ve made me very happy.

This product was provided for review by Bravolink.

Sep 29

Adir Corp. Customizable Wood Suggestion Box – Mahogany ★★★★★

Adir Corp. Customizable Wood Suggestion Box – Mahogany

The Adir Corp. Wood Suggestion Box is a beautiful suggestion box. The finish is lovely, the construction is solid, no gaps along the door. Inside is a little rough, but who’s going to see that?

The box comes with two keys. It has a hole on top for a pen or pencil and a slot to hold suggestion pads (suggestion pad included). This slot is too deep for #6 envelopes and it’s too narrow for business size envelopes.

It comes with hardware for mounting, or do what I did and install the foot on the bottom to stand it on a counter.

The door of the box holds a flyer that can be inserted à la picture frame style.

I’m planning on placing this in our gold prospector’s meeting hall. They are always asking for suggestions, but it might also be used to hold submitted forms, payments, or other paperwork. Business envelopes will fit inside.

If it’s to hold anything valuable, I wouldn’t put it outside. Wood is just a little too easy to get into for someone who is determined. Just saw through it.

This product was provided for review by Valley Supplies.

Sep 29

Adir Corp. Steel Suggestion/Key Drop Box ★★★★★

Adir Corp. Steel Suggestion/Key Drop Box (Black)

My Adir Corp. Steel Box lives not as a suggestion box, but as a payment box for the boosters in my daughter’s gym. The box comes with mounting hardware, but they elected to sit it on the counter. It comes with two keys, a suggestion pad, and some labels which we did not use.

The box will fit #6 envelopes but not #11 envelopes. The slot in front will hold the envelopes or suggestion pad, but it’s not a good place for pens.  (They fall over.)

We did not mount this outside for fear that someone would take a sledgehammer to it or somehow try to take the payments. However, it’s working out well for payments dropped off in the office.

This product was provided for review by Valley Supplies.

Sep 29

KMASHI® Wooden Portable DIY Charging Station ★★★★☆

KMASHI® Wooden Portable DIY Charging Station Desk — Cable Cord Organizer Box, Cable Management System For Power Strip

For whatever reason, I think Japanese when I see the KMASHI® Wooden Portable DIY Charging Station. Perhaps it’s the simplicity: flowers on the front, cables running through them, devices on top.

The box ships flat, but assembly is easy. The hardest part was figuring out how to place the plastic locks, and that wasn’t all that difficult.

I’d like it more if the plastic locks weren’t visible. It sort of ruins the feeling of Zen. Aside from that, it looks great. The top lifts off so we can manipulate the cables and charger inside (charger not included). The charging cables snake through the front. Cable ties are included, if we want to tame the gnarly mess.

If you only have a set number of cables that are always plugged in, this is a good setup. If you have to constantly plug and unplug your cables from the charger inside, this box is a hindrance.

Make sure your charger or power strip is no larger than 10 ¾” x 4 ½” x 4 ½” or else it won’t fit.

This product was provided for review by Luxtech.

Sep 29

LE Dimmable Adjustable Focus CREE LED Headlamp ★★★★★

LE Dimmable Adjustable Focus CREE LED Headlamp

Coming from a scouting family, we’ve owned headlamps, but nothing as serious as this. Our other headlamps either clipped to a cap or the beam angle was not adjustable. The end result was light that shined nowhere near where we needed it.

The LE Dimmable Adjustable Focus CREE LED Headlamp . . . now there’s a headlamp. It is the most comfortable headlamp of all. The flashlight is heavy duty. It has two brightness levels and a flashing mode. Best of all, the beam angle and focus is adjustable. I can see!

The construction appears solid. I can see it lasting for years. I’m very glad to have this headlamp. It would be worth buying for any outdoorsman.

This product was provided for review by Lighting Ever.

Sep 29

Hallomall Original Inflatable/ Foldable Solar Lantern ★★★★☆

Hallomall™ Original Inflatable/ Foldable Solar Lantern with 3D Effect, Waterproof/ Weatherproof Night Light/ Outdoor Camping Lights , Color-changing 5 Leds Night Lamp with Switch Control/ Remote Control Displaying 9 Modes

I had another similar lantern from Hallomall that I accidentally let pop. It was a favorite lantern of mine, so they sent me this Hallomall™ Original Inflatable/ Foldable Solar Lantern, which comes with a remote control. We have a choice of seven colors, a slow flashing setting, and a strobe setting. If ever we lose the remote, we can still toggle between everything through the button on the lantern.

I just put the lantern outside for one day and it’s been working ever since. It sure saves a lot of solar energy for one charge.

Which one do I like better? I like that other “original,” because it gave out more light. This one has pretty colors, but I would most likely use white for camping. Maybe it’s the prism effect on the walls of the lantern that make it give out more diffuse light.

Still it’s a good lantern. Though less bright, there’s still plenty enough to make my way around in the dark. I pumped it up three weeks ago and it hasn’t needed more air. It hasn’t needed more sun, either. The battery lasts and lasts.

I plan to take it with us on our next camping trip. Any lamp that can hold a charge and use solar energy is a must-have in the rugged outdoors.

This product was provided for review by Hallomall.

Sep 29

Universal Stylus Pen ★★★★★

Universal Stylus Pen for Smartphone & Tablet – Minzos 4-In-1 Turbo Pen – Stylus, Ball Point Pen, Led Light & Presentation Pointer – Works w. Apple iPad Air/2/Mini/iPhone 5/5s/5c/4s, Nexus 5/7, Galaxy Tab 4/3/2, Galaxy S5/S4, HTC One M8/M7 (Silver)

A pen, a stylus, a laser pointer, a flashlight. It all works, and in an elegant package besides.

The Universal Stylus Pen feels like a pen. It writes like a pen, very smooth. Two problems: I don’t see a way to ink refills, and I the cap doesn’t fit on the end. If we’re writing, we have to hold onto the cap or find some other way not to misplace it.

The stylus works equally well on my HTC One M8 and my Kindle Fire HD 8.9” tablet. No skipping, no problems with responsiveness. I don’t have to press extra hard for it to work.

The laser pointer performs as any laser pointer I’ve ever had should, and the flashlight will work in a pinch. It’s only one LED bulb with no reflector. I can make my way in the dark.

The pen really is an all-in-one. Just wish there was a place to hold the cap.

This product was provided for review by Minzos.

Sep 29

Aerb 2014 Newest 4-in-1 Dual Port USB Car Charger ★★★★☆

Aerb 2014 Newest 4-in-1 Dual Port USB Car Charger W Voltmeter Ammeter Thermometer Rapid Charge for Apple iPhone 6 5/5S/5C, iPad, iPad Air/Pro, iPad Mini, iPod, Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3, Tab 3, Note 4/3/2, Google Nexus 7, and More

This Aerb USB Car Charger’s selling point is the LED display and the two charging ports. It not only charges our devices, it also tells us the cabin temperature, the car battery level, and the amperage.

For charging devices, it’s a winner. I’ve used it all over town, all out of town, just about everywhere. Every time the car is on, the car charger is, also – powering my dash cam, charging my devices.

The battery level always measures above 11 volts, and well it should. Otherwise I’d need a jumpstart.

The thermometer only measures in Celsius, not Fahrenheit, so it’s less useful for those in the States. I tested it against a thermometer known to be accurate, and it’s about one degree Celsius higher than it should be.

One of the ports is 2.1 amps and the other is 1 amp, but that’s not marked anywhere. I’m not sure which is which. The amp meter doesn’t help, because it’s not accurate. Sometimes, it reads 0.00 amps when charging a device. Not possible. Alternatively, it may read above 1 amp when charging my phone. The phone never charges above 1 amp, and I checked the amperage with an amp meter connected to the car charger to verify.

So yes, this works. The temperature is not off by much and car battery monitor seems about right. The problems are the amp meter and labeling the ports. Minus one star for those issues. Most of us just plug and charge and that’s all that matters.

This product was provided for review by Aerb.

Sep 29

EZOPower Eye Protection LED Multi-Function Desk Lamp ★★★★★

EZOPower Eye Protection LED Multi-Function Desk Lamp with 4 Lighting Modes (Reading, Studying, Relaxation and Bedtime) and 5 Dimmable Level for Each Mode, 60 mins Auto Timer, 5V/1.5A USB Charging Port – Black

The EZOPower Desk Table Lamp provides ample light for any work area, with an arm that can extend and rotate to where we need it.

There are four modes to choose from. Listed from whitest light to more soothing yellow tones: reading, study, relax, and sleep. Each mode has five brightness settings. Also included is a sleep setting to turn off after one hour and a USB port in case I want to charge my phone. It’s so versatile.

I have been using the lamp daily.  It provides plenty of light at just the right level.  My only qualm is the base, which is glossy and a fingerprint magnet. It folds up while not in use but still takes up more room than I’d like. Most people probably wouldn’t think it’s too big.

This product was provided for review by BlueMall.

Sep 29

PrimeTime Locker by Gladiator GarageWorks ★★★☆☆

PrimeTime Locker by Gladiator GarageWorks,GASL1TAMDG , Texas A and M University

I was worried about how something this size would survive shipping, but it was so well-packed, that was not a problem.

The PrimeTime Locker is beautiful, very tall, taller than me. There’s a shelf inside and a hook to hold clothing. There’s a combination lock, but it doesn’t come installed. It also includes mounting hardware. In earthquake-prone California, I want it stuck to the wall, not falling on my children.

The biggest problem is the complete lack of instructions. I looked everywhere. My husband and son did, also. Assembly is not intuitive. I see four screws but a bunch of holes in the back of the locker. Which holes should I use? There are things I can identify, like the screws and washers, but there are also things that look like spacers and doodads that are labeled “togglers.” What the heck is a toggler and where does it go?

We also have no clue what the combination to the lock is, whether it can be set by us or how to do that. I tried to find a manual online. The company has the product on its own website but no manual to go with it. I’m stuck until I can get ahold of them. For now, the locker lies in our foyer. So very sad.