Aug 28

EiioX 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser ★★★★☆

EiioX 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Auto Shut off Cool Mist Humidifier

A diffuser. I’ve never had a diffuser, but it’s been great getting to know this one. The EiioX Essential Oil Diffuser was easy to set up. Just put in some water and essential oils, and turn it on. The mist starts right away, and so do the scents. It can run for hours. I’m impressed that it never gets hot on the outside.

We have a choice of changing color lights, a set color, no color. Alternatively, we can turn the diffuser on or off. Diffusion and light are separate functions. Personally, I like having the diffuser on and letting the lights cycle. It creates such ambience.

The only thing I don’t care for it the feel of cheap plastic on the base. It has a wood grain pattern. Maybe I just expected wood.

This product was provided for review by ElioX.

Aug 28

Digital Meat Thermometer ★★★★★

Digital Meat Thermometer — Dual Probe Sensor Technology — Barbecue Grill Thermometer Beeps When Meat is Ready — Digital Cooking Thermometer with 5 Internal Preset Meat Type and 4 Cooking Preference Settings — BBQ Thermometer Temperature Range of -58°F to 302°F — Battery Included

I really like this Digital Meat Thermometer. It has settings right on the handle, so I don’t have to look up temperature ranges. Pick the meat (beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey), then choose how I want it cooked. When I check my steak and it’s done to my liking, the thermometer beeps. I don’t even have to look at the readings (but I can).

The long handle keeps me away from the heat, not that I would be there long. It reads quickly.

Nice thermometer. I only wish it would fold up or something for storage. I guess I could hang it on the grill by that hole on the handle.

This product was provided for review by Home-Complete.

Aug 28

Hosezzle ★★★☆☆


I expected a jet stream, I got gentle rain. Turbo power, the Hosezzle is not. My water-saving nozzle gives me more power than this.

On the plus side, I actually like the gentler spray. The reason for three stars is it doesn’t give the power that’s advertised at its strongest setting. No “fire hose,” no “ultimate turbo power,” no “pressure washer.”

This product was provided for review by O&T Success.

Aug 28

Yubi Power TV Simulator ★★★★☆

Yubi Power TV Simulator Burglar Deterrent

This is my second fake TV. My husband told me the first one looked like a light bomb went off. It was too bright. The Yubi Power TV Simulator is much dimmer. Although I think the flashing pattern doesn’t look like a real TV, it matches a TV’s flicker better than a light that is always on or my other fake TV.

When there is lighting outside, like on the front porch, I can’t really make out the flicker of the fake TV. It’s just too dim. I can see the flicker better if I put the fake TV near the shuttered window.

There is an option to leave the fake TV always on or we can put it on a timer so that it turns on at dusk and stays on for four or eight hours. I think I’ll do that on our next vacation. It will work best for us upstairs, where we don’t have shutters to block the light going out the windows.

This product was provided for review by Yubi Power.

Aug 28

MIU COLOR Reusable Shopping Bag ★★★★★

MIU COLOR® Reusable Shopping Bag/ Grocery Bag(Green)

The MIU COLOR® Reusable Shopping Bag is one huge shopping bag. I tried it once for grocery shopping and it fits way more than one of those puny plastic bag full of groceries inside. I decided I didn’t want such a large bag for a small bag of groceries. I didn’t want to smash all my fruits and veggies, and breads together, either.

Instead, my daughter has been using it to carry her change of clothes for gymnastics or when we went to a pool party. It holds her beach towel, sunscreen, and everything else. We even took it to the beach.

I like this bag, just not for groceries. It’s lightweight, large, well-made, and doesn’t take up much room to store.

This product was provided for review by MIU Color.

Aug 28

UNU Enerpak Micro 2800mAh USB External Charger ★★★★★

UNU Enerpak Micro 2800mAh USB External Charger Power Battery Pack – [Black / Silver] For Apple iPhone 6 Air 5S 5 5C 4S 4 3, iPad Air 4 3 2 1, iPad Mini 3 2 Retina, iPod Touch; Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3 Active/Prime, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 4 3 2, Tab 4 3 2 7.0 8.0 10.1 / S 8.4 10.5; LG Optimus G3, G2, G Flex, G Pro 2, G Pad; HTC One M8 M7 M4 Mini 2 Ace; Nexus 5 4 7 8;Nokia Lumia;Sony Xperia Z2; Motorola; PS Vita; GoPro HD Hero 1 2 3; Other Android Phone

What a cute little power bank. The UNU Enerpak the size of a cigarette lighter with enough power to give my HTC One M8 a 50% charge, good enough for emergencies.

A micro USB cable is included – no pouch, and it doesn’t sport an LED bulb flashlight. It’s simple. I like it.

The best part is the flat finish. No worries about fingerprints, and it doesn’t mar quite so easily, either.

This product was provided for review by uNu Electronics.

Aug 28

Narrative Clip Wearable Camera ★★★☆☆

Narrative Clip Wearable Camera (White)

I was so excited about the Narrative Clip. Just think of the possibilities. I wore to Disneyland, the beach, a mini golf course. I had plans for Comic Con and the next Star Wars Celebration. Alas, there is disappointment.


It’s easy, maybe too easy. Take it out of the box, charge it, wear it, connect to the computer, and upload. Instructions are sparse. We have to go online to parse out the nuances. There are a lot of nuances.

Turn it on by taking it out, exposing to light and tapping it. The mere act of handling it and exposing it to light appears to be enough to turn it on, as I have accidentally done that and gotten photos of my ceiling that went on for hours. There is no off button. You have to turn it over or put it in your pocket, somewhere dark. Why do they think this is easier? I have to be so careful not to turn it on when taking it out, especially when it might take photos I don’t want it to take.


We have a choice of uploading to our computer or the cloud or both. Be forewarned, uploading to the cloud is painfully slow. The more that is uploaded, the slower it gets. You have the choice of limiting the upload rate. There is no need to limit. Even at no limit, it is slowwww.

I had 65 MB to upload. Doing that on YouTube takes minutes. Doing that on the Narrative cloud takes days. In fact, I’m not done uploading that yet. I don’t know if it might take weeks. I got to the point where there was only 6 MB left. I left it on overnight to be sure I was not throttled. By morning, it was not yet done. You gotta love when I had 6 MB left and I come back to see the upload is at a negative rate and I now have 8MB left to upload. On YouTube or Amazon, 6 MB would take seconds to upload.

The narrative won’t be created until everything is uploaded to the cloud. I can’t just stop it and tell it to make my narrative now. It wants to upload all, so I wait . . . .

I spent an entire day at Disneyland, 12 hours. From what I see uploaded to the computer, my entire day was not recorded. To be fair, sometimes, the clip would invert and rest covered by my shirt. I resolved to test it again to make sure that was not the problem.

I went to the beach for four hours. This time, there was no way the Clip would invert. It did not, but my entire stay was not recorded. There were some moments that certainly lasted more than a minute that I don’t see anywhere on my computer files.


The only way to view a narrative is to upload to the cloud. On the computer, we just see the pics. On the cloud, through our app, we can view our entire day as a series of pics.

There is an option to trim. On my HTC One M8, I just go to the moments and slide my finger upwards to choose the trim function or turn it off. I must say, it’s pretty good at trimming all the unnecessary fluff off. We can download photos to our gallery or delete single pics or entire moments.

What we can’t do is trim the moment to show only scenes we want. The trimming is done automatically or not at all. To show only part of the moment, delete each pic one by one. Easy? Not.

I like the narrative feature. I wish we could do it off the photos on our computer with software on our computer rather than depend on this cloud – which by the way, has a hefty subscription fee.


I like the concept. I hate the lousy upload speed. The makers made it “easy” at the expense of functionality. An on/off switch would have been easy.

This product was provided for review by the Max Borges Agency.

Aug 28

ZeroLemon® HTC One M8 Case ★★★★☆

ZeroLemon® HTC One M8 Case – Razor Armor Champagne Gold / Black Hybrid Protective Case – Cover for HTC One 2014

My HTC One M8 has been living in the ZeroLemon® Case for a few weeks. The fit is perfect. I trust its protection. I can get to the micro USB port just fine. The camera lens isn’t blocked, the push through buttons work without problems. The only thing I don’t like is the buttons are too flush with the case. I like to operate by feel, and that’s a little hard because they don’t stand out. Otherwise, nice case.

This product was provided for review by ZeroLemon.

Aug 28

Lavien Braided Leather Leash ★★★★★

Lavien Braided Leather Leash, Canine (K9) Training Leather Leash, 6ft Long By 3/4 Inch Wide, Dark Brown, Solid Brass Feel Hardware, Leash for Large Dogs, Breeds, Free Bag

What a lovely leash this is – supple leather, braided ends, a sturdy clasp. The Lavien Braided Leather Leash looks strong enough to hold a large dog, but it works just as well for my medium cocker spaniel. We even get a bag to store it in.

I’ve been taking my dog out every day with this leash and I can’t see any problems with it at all. My dog is spoiled. This has to be the fanciest leash she’s ever been walked on. Very nice.

This product was provided for review by Lavien.

Aug 28

HomeFlav Blue Tritan Water Bottle ★★★★☆

HomeFlav Blue Tritan Water Bottle with Spout Shield Blue

The HomeFlav Blue Tritan Water Bottle is a nice water bottle. It comes with a straw and a bite valve. If you don’t like bite valves, this isn’t the bottle for you.

The bottle is clear, not insulated, but it’s dishwasher safe and I like that.

It’s not completely leak-proof. It won’t spill if accidentally knocked over; but if I leave it on its side for an hour, I will come back to a small wet spot. I like leak-proof more than anything else, so minus one star for not being leak-proof.  Oh, and the straw does sometimes come loose in the bottle.

This product was provided for review by Kinsale Research.