Jun 26

Anyprize USB Rechargeable AA Battery Lithium Battery ★★★★★

Anyprize USB Rechargeable AA Battery Lithium Battery – 2 Cell Pack

I had the wrong impression of Anyprize USB Rechargeable AA Batteries at first glance. I thought they were used to charge rechargeable batteries. No, these are AA batteries that we recharge with a USB port. Pretty cool! All we have to do is take the cap off (the positive terminal), and plug it into the port. A light turns on to tell us it’s charging. When it’s done, just place the cap back on and use it like any other battery.

The batteries come in a little case, so we don’t lose them. I appreciate that, because they’re special. I don’t want them lost in a pile of other batteries. The only problem with them is the caps are easily misplaced, and they don’t work without the caps. Use the little plastic case to keep them in one place.

Right now, I’m using the batteries in my mouse and my blood pressure monitor. So far, so good. I haven’t had to recharge them yet.

This product was provided for review by Anyprize.

Jun 26

AGPtek® 16″x12″ Flashing Neon LED Message Writing Board ★★★★★

AGPtek® 16″x12″ Flashing Illuminated Erasable Neon LED Message Writing Board Menu Sign (7 Colors of RGB 28 Flashing-Mode Remote Control + Metal Chain for Hanging up + Washable Eraser Cloth)

What a neat sign. Not only can we draw on it with erasable markers, we can make them shine with flashing lights. My son spent some time drawing on the AGPtek® Flashing Sign and we played through some of the light sequences at night (dark rooms are best). There are so many choices: single color lights, or flashing in lots of different modes.

When done, hang the sign with the included chain. You can hang it in landscape or portrait mode. (It doesn’t come with a stand.) My son’s only complaint is the sign only comes with two neon markers (purple and pink). I have a set of neon chalk markers that complement this set. That works for us. As for a previous reviewer who claims the sign is not erasable: USE A WET CLOTH. It erases easily.

This product was provided for review by AGPtek.

Jun 26

Metamucil Health Bar ★★★★☆

Metamucil Health Bar, Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin

I picked up some samples of Metamucil Health Bars at a warehouse store. The cinnamon oatmeal tastes pretty good, like a breakfast bar. It has 4 grams of fiber per bar, compared to 6 grams in one serving of Metamucil Orange Sugar Smooth Texture Powder. Still, it requires taking with a full glass of water. Trust me, drink the water or it will plug you up.

Start slow, don’t overdo it or you’ll get gassy. Start with one bar a day, and increase that two or three (spread throughout the day, of course). It might take a few days to improve constipation. Make sure not to eat the bars with your meds, since the psyllium might interfere with absorption of those meds.

Too bad these bars have so many Calories. A serving of the powder has 45 Calories. The health bar has 150 Calories. It’s a tasty snack, but I don’t think I’ll be adding it to my diet every day.

Jun 24

T-mouse Water Secret Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Material Thermos ★★★★★

T-mouse Water Secret Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Material Thermos Vacuum Insulated Mug for Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate With Real Bone China, Ceramic Liner (9.5 OZ, 280ml, Red)

This is the most gorgeous presentation I have ever seen for a thermos. It came cradled on a pillow inside a box, like I was opening a present to the kings. The T-mouse Thermos Vacuum is beautiful: featuring a polished smooth shell, and a bone china lining.

It’s as functional as it is lovely. I filled the thermos with ice and water this morning at 9 AM. Six hours later, there was still ice in the water. At 8 PM, the ice was gone, but the water was still cold and it tasted great. Unlike other water bottles which leach metal and plastic, I tasted water – pure water.

I also tested the thermos for leaking by placing it on its side. It doesn’t leak. It’s also dishwasher safe. I hesitated putting something so nice in there, but I did it and it came out without a scratch.

I love this thermos. I’m glad it’s mine.

This product was provided for review by T-mouse.

Jun 24

River Stone Pattern Fabric Shower Curtain ★★★★☆

River Stone Pattern, Mildew Proof and Waterproof Washable Printed Polyester Fabric Shower Curtain for Bathroom 72 Inch By 72 Inch

I picked this River Stone Pattern Shower Curtain because I liked the design. It looks exactly like it does on the Amazon product page. I’m impressed. The cloth doesn’t feel like cheap plastic and it comes with curtain rings. Now, the rings feel like cheap plastic rings, but it’s nice that they’re included.

My kids did not care for the green rocks. My daughter asked by I changed to shower curtains with avocado on them. My son said they were cucumbers. I didn’t think they looked like vegetables at all until the kids said that. Now that they mention it, I do see how they might look like avocado, but they are pretty avocado. If you like the image online, I think you’ll like it in person. I do.

This product was provided for review by toodhome.

Jun 24

Pre de Provence Savon De Marseille Liquid Soap ★★★★☆

Pre de Provence Savon De Marseille Liquid Soap for Bathroom, Laundry Rooms, Kitchen – Lavender Sage

I’m a fan of the strong, aromatic scents of Pre de Provence soaps, but I’m not so sure about sage. It’s not bad, but I guess I like floral more than herbal, and the lavender in this Pre de Provence Soapdoesn’t really shine through. The soap itself is fine for my bathroom. It’s not as viscous as other soaps, but it lathers well. I like the container it comes in, which is prettier than the competitors’. Even the label is attractive.

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Jun 24

Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Mousse ★★★★★

Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Mousse, Sunset Citrus

I use Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Mousse to keep my hair out of my face. I’m not really going for the body part so much as the control. Not many hair products can keep my long, heavy hair in place, but Body Envy does without leaving too much residue. It’s very light (both the foam and the scent) and it works well enough that I bought a second bottle.

Jun 22

Pre de Provence Soap ★★★★★

Pre de Provence Soap Shea Enriched Everyday 150 Gram Extra Large French Soap Bar – Rose De Mai

Pre de Provence Soap is so soft and smooth, it feels like butter. The floral scent reminds me that it’s not. I like the angled edges, not rounded like most mass-produced soaps. That, and the bits of whatever is suspended inside (rose petals?) makes it look homemade. I’d guess most people would place this next to the bathroom sink. I shower with it, so I can wear that scent all over.

This product was provided for review by the Amazon Vine program.

Jun 22

Termichy Silver Tone Strand Necklace ★★★★★

Termichy Silver Tone Strand Necklace with Double-row Queen Crown

My family thinks I look like a queen in this Termichy Necklace. It’s so fancy. I like how it dresses up my plain dresses. Yes, I’ve worn it out on a regular day, no party, and it got noticed. Of course. It’s gorgeous.

This necklace has weight. It does not feel like cheap plastic, because it’s not plastic. It’s heavy enough that it lies on my skin and sits in one place, no sliding around. Don’t let that scare you. I forgot about the weight after I’ve had it on a bit.

This product was provided for review by Termichy.

Jun 22

Steam Engine Train Bubble Blowing Bump & Go ★★★★★

Steam Train Locomotive Engine Car Bubble Blowing Bump & Go Battery Operated Toy Train w/ Lights & Sounds

I’m not really a fan of toys that make noise, but this Bubble Blowing Bump & Go Train is adorable, and I don’t mind the tune that comes from it at all. In fact, it’s a bit catchy.

This bump and go train really does bump and go. It just turns and keeps going. You’ll need a smooth surface. Tile with grout or pavers outside will confuse it and it will try to constantly turn or get stuck.

The bubble feature is fun, but it will work without bubbles. I gave this to my 1 year-old nephew to see how he would like it. He didn’t know what to make of it, but it got his attention. If he were just a few months older, I think he’d get it. Do be careful of the little cap for the bubble tank. I can see kids trying to eat that, and it’s small enough to be a choking hazard.

This product was provided for review by AirsoftRC Wholesale.