Aug 18

USB Car Charger ★★★★☆

USB Car Charger with Lifetime Warranty – Portable for Travel – Rapid charging Triple USB Ports for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 4, 4S, iPad 4, 3, 2, iPad Air 4, 3, 2, iPad Mini 1, 2 Retina, iPad touch, iPod Nano (Lightning Cable/Adapter Not Included) 5.1A Battery Power Supply for All Apple Smartphones/Tablets and Android Devices – LG Optimus G3, G2, Flex, G2 Mini, G Pro 2, G Pad – Google Nexus 5, 4, 7, 8, FHD 2 – Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S2, Note 4, 3, 2, Tab S 4, 3, 2, 7.0, 8.0, 10.1, – All New HTC One, M8, M7, M4, Mini 2 (White+Red)

I’ve been using this USB car charger to power my dash cam and also charge my phones and power banks. It works beautifully. I like the compact size and the three USB ports.

The ports are a tight squeeze, for sure. If you have a large USB plug, it may turn this three-outlet charger into a two-outlet charger. Other than that, it’s a great charger. It’s small and it works, and I like it.

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Aug 18

Lomui® 4400mAh Portable Charger ★★★★☆

Lomui® 4400mAh Portable Charger Backup External Battery Power Pack for iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, iPad Mini Retina, iPod (Apple Adapters Not Included), Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S2, Note 3, Note 2 and Most Other Android Smart Phones, Gopro Cameras, PS Vita and More Other Devices (Green)

Lomui power banks are all about fashion. This model reminds me of compact makeup. Just twist the top to expose the ports. We only get one USB port, but that’s about right for 4400 mAh. It’s enough to give my HTC One M8 a 92% charge.

My only qualm is the pretty, shiny exterior, which attracts fingerprints and is more prone to scratches. I have to be a little more gentle with it to keep it looking nice. I would like to see this power bank with a matte finish. Oh, and I see no LED flashlight.

This product was provided for review by Lomui.

Aug 18

D-Link Wi-Fi Day/Night Baby Camera with Remote Monitoring ★★☆☆☆

D-Link Wi-Fi Day/Night Baby Camera with Remote Monitoring (DCS-820L)

Like a lot of people who use baby monitors, my babies are grown. What I want is a security camera. Why not get a security camera, then? Been there, done that.

Those security cameras are a pain in the rear. I had one that was an eight camera set. Holy cow. It took forever and a day to just get the internet part working and when I switched providers, I couldn’t get it to work ever again. I gave up and moved on to Nexia.

Nexia was easier to set up, but it still took work. Every now and then, it would go down and I needed to go through the whole routine of setting it up again.

I needed something simple, so simple that any mom suffering from lack of sleep and time can do it: a remote baby monitor. What a wonderful invention. The D-Link Baby Camera even has two-way communication so when the thieves come, I can yell at them.

Not so quick. Almost everything works exactly as described. I can monitor using the local Wi-Fi network. It has sound and motion triggers. I get emails (sporadically) when there is a trigger. All the events are recorded on my micro SD card, though, and the images are crystal clear.

What doesn’t work at all is the remote monitoring. Before anyone asks, yes, I did update firmware. I have tried and tried through my app, and it’s a no go. Technical support deserves a ding. I sent two messages with no replies to my situation.

As things stand, I use the phone app on the local network to position the camera and watch replays of the different events. I wish I could view it remotely. That would make it over-the-top amazing.

Minus two stars for no remote camera viewing. Minus one star for unresponsive technical support.

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Aug 18

Sahale Snacks Glazed Nuts Almonds with Cranberries ★★★★★

Sahale Snacks Glazed Nuts Almonds with Cranberries, Honey + Sea Salt

What a perfect combination of salty, crunchy, fruity, nutty, and sweet. I bought Sahale Snacks to make salads for my in-laws, but we used it for my immediate family ever after. It’s so good, I can munch on it as a snack. I think I put more toppings on my salad than there are leaves. As a waiter might say, “Would you like lettuce with that?”

For anyone who likes cranberries and nuts, go for it. It’s delicious!

Aug 18

Chicken Cheeks ★★★★☆

This review was originally posted January 18, 2009.

Chicken Cheeks

by Michael Ian Black

I read Chicken Cheeks to my 7 year-old who thought it was good enough to share with his 5 year-old friend who thought it was hilarious. I’d say he showed the most enthusiasm. My 4 year-old wanted to keep the book, because she thought I was giving it to her brother.

I don’t get the book (it’s basically the view of the rear ends of the animals as they stack themselves up a tree) but the kids seem to like it. Definitely not one of those kids books adults can share and enjoy. Just a kids book for kids who are obsessed with the rear end. Like mine, whose favorite song for a long time was “I’ve Got a Butt.”

Aug 18

The Pearl Diver ★★★★★

This review was originally posted January 19, 2009.

The Pearl Diver

by Jeff Talarigo

The Pearl Diver is a story of Miss Fuji, a Japanese pearl diver who finds herself suffering from leprosy, scorned by everyone, and isolated at a sanitarium.

The author was skillful in narrating the story, forcing the reader to bear the feelings of numbness and isolation. At times, I wanted to put the book down and stop, because I could bear it no longer. The reader will occasionally chance to revel with the characters in the little glimmers of hope and joy. I am glad I finished, because the ending reveals something very special.

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Aug 16

OxyLED T-03 Motion Sensing LED Wall Light ★★★★☆

OxyLED T-03 Wireless Motion Sensing LED Wall Light

The OxyLED T-03 LED Wall Light is nice and bright for the computer nook I placed it in. I just want a light that turns on when my hand reaches inside to work on the back of my computer. It’s dark back there.

We have a choice of screws or adhesive for mounting. The adhesive pads I used failed, but I admit I did not clear the surface of dust before mounting. No, the problem I see is the adhesive or screws attach to the battery cover on the back. So, I need to remember which way to slide my light to remove the cover because the cover is stuck to the wall. Wouldn’t it be easier to place a mount on the wall that the light attaches to? I just don’t like the battery cover attached to the wall.

The light itself works great. It turns on reliably and I can see everything I need to see.

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Aug 16

Kootek® Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Release ★★★★★

Kootek® Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Release for iPhone 5S 5C 5 4S 4, iPad Air Mini, Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3 Note Tab, Google Nexus, HTC, Sony and other iOS Android Phones (Black)

I’ve had so many Bluetooth shutter remotes recently. My HTC One M8 doesn’t like any of them . . . except this one by Kootek. The Kootek® Bluetooth Wireless Remote is the only one that works so smoothly. No glitches, no funky apps, no nothing. It just works. Why can’t all those other shutter remotes be like this?

I’m using this shutter together with a monopod to take photos of my children when they are in performances or meets and I have to get my phone above everyone else’s heads. With phone up on a monopod, I need a remote shutter. I’m so glad I finally have one that works!

This product was provided for review by Kootek.

Aug 16

Beneful Healthy Fiesta Dog Food ★★★★★

Beneful Healthy Fiesta Dog Food

First, Incredibites. Now, Healthy Fiesta. My dog seems to really be enjoying her Beneful. Healthy Fiesta has larger kibble, probably a better fit for my 23 pound cocker spaniel. It’s the same vibrant colors but the shapes are more bland. I’m not sure she notices as she gobbles it up. I think she likes them both just as well.

Is it gentle? I made a very abrupt switch for her and she tolerates it just fine. Just like with Incredibites, Healthy Fiesta does not upset her tummy.

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Aug 15

Instant Read Meat and Candy Digital Kitchen Thermometer ★★★☆☆

Instant Read Meat and Candy Digital Kitchen Thermometer from ChefEez – Good for -60 °F to +572 °F

I’ve owned a number of meat thermometers. This Instant Read Kitchen Thermometer is similar to a couple of others that I’ve owned. It reads in °F and °C and has a hold feature. The probe is nice and long (6 inches). It’s also on the thick side at 0.16 inches, leaving bigger holes in the meat.

My biggest beef is the hold function doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t hold any temp no matter what I do. I’m also not happy this isn’t dishwasher safe. I have another digital thermometer that is and that’s much more convenient.

Ultimately, the readings take a little longer than my other thermometer but not by much, and they are close in agreement.

This product was provided for review by ChefEez.