Feb 24

Real Home Cinema 2.4 inch Portable Mini Projector ★★★★☆

Real Home Cinema 2.4 inch Portable Mini Projector 16:9 4:3 50,000 hours of HDMI USB SD VGA AV TV, Pocket Size, 1000:1 Contrast with Max 1920*1080 Native 480*320 Resolution 60 Lumen Multimedia LED Projector Support Charged by Vehicle Power (Pink)

I don’t think there’s a source this Mini Projector can’t handle. It takes everything from SD card, to TV input, HDMI, VGA, USB, and AV. The makers even included an AV cable.

If we load photos onto the source, the projector will play them as a slide show, or we can scroll through them manually.

I use mp4 files. For whatever reason, the mp4 files my camcorder records won’t work in this projector. The videos I create with them (also mp4) will play on this projector. I’m not sure what it is about my camcorder that the projector doesn’t like.

Dark rooms are best for viewing, of course. That gives me a good, clear image. It doesn’t need to be complete darkness. I can see images well enough at night with the room lights on. Don’t make it too bright, though. During the day, I can’t see the videos at all, even with all my windows shuttered and the room lights off.

Aesthetically, its curves and color are appealing. The projector needs a little more weight to make it feel solid, but less weight means more portability.

This product was provided for review by DBPower.

Feb 24

Magictodoor Travel Kit Organizer ★★★★★

Magictodoor Travel Kit Organizer Bathroom Storage Hanging Cosmetic Bag Toiletry Bag Yf8800 (Green)

The Magictodoor Travel Kit had me fooled. It only looks little. It holds a ton – full size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste. It has pockets everywhere, a place for everything. I’ve never been so organized.

I took this bag on two trips, stuffed with supplies for the entire family. That plastic hook didn’t look like it would hold the bag up, but it does. It’s the only thing I worry will eventually fail. Everything else feels like quality.

This product was provided for review by Magictodoor.

Feb 24

First Aid Premium Kit ★★★★★

First Aid Premium Kit for Car & Home by Raverra – 268 Pcs Including Emergency Hammer, CPR Mask, Blanket, Metal Scissors & Ice Compress

I own a lot of first aid kits, and the First Aid Premium Kit by Raverra is the best organized. All other ones open up to a jumbled mess of bandages and gauze. Here, we get compartments and pockets packed with the standard supplies we’d expect and then some.

It goes beyond the usual. How many first aid kits do you know come with a tool for smashing windshields and cutting seatbelts? Make sure to take that out and put it in the passenger compartment of your car. I did.

We also get a protector for doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation so we don’t have to risk our lives on a stranger (honest to God, I knew a guy once who caught AIDs doing that on a bloody victim).

There are scissors, an ice pack, tweezers, a thermal blanket, alcohol pads, benzocaine pads, safety pins, tape, gloves, and face mask, and of course, bandages and gauze. What’s missing? Maybe some pain pills, and antibiotic ointment. There’s room enough to stuff in anything extra you can think of.

This product was provided for review by Raverra Car Essentials.

Feb 24

Bestjoy Kitchen Oven Mitt ★★★★☆

Bestjoy Kitchen Oven Mitt, Flame Retardant Mitts, Heat Resistant to 400 °F, 1-pack Dark Gray

I only received one Bestjoy Kitchen Oven Mitt, but that allowed me to compare the Bestjoy oven mitt with my lined silicone oven mitt. Bestjoy covers my arms up to the middle of my forearm, about an inch longer than my other mitts and a bit roomier inside. I can grab things out of a 400 °F oven, but the heat comes through if I hang on to them for more than the few seconds it takes to take out a pan and place it on the counter. My silicone mitt protects better against heat, but these are more comfortable and pliant.

This product was provided for review by Maxsporting.

Feb 24

iKross 61-inch Professional Light Weight Ultra Portable Tripod ★★★★☆

iKross 61-inch Professional Light Weight Ultra Portable Tripod with Adapters and Carrying Bag for Digital DSLR Camera, Camcorder, GoPro HERO, iPhone, Smartphone and more

I love the iKross Tripod, much better than an el cheapo version I own. This one has locking levers on the legs and leg braces. It’s lightweight and comes with a bag, so it’s perfect for travel, but I don’t travel with mine. I’ve been using it for making videos.

Yes, videos with a camcorder. It will hold any standard camera or camcorder. It also comes with a GoPro adapter, suitable for most action cams, and smartphones.

About the smartphone adapter. Yes, it will work. I tried it with my HTC One M8, and iPhone 4S. However, I’ve owned a lot of smartphone mounts for tripods and the one that comes with this set is one of my least favorites. Why? Imagine the tripod set up for a normal camera. Now, mount the smartphone mount. Place the phone in the mount. The phone is now facing straight towards the sky. To aim it towards a person standing on the ground in front of you, the head down towards the floor. How many other smartphone mounts have I ever seen like that? None. If I’m using my smartphone’s back camera, the mount obstructs the screen. I guess I could flip the phone around, but we all know the front camera is always lower in quality. Minus one star for the smartphone mount.

Otherwise, this tripod is sturdy and easy to adjust. It lacks a bubble leveler, but compensates with a quick release feature which I consider essential.

This product was provided for review by Blue Bargain.

Feb 24

Ratchet Pruning Shears ★★★☆☆

Ratchet Pruning Shears – Garden Hand Tool Cutters + Retractable Blade Sharpener / Lightweight Rugged Aluminum Body / Non Slip Soft Jacket / High Carbon Steel Blade Clippers (Scissors, Secateurs) – Best for Plants, Bushes, Roses, Hedge, Grass, Tree Trimmer – by Survival Gorilla (SG-PRN-1001)

My potato trees needed serious pruning. I spent two days on them with these Ratchet Pruning Shears. For living branches, it does just fine. Small, dead branches were another matter. They may have only been ¼” thick, but they were difficult to get through. I never felt the ratcheting system kick in.

Fortunately, I didn’t have a lot of dead branches to get through. The living ones (up to ½”) were a breeze.

This product was provided for review by Survival Gorilla.

Feb 24

JOYDIVISION VINTAGE Women’s Cowhide Leather Purse ★★★☆☆

JOYDIVISION VINTAGE Women’s Cowhide Leather Purse Handmade Saddle Flapover Shoulder Bag Color Beige

What a beautiful handbag – all leather, nice color, just the right size. A magnetic button hides behind the faux buckle closure for easy access. The JOYDIVISION VINTAGE Purse has one compartment, with a tight sleeve pocket inside to fit papers we don’t want bent. I like the look.

The problem is durability. The purse lasted one week before the strap started coming apart from the bag.

The company sent a replacement as beautiful as the first. It lasted nearly three weeks before the same problem occurred. The weakness is at the point where the strap attaches to the bag. It needs more adhesive or stronger stitching or both.

This product was provided for review by JoyDivision.

Feb 24

Putee® Silicone Macaron Shape Coin Purse ★★★★☆

Putee® Silicone Macaron Shape Coin Purse Waterproof Change Purse Pouch Wallet with Zipper (Blue)

What a cute little silicone coin purse. Any little girl would adore it, but I use the Putee® Coin Purse myself. It’s not just for coins, mind you. Use it to store earphones, jewelry, or any small items you don’t want to lose. For change, I can only fill it half way full. If they would place the zipper more to one side instead of straight down the middle, I’d be able to fill it completely.

This product was provided for review by Putee.

Feb 24

100 8″ Premium Glow Stick Party Pack ★★★★★

100 8″ Premium Glow Stick Party Pack: Create 10 Glasses, 6 Flowers or 3 Balls, 6 Tri Bracelets and up to 50 Bracelets and Necklaces! Mixed Colors

When my daughter had a sleepover, I knew exactly what it needed: glow sticks! I brought out both the Glow Stick Party Pack and Glow Stick Bracelets and let the girls go to town . . . and did they ever. It was the perfect combination. The party pack with all the different connectors and the bracelet pack let them grow their creations. I saw giant balls, flowers, and things I didn’t recognize.

The girls lit up every single glow stick. That was 60 hours ago. The sticks are still glowing.

This product was provided for review by USA Toyz.

Feb 24

100 8″ Premium Glow Stick Bracelets ★★★★★

100 8″ Premium Glow Stick Bracelets Mixed Colors (Tube of 100)

This Premium Glow Stick pack doesn’t just make bracelets, you can also make necklaces, or leave them straight and use them as wands, or do what we did and combine them with the Premium Glow Stick Party Pack to expand the possibilities. My daughter used them both at her sleepover and they were a huge hit. That was 60 hours ago, and the glow sticks are still glowing.

I recommend combining the kits. Add bracelets to the party pack to double the fun without doubling the price.

This product was provided for review by USA Toyz.