Sep 21

Xperitus BOS-26U Hi-Speed Quality Micro USB To USB Cable ★★★★★

Xperitus BOS-26U Hi-Speed Quality Micro USB To USB Cable (Pack of 5) 3.3 Feet Braided Tangle Free [Type-B] Compatible with Samsung Mobile Phones Galaxy S4, Google Nexus 5, Nokia Lumia 1020, Galaxy S3, Moto G, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Asus Google Nexus 7 7-inch, Sony Xperia, HTC One And More (Green, White, Black, Red, Blue) [Micro USB Cable]

It’s hard to imagine being excited over micro USB cords, but I am. A whole set in five different colors. In that tangled mess at my charging station, I know which cord belongs to what device.

Braided cords are attractive. They don’t tangle and they are more durable. Xperitus cables manage to not be too thick, so I can roll them up and carry them with me. When I look in my drawer full of cables, guess what I pick? They work just fine, exactly as expected. I love them.

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Sep 21

Neat Oh Everyday Princess Sophie Doll ★★★★☆

Neat Oh Everyday Princess Sophie Doll and Bean Bag Chair

If you think Princess Sophie is a girl doll, think again. She’s a teen. My daughter took her out to change her clothes (we get one change of clothing in the box) and said, “She has boobs, Mom . . . sadly.” She’s supposed to be a girl, at least my daughter thought so.

The tiny garden tools are cute but easily lost. The room scene is just the cardboard background that comes in the box. What I disliked is her hair, which was chopped at the ends. There was no effort to make it evenly across. I’m talking at least an inch between the longest and shortest strands. I’ve never seen doll hair so sloppily cut. If I hadn’t spotted it with my own eyes, I might have scolded my daughter for taking scissors to the doll’s hair.

My little one likes the doll, though. It sits in the beanbag chair, very cute. She says it’s four stars. If she’d given five, I’d have helped her deduct a star for the sloppy haircut and boobs.

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Sep 21

Nerf N-Strike Elite Dart Refill Pack ★★★★★

Nerf N-Strike Elite Dart Refill Pack (75 Darts)

I bought these Nerf N-Strike Elite Dart Refill Pack to go along with my son’s new Nerf Elite 2-in-1 Demolisher. He only had ten, and he really did need more than ten. 75 is more like it — only now, there are darts all over the house. It turns out the cat likes it as much as the kids. Whenever they cock that gun, she comes running, which prompts them to shoot the gun. It’s an endless cycle.

The original darts in the gun would jam. I learned not to store the darts in the clip. That warps them somehow. These darts have not been improperly stored. No, they’re not stored at all. They cover the floor, evidence that they work great. No jamming.

Sep 21

Microsoft LifeCam VX-5500 ★★★★★

This review was originally posted December 20, 2008.

Microsoft LifeCam VX-5500 (White)

I own a Lifecam VX-3000. When the LifeCam VX-5500 came out, I jumped at the chance to compare.


The directions clearly state to install the software first before connecting the USB cable. I promptly put the disc in, it began installing and then an error message telling me I need to be connected to the internet for installation. No problem. Anyone buying a webcam must surely have an internet connection. I connect to the internet and begin installation. I wait, and wait, and wait. It’s installing. I wait. 10 minutes pass by. I decide something must be wrong. I discontinue installation. I check my operating system: Windows XP with service pack 3. That should be okay. Maybe it’s the previous installation of LifeCam 1.4. Lifecam 2.0 must conflict. I try uninstalling 1.4 but it doesn’t show up in that computer’s menu of programs to uninstall. I plug in the webcam and it works with Skype. That’s pretty much all my son uses it for, so it’s fine.

My other computer did the same thing upon installation. I was able to uninstall LifeCam 1.4 on that one but still no go for LifeCam 2.0. I call tech support. The guy says give it half an hour. I couldn’t believe my ears. I had too keep asking him, “Really???” Yep. He told me to go to the website, it will be better. That was much better. Anyone need help installing this software go to the website and download from there. It didn’t take half an hour, just a few minutes like it should have.

Troubles installing aside, LifeCam 2.0 does not disappoint. It lets you record and send photos, audio and video at the touch of a button. I had fun playing around with the special effects. You can distort your image or add animals and scenery or dress yourself up. They made for some fun videos and photos.


The video is crisp and clear. There is no problem with video. In bright conditions, it’s great. In low light conditions, it’s still good. There isn’t the extreme graininess I sometimes see in webcams.


When compared to the VX-3000, VX-5500 audio shines. The VX-3000 audio was so poor, I added a microphone even though it came with one built in. The VX-5500 has one built in, too; but this one I can use! It’s crisp and clear, no static and no need for any other microphone.


The faceplates are cute, but I prefer the look of the VX-3000 myself. Square isn’t my thing and I’m not into all changing colors, although my son liked choosing. Changing the faceplates is easy enough, just snap on and off, no screwdrivers needed.

The fold-up design does help with portability. If you need one to carry around, this one folds flat, unlike VX-3000.

+software is fun and easy to use
+video is crisp and clean
+audio is clear, no static
+faceplates for those who like to change colors
+folds up for portability

-impossible to install software from disc.
-square just isn’t as pretty as round


Overall a great buy. This webcam shines in every aspect but software installation from disc. You won’t be disappointed.

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Sep 21

UltraShip 55 lb. Digital Postal Shipping & Kitchen Scale ★★★★★

This review was originally posted December 21, 2008.

UltraShip 55 lb. Digital Postal Shipping & Kitchen Scale

I bought the UltraShip Scale to use for buying postage and mailing small packages from home. So far, I haven’t had any problems.


Assembly was easy, just put the top of the scale on. The unit comes with a mail tube holder and letter/envelope holder, though I don’t use either. They just sit on top of the unit to keep things from rolling or sliding off. This can be useful, I just haven’t had the need.


Push the button to turn it on and then weigh the object. It’s that easy! It can weigh in grams, pounds, kilograms, pounds and ounces or just ounces. To change the unit of measure, press the button on the side of the unit.

There is a hold button to keep a reading when I remove the object from the scale. I haven’t found any reason to use that feature, but I suppose some people might find it useful.

The scale turns off after awhile, which can save batteries, though I use a power adapter.


This feature is useful if one is weighing a large box which obscures the display. To detach the display, the scale must be turned over and two hands must be used. It’s a clumsy procedure, so not something anyone would want to go back and forth on. Either the display stays on or off. Going back and forth is too time-consuming.


I have found that this unit is as accurate as I need it to be for Paypal postage. Haven’t had any problems as of yet.

+easy to use
+hold feature
+includes tube holder and letter/envelope holder
+detachable display
+automatic shutoff feature
+runs on batteries or with power adapter (sold separately)

-detaching display is a clumsy, awkward procedure


This scale works well, is easy to use, is accurate and can weigh objects up to 55 lbs. It is perfect for a small business.

Sep 19

Juno Power JUNOJUMPR ★★★★★

Juno Power JUNOJUMPR (BLACK) – Pocket-Size Car Battery Jump Starter and Portable Charger for Smartphones, Tablets, Cars and Motorcycles; 6,000mAh with Single 5V/2A and LED Flashlight; Car Battery Charger and also Portable Battery Charger for iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S; Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5; Motorola Moto X; HTC One; Nexus 4; and More

Our family has a hobby. We like to hunt for gold. One way to do that in the desert is to use a machine called a dry washer. Ours is electric. It runs off a ride-on lawnmower battery (smaller version of a car battery), which is heavy and takes up room.

Enter the JUNOJUMPR. On our last trip, I took out the JUNOJUMPR and hooked up the battery clamps to the clamps on the dry washer. Voila. It worked! I thought 6000 mAh would not last for more than a few minutes, but we ran it for a whole hour before giving out. I was so impressed. It’s much easier to port a JUNOJUMPR than it is to carry a lawnmower battery. It may not last as long, but it’s so much smaller (the size of a smartphone) and lightweight.

The JUNOJUMPR comes with one flashlight LED bulb and one USB port. I used that to charge my HTC One M8. 88%, I was a little disappointed. I tried again, this time on my iPhone 4S. It gave a full charge, this time with 3 out of 4 power indicator lights showing. Now that’s more like it.

This is a great battery to have when a 12 volt battery is required. Instructions say it’s not for V8 vehicles or engines over 3.5 liters. It works with 1.5 – 2.5 liter and some 3.5 liter engines. I’ve not jump started my car, but my Honda Odyssey is 3.5 liter and a V6. I hope that qualifies under “some 3.5 liter.”

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Sep 19

Dragonwing girlgear Girl’s Chill Weight Workout Capri ★★★★★

Dragonwing girlgear Girl’s Chill Weight Workout Capri, Medium (12), Black with Azure Blue

Okay, so it’s way too hot to figure out if Dragonwing girlgear Workout Capri will keep anyone warm. My ten year-old wore them anyway to gymnastics over her leotard. She’s normally a size 10/12, and the 12 capris were a little baggy on her middle, but they didn’t fall.

She likes them. It looks like she’ll be able to like them for a whole nother year or two. They are well-constructed at the seams and have a lot of give. Very comfortable.

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Sep 19

Water Splashers Water Bombs ★★★★☆

500ct Water Splashers Water Bombs Team Tubes Balloons -Biodegradable

My daughter complains that these Water Splashers Water Bombs are too good. They don’t pop when filled. They don’t pop when thrown, either. They bounced off her and only broke when they fell to the ground. She said she didn’t get all that wet. I noticed her friend got wet, so they must have broken on some kids.

500 balloons is a lot. My son has had this tube of balloons forever. My kids and their friends filled up a few buckets full of water balloons. The tube has been used before, and it’s still full of balloons. They must have been compressed in there and they are expanding as the tube empties. It sure gives the illusion of a never ending supply. Nice.

For not breaking on her, my daughter rates the water balloons four stars. She still had fun.

Sep 19

BISSELL OXYgen BOOST Portable Machine Formula ★☆☆☆☆

This review was originally posted December 23, 2008.

BISSELL OXYgen BOOST Portable Machine Formula, 0801A

I hate to burst everyone’s bubble. I’ve used BISSELL OXYgen BOOST with my Spotbot, because it came with it. I’ve used it in my Hoover Steamvac. I’ve used both the Spotbot and Steamvac without it. I have two kids and a dog that pees everywhere and I see no difference.

Spotbot is an excellent spot cleaner and it works perfectly well without OXYgen. I get all sorts of spots out with it and no need for OXYgen. Perhaps that’s why everyone is getting such marvelous results. It’s the Spotbot with regular detergent, not the OXYgen.

One big drawback to using OxyGen is the Spotbot manual instructs us to discard the unused solution if it contains OXYgen, meaning I can’t leave it in my Spotbot. I don’t have to do that with plain regular detergent. Since I must mix the OxyGen with water and detergent, I have to discard the detergent and OXYgen, which feels like a waste.

Personally, I don’t think this product does any harm. It just doesn’t do much good. Spend the extra money elsewhere.

Sep 19

Hangman ★★★★★

This review was originally posted December 24, 2008.


Funny that my 7 year-old doesn’t play this much with pencil and paper, but he loves Hangman in this format. I like it, too, and it is our most frequently played game at home.


I am not sure about the other reviews, but our tiles are not see-through. The cases and tiles are well-made and I expect will last a long time.


As in classic hangman, we choose a word. The other player guesses the letters and tries to figure out the word. For every missed guess, a part of the man is drawn. In this game, there is a dial to turn to build the man. Unlike the pencil and paper version, since there are two boards and the people are built in exactly the same order and body parts, two people play against each other. First person to build the man loses.


A great buy and fun way to play with the kids.