Jan 29

iLepo® Andriod Smart Watch ★★★★★

iLepo® Andriod Smart Watch Phone Support Game Play Store Apps Download 4G ROM Bluetooth GPS Wi-Fi+G-Sensor+Touch Screen and Tf-card Compass Camera Call Messaging Clock Music Player Email Support Wireless Input Devices

My last smart watch impressed me so much, I didn’t think it could get better, but it has. Here’s a smart watch that doesn’t rely on a Bluetooth connection to a phone for anything. It is a smart phone in its own right, with all the functionality of a smart phone shrunken to the size of a large watch.


The iLepo® Andriod Smart Watch uses micro SIM and micro SD cards. To insert either, teeny tiny screws must be removed. A tiny screwdriver and one teeny tiny screw are included. Good luck if you drop the screws. They will be nearly impossible to find. Why the need for screws, I’m not even sure. My other smart watches do not have that inconvenience.

Charging requires a proprietary charging dock which I dislike because it’s one more thing to lose. Some other smart watches only require a micro USB cable.


Even if I don’t install a micro SD card, there is about 1 GB of storage space onboard. Before I even knew I could install a micro SD card, I installed two apps (McAfee and Songza). There was plenty of room.


Native apps include YouTube, camera, browser, news, texting, and more. If you don’t see what you like, download your own apps from Google Play like I did.


Making calls manually is a chore, because the keyboard keys are very tiny. Fortunately, I get the numbers right 60% of the time. The calls themselves come in clear. No one ever has trouble hearing anyone.


Yes, there’s a camera. It’s on the side of the watch face, so I need to aim at my subject like I’m a super hero. It takes photos and video which we can view and edit in the gallery. I’m impressed with the images I took.


Not only does it have Wi-Fi capability, it also boasts Bluetooth. Why Bluetooth? So we can pair it with a whole slew of devices. When we use a speaker, the music sounds superb.

I tried to pair the watch with a keyboard, since typing with fat fingers is so difficult. The keyboard paired, it did not input. Maybe that’s the fault of the keyboard, since I didn’t experience any problems with my Bluetooth earphones and speaker.


I watched YouTube videos, which stream smoothly. I also shopped on Amazon. The only problem with surfing the internet is trying to type in a search term or web address. I’m getting good at it, but those with fat fingers will be frustrated.


This watch is terrific. If they could make it a little thinner, that would be great. I might say I’d like a smaller, more feminine watch face, but it’s hard enough to see and type as it is.

My biggest complaint is the watch band, which has that tacky rubber feel. I find it hard to slip on because the band grips onto itself and the end doesn’t want to slide into the two straps that hold the band end down.

– full smart phone functionality
– phone calls are clear
– uses micro SIM card
– micro SD card slot
– Wi-Fi
– Bluetooth
– includes Google Play for downloading apps
– camera
– all the standard apps pre-installed
– screwdriver and extra screw included

– must unscrew tiny screws to install micro SD or micro SIM cards
– requires proprietary charging dock
– keyboard keys are tiny, difficult to type
– keyboard often obscures the screen
– watch band takes a little work to get on
– large for a watch (though not large for a smart watch)
– my Bluetooth keyboard doesn’t work with this watch

This product was provided for review by Shenzhen Gaoxin Electronics Digital.

Jan 29

Metamucil Biotic Probiotic Supplement ★★★★☆

Metamucil Biotic Probiotic Supplement with Bio-Active 12

I rarely take probiotics, especially when I feel just fine. So many people go on them when they’re perfectly healthy that I decided to see what I was missing. How am I feeling now? Well, at least I’m not feeling sick. No side effects have popped up. Everything is still running fine.

Metamucil Biotic Probiotic capsules are all individually sealed and shouldn’t be opened before they are taken. No punching them out so you can put them in a 7-day pill dispenser, for instance.

The capsules are small and easy to swallow. They start dissolving almost as soon as they touch my tongue. I had it there for a second as I was fetching the water and contents started leaching out in seconds.

Not sure if I’ll keep taking these. Maybe I’ll save them for when I’m ill.

This product was provided for review by the Amazon Vine program.

Jan 29

Hi-Eshop Nameblue In-Ear Bluetooth 4.0 Earphones ★★★★★

Hi-Eshop Nameblue In-Ear Bluetooth 4.0 Mini Lightweight Wireless Stereo Earphones for Sport, Gym, Running, Exercises, Game, Driving and Walking, with Built-In Mic / Playback & Volume Controls / Hands Free Calling/ Music A2DP, Music/Video Streaming and Mic Noise Cancellation Control for iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 plus, iPhone 4/4s, iPad 4, 3, 2, iPad Air, iPod, Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Galaxy note 3, LG Optimus, Nokia Lumia, HTC One, Sony Xperia and other Android Cell Phones

It’s not the most wonderful fit in the world, but the Hi-Eshop Nameblue Earphones don’t fall out. They’re fine for music, but not the best. What makes these earphones stand out is how they function for phone calls. Amazing.

I spent the evening on the phone with a call center using these Bluetooth earphones. Not once did the guy ask me to repeat myself. In the world of Bluetooth earphones, that is a rarity. I called my husband on them yesterday. The call came in crystal clear. When I asked him how it was on his end, he said yes, it’s very clear.

If you need earphones for phone calls, I highly recommend Nameblue Earphones.

This product was provided for review by Vcall.

Jan 29

Extendable Monopod ★★★★★

Extendable Monopod [Okeyn Series] Selfie Handheld Stick Pole with Smartphone Adjustable Tripod Mount Holder Adapter

Anyone who’s seen me at my children’s events knows I love monopods. They are the best thing for getting snapshots and photos over those other parents’ heads. I’ve used a variety and I’ve seen them all. The Okeyn Monopod is well-built, sturdy and large. I can’t fit it in my purse like some other monopods (15 ¾” collapsed without phone mount). On the other hand, it extends a great distance (47 ½” without phone mount), it will hold a heavy camera, and it doesn’t look like something that will break any time soon.

I like the locking clips that keep the monopod extended. I prefer the wire clamp phone mount this monopod comes with as opposed to the ones that hug half the outer rim of HTC One M8. The rubber on the upper part of the clamp surrounds the metal bar, which means it won’t fall off. Trust me, that has been a problem with other mounts. You’ll need that rubber to stay on if you don’t want your phone to fall out.

The mount will fit small and medium phones. Phablets need not apply, but large mounts are available separately if you desire. Phones and camcorders, anything that will fit on a standard tripod will also work.

This product was provided for review by OkeynDirect.

Jan 29

BESTEK® 8-Outlet + 5.2A 4-Port USB Power Strip ★★★★★

BESTEK® 8-Outlet + 5.2A 4-Port USB Home/Office Power Strip USB Charger with 5.9ft Extension Cord (US Standard 3-Prong Plug)

Up until now, I’ve had a power strip sitting next to my bed with USB wall chargers plugged in like fat wall warts. They looked messy, got in the way, and kept falling out. A power strip with built in USB ports was what I needed.

The BESTEK® Power Strip has plenty of outlets for my lamp and clock and other devices. It also boasts four USB ports, enough to charge my tablets and phones as I sleep.

I’ve been using this power strip for about two weeks and it hasn’t given me any trouble. I especially like the way the makers provided extra room around two of the outlets for AC adapters. In the grand scheme of things, if they had squeezed all the outlets together like everyone else and let us skip outlets to make our own room, that would have worked; but it mentally hurts to block outlets. Don’t ask me why. Not allowing me the option of blocking an outlet, that seems to quiet my inner voices.  They tell me it’s okay, there’s room.

This product was provided for review by Bestek Global.

Jan 29

Link Laces No-Tie Shoelaces ★★★★☆

Link Laces No-Tie Shoelaces – New Swirl Design, Easy Lock and Quick Fastening System

I’ve seen no-tie shoelaces around, but I’ve never tried any. Link Laces lace onto any shoe. Pull the shoelaces until snug, place the locking clip, cut off the excess ends, and cap with the end cap. After that, shoes slip on and off.

Honestly, I slip my shoes on and off regardless of whether I have elastic shoelaces on or not, but with these shoelaces, my shoes fit less loosely. They also take a little more work to get on, because I have the laces set tighter. The only thing I had to get used to was the end cap bumping my shoes as I walk around. I noticed it a lot at first, not so much anymore.

This product was provided for review by Link Laces.

Jan 29

Dylan™ Marathon2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones ★☆☆☆☆

Dylan™ Marathon2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Sweat-Proof Headphones/Headsets with Clear Voice Capture Technology and Echo Cancellation Microphone for Running Compatible with iPhone 6 6Plus/5S/5C/5/4S, Galaxy Note 3/2/S5/S4 and Google, Blackberry, LG , Other Smartphones (Black)

The minute I put on the Dylan™ Marathon2 Headphones, I knew there was a problem. Did it pair easily? Yes. Did I hear music? Yes. Was it comfortable? For the short time I wore it, yes. What’s wrong? My music kept cutting in and out. I turned off the headphones and tried listening to see if it was my phone. Nope. Poor Bluetooth connection. I put it down to try again later. Same problem. I’ve used a lot of Bluetooth headphones. I’ve never had a problem this bad. They are unusable.

This product was provided for review by Dylan.

Jan 27

Fascinations Metal Earth Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Model ★★★★★

Fascinations Metal Earth Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Model

I saw these Star Wars Metal Earth models in the hobby shop and just had to have one. The Millennium Falcon Model comes with two sheets of laser cut metal we have to punch out and assemble. No adhesive necessary. There are little tabs that we insert and bend to keep everything together.

I recommend you have needle nose pliers handy. Tweezers help but aren’t completely necessary. I used the wrong end of the tweezers sometimes to bend the tabs, because my fingernails were suffering.

The instructions are all graphic but easy to follow. I put it together all in one evening and the result impressed me. It doesn’t look like something I put together with my own two hands, especially since it’s so tiny, only about 3 inches long.

Tiny is the key word. If you have access to one of those standing magnifying lenses, that would be very useful. It’s like threading a needle at hundred times. If you don’t have good vision and steady hands, stay away.

As for age recommendation, all the Metal Earth models are marked for age 14 and up. My daughter just put the Leaning Tower of Pisa together by herself. She’s ten.

Jan 27

BYB E419 Professional Architect LED Desk Lamp ★★★★★

BYB E419 Professional Architect Swing / Adjustable Arm, 3 Levels Brightness Dimming Touch Control, Giant Eye-care 12-watt LED Desk Lamp / Swing Arm Table Lamp with Metal Clamp and Interchangeable Base, 5000K Natural White

Wow. This thing is tall. The BYB Desk Lamp reaches up to 3 feet, and adjusts in any direction or height. There’s a clamp included to mount on a desk, but I prefer the heavy base.

We can choose from three levels of brightness.

I like it. My husband apparently does, also, because he took this from me and put it next to his bed as a reading light.

This product was provided for review by BYBlight.

Jan 27

Kingtop Wooden Pattern Speaker ★★★★☆

Kingtop Wooden Pattern Speaker Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Hands Free Call Voice Prompt Support – Compatible with iPhone 6 Plus, All Galaxy Tablets & iPad Air, Mini & Laptops

Let’s start with what I like. I like the wood grain pattern on the plastic housing, more earthy than the electronic glossy black of other speakers.

The Kingtop Speaker pairs quickly and reconnects automatically. The sound is good enough to satisfy the casual listener. I like that.

What I don’t like: The buttons have multiple functions. I can skip tracks or change volume with the same button, but I often do one when I want the other. Add to that, they’re reversed. The right button usually increases volume, but it decreases it and vice versa. With time, I can get used to it, but it bothers me for now. Minus one star.

This product was provided for review by Kingtop.