Dec 22

Amzdeal® 17M 55FT 100LED Blue Solar LED String Lights ★★★★★

Amzdeal® 17M 55FT 100LED Blue Solar LED String Lights, Outdoor Decoration (Blue)

Solar string lights need sun, the brighter the better. Unfortunately, we’ve been having rain and clouds and less intense sun. None of my solar lights are at their best. Some of them won’t even turn on. The Amzdeal® Solar LED String Lights didn’t light up during the rain, but they have recovered and now glow a deep purplish blue every night. It’s very pretty.

One strand of lights will string one small potato tree. We can have them flash, but I just leave it steady on. Every night, it turns on and it’s off by morning. I love not having to worry about turning it off or programming it.

This product was provided for review by Prodeals.

Dec 22

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Glaze ★★★★★

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Glaze

I’m using John Frieda Glaze with every shower, because I don’t like dying my hair. The demi permanent dye that’s on it washes off in 4-6 weeks, according to the package. I’ve gone a couple of months and the gray is only starting to peek through. Glaze makes the color last.

Glaze is non-irritating, and I don’t smell and odor. I just put it on after shampooing and conditioning, shower the rest of my body, then rinse the glaze off. It doesn’t normally stain my grout. Still, I had a gob of the stuff sitting on a large patch of grout that set, so it can stain grout. It stained my shoulder once, also. That washed out by the next day. Like grout, it’s not normally a problem. Just don’t give it time to set.

Dec 20

Command Party Banner Anchors ★★★☆☆

Command Party Banner Anchors, 4-Anchors, 8-Strips

The weight limit listed for the Command Party Banner Anchors is 0.5 pounds. I weighed my garland and it came in at less than 14 ounces. I figured I could distribute that weight over two anchors and that would be less than 0.5 pounds each. Nope. Both anchors fell to the ground. The walls had been cleaned and I held the anchors in place for 30 seconds as instructed, but that made no difference.

This product was provided for review by the Amazon Vine program.

Dec 20

ProDeals® Mosaic Glass Solar Lantern ★★★★★

ProDeals® Mosaic Glass Solar Lantern Waterproof/ Weatherproof Glass Crystal Glass Globe Ball Outdoor/Indoor

Over the past weeks, it has been raining or the skies were partly cloudy. All my solar lights have been suffering, except for this wonderful little ProDeals® Mosaic Glass Solar Lantern that plays to its own little drummer. Lack of sunlight doesn’t faze it.  It lights up every night without fail, rain or shine.

What surprised me about this lantern is it doesn’t have a base. It’s open on the bottom, but that doesn’t affect the aesthetics or performance. For being such a pretty lantern, and the only one of my solar lights that keeps on ticking, I give it five plus stars.

This product was provided for review by Amzdeal.

Dec 20

Lemonpaier® Multicolor Stripes Printing Modal Cashmere Lady Scarf ★★★★★

Lemonpaier® Multicolor Stripes Printing Modal Cashmere Lady Scarf

For something so thin and lightweight, this scarf sure is warm. I appreciate the softness and lack of bulk. With shades of greens and reds that will work with a lot of my outfits, it’s pretty. I’ve been wearing my Lemonpaier® Scarf everywhere. Just be careful not to get it caught. One thread pulled will make it run. I nearly had that happen and it would have made me so sad.

This product was provided for review by Appearances International.

Dec 20

Kuissential 2-Speed 700 Watt Juice Extractor ★★★★★

Kuissential 2-Speed 700 Watt Juice Extractor, Centrifugal Juicer – Stainless Steel

I had a centrifugal juicer once that spat juice all over my ceiling. You can imagine I had some concerns about the Kuissential Juice Extractor. Well, worry no more. It’s a terrific juicer, my third centrifugal juicer and the best of the three. I juiced two bags of apples yesterday, which it had no problem doing. The juice didn’t contain much pulp, and the pulp was dry. My finicky son said it was delicious.

Clean up is a breeze. Just take out the pieces, dump the pulp, and put it in the dishwasher. Anything that’s dishwasher safe gets extra credit from me. There aren’t lots of little bits to meddle with, and the mesh screen comes clean with the included cleaning brush. The juicer itself just needs a wipe down.

Fast, easy to use, easy to clean, and doesn’t spit juice onto my ceiling. I like it.

This product was provided for review by Kuissential.

Dec 20

Tackform Solutions Steady Clip Plus Phone Mount ★★★★☆

Tackform Solutions Steady Clip Plus Phone Mount – Black

I like the gel suction pad, which holds tighter than any regular suction cup. I like the clamp mount, which holds thicker devices, like dash cams and GPS units, as well smartphones. Right now, I have the Tackform Solutions Steady Clip Plus Phone Mount holding my dash cam. It’s been doing that for a week and is still holding strong.

There are a couple of knobs for adjusting the angle and height however we want. Personally the fewer knobs, the better. I prefer simplicity and a low profile. The good news is once I had it adjusted, I didn’t have to do that again.

This product was provided for review by Tackform.

Dec 20

Compressed Vacuum Space Saver Storage Bags By Storage’s Finest ★★★★☆

6 x Medium Storage Bags, 4 x Large Storage 1 x Jumbo Storage Bags, 1 x Space Saver Roll-up Bags, 2 x Traveler Space Saver Roll-up Bags- (14 x Pack Seal Compressed Vacuum Space Saver Storage Bags) By Storage’s Finest

My first impression: I saw oversized crinkly Ziploc bags with a spout. My next impression was . . . wow. We get 14 bags. I haven’t even used them all, and already these Vacuum Space Saver Storage Bags has made an impact on my closet space.

Three of the bags are roll-up bags:
* 1 traveler space saver bag – 16″ x 23″
* 2 space saver bags – 19 ½” x 27″ (fits one standard pillow)

Eleven bags are vacuum storage bags:
* 6 medium storage bags – 21″ x 33″
* 4 large storage bags – 26″ x 39″ (fit a twin size down comforter)
* 1 jumbo bag – 34″ x 47″ (fits 2 king size pillows and a plush throw)

The vacuum seal bags require a vacuum cleaner. I tried it at first with an air pump. It has a vacuum function, but it wasn’t strong enough. The vacuum cleaner did what the pump could not, making my comforters flat as pancakes.

The roll-up bags do not require a vacuum. That makes them more convenient for travel, since we don’t need to hunt for a vacuum to repack our bags for home. To remove air from roll-up bags, roll them up and the air escapes from the end of the bag through a maze of air tubes that expand when air is pushed through. At least the bags are supposed to be built that way. Instead, I found the tubes collapsed too easily and it was difficult to squeeze air out. Might as well open up a small space on the zip lock end, roll the air out and zip it when done.

Speaking of zip lock, those sliding locks come off too easily. They’re basically there to press on the zipper to close, so I suppose we could resort to that if we had to. I’d rather not have to.

This product was provided for review by Storage’s Finest.

Dec 20

METROFLASH MASTER 860 Bicycle Headlight/Professional Level Ultra Bright Tactical Flashlight ★★★★★

METROFLASH MASTER 860 Bicycle Headlight/Professional Level Ultra Bright Tactical Flashlight For All Outdoor Use, Maximum Output 860 Lumens, IPX6 Waterproof Level, USB Rechargable with USB Cable, Pouch Included For Product Safety, Cree XML U2 LED, Handleba

I was all ready to use the METROFLASH MASTER as a bicycle headlight, but then I saw how easily it detaches from the bike mount (included). It comes with a pouch I could wear on a belt or hang with a carabiner (included). All bets were off. I’m using this as a flashlight.

My son take tennis lessons on courts that are located at the back of a dark park. This park has no lighting until we get to the tennis courts. On a moonless night, it is pitch dark. I used this flashlight to make my way. Not only could I see my own path, I could see clear across the park. I had to use a dimmer mode because the brightest mode reflected off the ground and was too bright for my eyes. (There are three brightness modes and a pulse flashing mode.)

The flashlight comes with an 18650 battery. All my other flashlights that use 18650 batteries needed a separate charger. We can recharge this battery by plugging the flashlight into a USB port. Cool.

This product was provided for review by MetroFlash.

Dec 20

Airvoice Wireless SIM Card ★★★★★

Airvoice Wireless SIM Card Unactivated

I bought some Airvoice Wireless SIM Cards directly from Airvoice Wireless and then loaded them with their $10/100 minutes/expires-in-90 days plan. I buy them for my extra phones and they work great. I haven’t had problems with call quality or dropped calls. Airvoice does round up, so a 5 second call counts as 1 minute. For someone who doesn’t make a lot of calls, it’s not a problem. In the end, it’s really inexpensive. The cheapest no-contract plans I’ve had until now cost me $5 per month for 10 minutes. $10 per 100 days is awesome. When 100 days is up, I refill and the minutes carry over. I use Airvoice Wireless for two of my phones and I’m very happy with it.