Apr 22

Disney Sugar-Free Multivitamin Gummies ★★★★★

Disney Sugar-Free Multivitamin Gummies, 60 Count

If you’re buying these Disney Sugar-Free Multivitamin Gummies because your child wants Winnie the Pooh or Goofy, think again. They aren’t all Disney characters, they are just Mickey Mouse heads. If you ask my kids, they are delicious. Better than that, they’re happy to have two gummies each per day. (Children 2 to 4 can only take one gummy per day.) What that means is a 60 count bottle only lasts me half a month between the two kids.

While these gummy vitamins are not as complete as some of the chewable vitamin tablets, they children are much more excited about them and I don’t have to make them take them. It gives me peace of mind that we have some of the bases covered if we happen to be missing something in their diet.

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Apr 22

Dilly Dally ★★★☆☆

Dilly Dally

I don’t normally like pickles. When I see them in my hamburger, I take them out. When they’re on the side, I leave them be, so I wasn’t sure about eating pickle flavored candy. Nevertheless, I gave it a shot, and it was surprisingly good.

Dilly Dally is a love it or hate it candy. Half of my friends and family love it. The other half couldn’t wait to spit it out. It’s even a 50/50 split amongst pickle lovers.

It’s hard to decide the star rating. It’s either 1 or 5 stars, so I’ll give it 3, because there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll like it. If you like it, then you’ll love it.

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Apr 22

Alaska Bear – Extra Large Size 100% Pure Silk Eye Mask Sleeping Mask ★★★★★

Alaska Bear – Extra Large Size 100% Pure Silk Eye Mask Sleeping Mask Eyeshade (Black)

I’ve owned a quite a few sleep masks, and I have to declare Alaska Bear to be the ultimate in sleep masks. I’ve never had a sleep mask so completely block out the light. Nothing goes through it. Nothing goes around it. It is large, no peeking. And soft. It’s so soft, and the band is adjustable, so it will fit anyone.

Naps have never been more peaceful. If you think a sleep mask is a sleep mask, think again. They are not all created equal. This one is more equal than others.

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Apr 22

Caress Daily Silk Body Wash ★★★★★

Caress Daily Silk Body Wash with White Peach and Silky Orange Blossom

I like any kind of body wash that lathers up thick and rich and doesn’t feel watered down. Caress Daily Silk Body Wash qualifies. It’s lightly scented in floral blossoms, not overpowering, and the creamy texture makes me feel moisturized just looking at it. It must work. My skin isn’t dry at all when I’m done.

Apr 22

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Play Food – 10 Piece Set ★★★★☆

This review was originally posted May 3, 2009.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Play Food – 10 Piece Set

What quality. My 5 year-old daughter has had this Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Play Food for a long time and it’s still here and she’s still playing with it. I wouldn’t recommend it for toddlers who like to throw their toys, but for those who enjoy pretend play, this is great. The paint doesn’t chip or fade and the wood doesn’t splinter. It really holds up with time.

Apr 22

Clorox Fresh Scent Disinfecting Wet Wipes ★★★★★

This review was originally posted May 3, 2009.

Clorox Fresh Scent Disinfecting Wet Wipes, 7 x 8

Clorox Fresh Scent Disinfecting Wet Wipes are terrific. I originally bought them because I had young children who I didn’t want getting into poisonous cleaning chemicals. They are so easy and convenient to use that I still use them today. Whenever the counter needs disinfecting, I just pull one out and wipe.

The newer Clorox wipes containers are even easier to use than the original. The slot on top collapses so I can get my hand in there to pull the first wipe out. They are on a roll, so after I get one out, the others come up as I pull.

These wipes are nice and strong. I don’t have to worry about shredding. They keep their form until I dispose of them.

I love Clorox wipes. Great idea, Clorox!

Apr 20

Rii® i8+ Wireless 2.4G Mini Keyboard ★★★★☆

Upgrade Version! Rii® i8+ Wireless 2.4G Mini Keyboard for Google Android Devices (Smart TV, TV Box, HTPC, PC, Notebook Pad and Other Games) with Multi-touch up to 15 Meters (Compatible with i8) (Gold)

The Rii® i8+ is about the size of a game controller. It features a QWERTY keyboard with extra keys for music and mouse control, separate number and function keys, and hot buttons.


This remote has a USB dongle which stores conveniently in a little compartment when not in use. Your system must have a USB port to connect wirelessly. If you want Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or wired connection, this keyboard is not for you.


Thumb typing is comfortable with the exception of using the shift key. The shift key is located on the left. It must be held down while a letter is typed. There is no shift key on the right, so typing a capital “A” is awkward.

Numbers and function keys are on separate rows, so they are easy to type without needing to shift between letters and numbers.

I found the page up and page down buttons useful.


All music controls are within easy reach, clustered on the right upper corner. Pause, play, volume, repeat, skipping forward and back tracks are just a touch away. All is intuitive.


There are eight convenient keys next to the touchpad to launch the following:

* Windows Media Player
* email
* mute
* left mouse click
* right mouse click
* search files
* home button (launches the first screen of my computer’s file system)
* web browser

These buttons are very convenient, especially the mouse buttons.


With the touchpad, we can do the following:

* right click
* left click
* scroll down
* select

I mostly use the pad for moving the cursor. Sensitivity is good for cursor movement, but I have to swipe so many times to get across a page that I would prefer a thumbstick to the pad.

Using one and two finger touches for the mouse button took too much time (not instant). It was easier to use the touchpad to move the cursor and then one of the mouse buttons to click or the page up and down buttons to move up and down.

Also, I often get the misfire, where the pad gives me a right click when I don’t want one.


There are a set of buttons clustered on the upper right that can scroll a page left and right or up and down and select.


I tried this with the XBox to watch a video. There was limited functionality there. I could move between selections but we couldn’t get a movie to play.

I tried it with an XBox game (Minecraft). In that case, it didn’t work at all.

I tried it with my Windows Live TV and it makes searches easier, but don’t get rid of the remote. The Rii is mostly good for typing in the search box. The hot keys, mouse, touchpad don’t work. The scrolling buttons are functional.

So far, I get the most out of the Rii on my Windows 7 PC.


The Rii keyboard is very well laid out. It is small and compact and attractive. For someone who needs to type or use a mouse constantly, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s more for those who need the occasional mouse or keyboard to type in search boxes or scroll across a page. If you have an entertainment system that uses a remote control to hunt and peck letters across a screen, this keyboard would make your life easier.

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Apr 20

John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color, Glosser Warm Brunette ★★★★★

John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color, Glosser Warm Brunette

I just started coloring my hair and noticed it was a little dull. John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color really put the life back into it. It’s very subtle, but I can tell the difference. My hair looks much healthier after just one treatment.

It’s easy, and not as messy as I was led to believe from the other reviewers. I just put it on in the shower, leave it for a few minutes, and then rinse off. It doesn’t stain my hands or any other part or my body. I just have nicer hair. There’s no residue or anything.

This product is not foam. It’s just a dark liquid. I think “foam” refers to the foam hair dye this works with. The product itself is just a refresher for the hair dye.

As long as I color my hair, I’m going to keep using this treatment. Good results for not much effort. That’s what I always look for in a hair product.

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Apr 20

Tek Republic TUH-3700 USB 3.0 7 Port Hub ★★★☆☆

Tek Republic TUH-3700 USB 3.0 7 Port Hub with Two (2.1 amps per port) USB charging ports and 5A Power Adapter

The Tek Republic TUH-3700 USB Hub looks like a 5 + 2 hub (five data ports, two dedicated charging ports). It’s not. All seven ports can carry data. The two charging/data ports are supposed to be 2.1 amps.

It is a self-powered hub, meaning it comes with an AC adapter. Can it be bus powered (i.e., will it run without an AC adapter)? Yes. Just be sure the devices you plug in are not power hogs.


Both dedicated charging/data ports are labeled 2.1 amps. Charging a generic Android tablet, I can get 1.47 amps. It doesn’t matter if I’m using a charging port or not. I’m not sure why the two 2.1 amp ports are marked as dedicated.  They act just like the other ports in every way.

These results are not consistent, however. My iPhone sometimes charged at no more than 0.3 amps and my Kindle at 0.4 amps. I am not sure why the huge variability, but the charging speed is very noticeably affected, to the point that the iPhone charging indicator does not light up. At those times, I check the values against my 2.1 amp wall charger and see a huge difference.


What it works with:
* Eikon fingerprint reader
* microphone
* Bluetooth dongle
* ScanSnap scanner
* flash drive

What it doesn’t work with:
* Logitech Universal Receiver
* handheld keyboard dongle
* 2 different SD card readers
* iPhone 4S


I do not get USB 3.0 speed from this hub:

* moving 1.71 GB to a flash drive on this hub: 57 seconds
* moving 1.71 GB to the same flash drive on another USB 3.0 hub: 31 seconds
* moving 1.71 GB to the same flash drive on a USB 2.0 hub: 1 minutes 16 seconds


I’ve owned a lot of USB hubs. I consider this one underwhelming. Charging speed is variable. Charging port is not truly dedicated (I would like it to be dedicated). Too many devices are not compatible. It’s half the speed of other USB 3.0 ports for data transfer (though faster than a USB 2.0 hub).

The good thing is it can be self-powered or bus-powered, so I can charge devices when the computer is off or when I’m not connected to a computer. This also ensures I won’t be underpowered.

This product was provided for review by Tek Republic.

Apr 20

Aerb® 3IN1 Rechargeable NFC Enabled Bluetooth Receiver ★★★★☆

Aerb® 3IN1 Rechargeable NFC Enabled Bluetooth Receiver

I’ve owned a lot of Bluetooth receivers. What does one use them for? Well, if we have wired speakers or headphones that we would like to hook up with our phone via Bluetooth, now we can.

I usually use my Bluetooth receivers in the car, hooked up to the car’s speakers via the auxiliary port. I paired the Aerb® 3IN1 with my iPhone 4S, which it did flawlessly. Sound is good, clear, no problems with the connection. Phone calls are clear enough to hold a conversation. The car isn’t the best place for this product, though. It has no dash mounting option. I have to leave it loose.

When I think of using this for my headphones, the problem is there is no clip for clothing. I know, I know. The photo online shows a clip. The product description says there’s a clip. There’s no clip on mine, just a rubber pad on bottom. I would have to leave it loose or tuck it in a pocket. Minus one star for not being as described.

The optimal place for this receiver is for desktop or floor speakers, where it can rest undisturbed. It’s a good receiver. I just wish it were more versatile with the mounting options.

This product was provided for review by Aerb.