Aug 25

Chinet Paper Lunch Plates ★★★★★

Chinet Paper Lunch Plates, 8 3/4″

I love Chinet! They are thick, they don’t leak, and they hold their form — which means a bag of 225 plates really is 225 plates. There’s no need to double or triple up. Add to that, I don’t have too like I’m being cheap. These plates are about as small as you’d want for meals. Any smaller and they’d be for snacks and appetizers. I like them because they help me with portion control, and I’m doing a good deed by helping others do the same.

Aug 25

Daily Chef Clear Plastic Cups ★★★★★

Daily Chef Clear Plastic Cups, 16 oz.

I bought a bag of Daily Chef Clear Plastic Cups at a big box store for my son’s parties. They are large enough to hold a canful of soda, just what teenage boys need. The cups hold up well. They don’t squish too easily. They are clear, very simple in design, which I like. I would buy them again.

Aug 25

Hefty Tall Kitchen Recycling Trash Bags ★★★☆☆

Hefty Tall Kitchen Recycling Trash Bags, Clear, 45 Count

These are not ordinary tall kitchen trash bags. They are tall kitchen recycling bags, which means they are clear. I guess that’s so we can see that what’s inside is paper or plastic or cans. I’m not going to dock Hefty Recycling Trash Bags because they are clear. The product description announces it boldly, the box has it in big letters. People who buy it know what they are getting into.

I don’t know anyone who buys bags they use only for recycling, so we did what everyone else did and used them for regular garbage. My son is in charge of that, and he dislikes these bags. Why? Because they don’t stretch and they don’t take the form of the trash can so they don’t “fit” properly. He gives it three stars.

I think we’ll go back to our regular trash bags that can do double duty.

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Aug 25

Best Travel Pillow ★★★★☆

Best Travel Pillow – Memory Foam Travel Pillow – Plane Travel Pillow – Travel Neck Pillow Comes with Free Space Saver Carry Bag

The Best Travel Pillow is the largest I own — a little too large. I have to move the arms out of the way too keep them from pressing on my neck, but it provides firm support. I can get comfortable by bending the arms behind my shoulders or rotating it so that the opening is on one side and not in front. Actually, opening on one side feels pretty good. The best thing about memory foam is I don’t have to inflate it, and it squishes down into a carry bag for storage.

This product was provided for review by Travel Easy Group.

Aug 25

ANART® Ex Series An-ExT 2.0inch Sports Action Camera ★★★★★

ANART® Ex Series An-ExT 2.0inch Sports Action Camera + 16GB SD Card + Extra Battery Full HD 1080P 12MP 140 Degree Waterproof Digital Helmet Mini Video Black Outdoor WIFI Sport Cameras HDMI Output

The ANART® An-ExT Action Camera sets itself apart from the others by offering an extra battery with a battery charger. I was able to charge both at the same time by plugging my camera and the battery charger into USB ports. This camera also comes with the usual mix of connectors, a waterproof case, a micro SD card, and Wi-Fi capability. I see lag in the Wi-Fi, but it’s not bad. The only thing lacking in this kit is a carry case, but that can be purchased separately.

Other things you might want to purchase separately are accessories. The cam is compatible with GoPro accessories, like my dog GoPro harness. I had so much fun using my dog to create videos. If you haven’t tried it, you should.

This product was provided for review by ANART.

Aug 23

Daily Chef Mini Brownie Bites ★★★★★

Daily Chef Mini Brownie Bites (48 ct.)

I have a group of seven teenage boys in my family room. They polished off every morsel of Daily Chef Mini Brownie Bites in less than an afternoon. (I’ll admit I had a bite myself.) They are so good — just a little crunch on the outside and a nice, moist interior — the perfect size to keep me feeling guilt-free. Too bad my husband isn’t home. I thought we’d have some left over, but he’s going to have to miss out.

Aug 23

Syma X5SW-1 FPV HD Camera Drone ★★★★★

Syma X5SW-1 FPV HD Camera Drone with Real Time Transmission in Exclusive Blue design with extra battery

The Syma X5SW-1 is one of my favorite toy drones. I’ve owned quite a few, and they all have their mix of pros and cons. Some are small and nimble, some use micro SD cards, some come with loads of extra parts.

This drone has headless mode, which I’m relying on less as my skills improve, but that’s always a plus. Headless mode, in case you don’t know, allows us to push the control stick forward and have the drone move forward (away from us) regardless of which direction the drone is facing. Without headless mode, pushing the control stick forward makes the drone move in the same direction the drone is facing, which can be disorienting to new pilots.

Flight is very stable and it does flips without losing altitude. I really like how this feels when it’s in the air.

The Syma X5SW has a camera that we can view and control through our smartphone via Wi-Fi. That is totally cool. Yes, the videos are a little jerky and a tad delayed, but I get to see what the drone sees instead of guessing and hoping I got the shot. It doesn’t record audio, but past experience tells me I don’t want audio. The only thing I would hear would be the loud buzzing of the propellers.

No, my qualm is the files are stored in GP format. I can only play it back through the app, or I have to look for software that is compatible. I wish it was mp4 or something more universal. Also, the files are stored on our phones, not a micro SD card. If Syma can improve on these two features, the X5SW-1 would be incredible.

The combination of camera and Wi-Fi is a drain on the battery. I think it lasts maybe five minutes, noticeably less than some other drones, but the makers compensate for that by including an extra battery. Great thinking, Syma!

This product was provided for review by Syma Helicopters.

Aug 23

Palais Glassware Milk Bottles ★★★★★

Palais Glassware Milk Bottles with Red & White Swirl Straws (Set of 4, 16 Ounce)

These Palais Milk Bottles are a really cute set, especially with the red and white straws to complete the look. Those straws are hard plastic, not the soft, disposable sort. If you are a straw biter/chewer, your teeth might hurt.

The only problem with these bottles is trying to fill them. We have to be more careful because the mouth is small, but then you know what you’re getting into just by seeing the photos online.

One bottle will hold one can of soda. That’s what I drink out of these things, not milk. Twelve ounces goes up to where the bottle begins to narrow. When I’m done, I just throw it in the dishwasher. Everything is dishwasher safe, including the straws.

This product was provided for review by Dinev Deals.

Aug 23

Purina Beyond Natural Dry Cat Food, White Meat Chicken & Egg Recipe ★★★★☆

Purina Beyond Natural Dry Cat Food, Grain Free, White Meat Chicken & Egg Recipe

Most every time I switch my cat’s food, she gets excited. It was no different this time. She waited eagerly for me to finish loading her bowl with Purina Beyond Natural Dry Cat Food before pouncing on it. It must have smelled pretty good to her, but the odor smelled stronger than I’d like. I thought I detected fish, but the bag says “white meat chicken & egg.” It’s been days. I don’t notice that scent so much anymore, but I’m not sure if that’s because I’m used to it or not. She’s happily chowing down, no tummy troubles and no hairballs, not yet.

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Aug 21

1byone® Belt-Drive 3 Speed Stereo Portable Turntable ★★★★★

1byone® Belt-Drive 3 Speed Stereo Portable Turntable with Built in Speakers, Portable Turntable Supports RCA Output/ Headphone Jack/MP3/ iPod/Mobile Phones Music Playback (Denim)

I haven’t seen a portable record player in ages. I hardly knew what to expect, but the 1byone® Turntable looks a lot like the ones I remember. The record player has two speakers in front. We can plug in our phone (aux cable not included), which works when I tried it, but I doubt anyone is buying a turntable to listen to mp3 from their phone. No, it plays records. Fortunately, my husband owns a bunch of records, but no turntable. I played his records on it and it works just like the good old days.

Included is an adapter for the small records. The arm can be lifted manually, or there’s a lever. We can have it stop automatically, or not. There are even headphone jacks and RCA outputs.

It sounds . . . like a record player. I don’t know about you, but when I think old school, I don’t think highest fidelity. This will remind you of the days you’ve almost forgotten (or never knew). I’m quite happy with it. My husband is happier, because he can listen to his old records now.

This product was provided for review by 1byone.