Mar 06

Falcon Zero F170 Car DVR Dash Cam ★★★★☆

Falcon Zero F170 Car DVR Dash Cam Full-HD 1920*1080 170° Wide Angle, Dashboard Camcorder with GPS Route Tracking in Google Maps, G-Sensor, WDR Superior Quality Night Mode ~ 32gb Class 10 SD Card Included ~

I pined for a dash cam with GPS capabilities, but most of them don’t come with a screen. I want a screen to position my dash cam and for replaying scenes in my car. For a long time, it was one or the other. Finally, someone put them together.

Right out of the box, I noticed how solid the Falcon Zero F170 felt in my hand. Here’s a cam that doesn’t feel like a toy. There’s substance inside. And surprise! It comes with a 32 GB micro SD card with a card adapter. They don’t all come that way, folks.

I installed the software. Sadly, it doesn’t work on my Windows 7 PC. I even ran the setup as administrator, per the manual instructions. No luck. Launching the software does nothing. Luckily, I can view the videos directly from the card. I just can’t get the GPS data I was looking for.

This product was provided for review by ProA Marketing.

Mar 06

D-Link Wireless Day/Night WiFi Network Surveillance Camera ★★☆☆☆

D-Link Wireless Day/Night WiFi Network Surveillance Camera &Remote View DCS-934L


With the D-Link Wireless Surveillance Camera connected via Ethernet, I can connect to it remotely. Motion activation works as advertised, but it has no TF card slot available. I can’t ascertain a quick and easy way to record video.

Wi-Fi doesn’t work so well. I can’t connect at all that way, which means I need an Ethernet port nearby.

Also working against its favor is the lack of pan and tilt and also a motion detection zone I can set from the app.

For the technically minded, we have full control via a direct connection to the IP address where we can set port forwarding and other fun things. I know a lot of people like that stuff, but I went through that with other cams and prefer not to touch such things with a ten foot pole. For me, it’s easy or not at all.


I finally tried WPS, because the vendor asked me to. That killed everything. Not only did I not have Wi-Fi, the Ethernet connection ceased to work.

Yes, I updated the firmware.

I just got off the phone after 1 ½ hours with D-Link technical support. Why, when my dinky little generic cameras set up in five minutes with a touch of a button, am I stuck 1 ½ hours later with a D-Link camera that still has no Wi-Fi?

It’s even funkier now. I get a remote connection (local doesn’t work anymore), but only if my smartphone is on the home network and the camera is connected via Ethernet. You’d think that’s a local connection, but the local tab in the app doesn’t work. It used to.


Oh, wait. Now, it only works on local mode when I choose the local tab. I should have left well enough alone when I first set it up.

Technical support might eventually get this to work, if only I’d give them a few more hours of my time. In the olden days, security cameras were difficult to set up. I’d have accepted the challenge. Nowadays, it’s unacceptable.

This product was provided for review by Altatec.

Mar 06

Sinoguo Gray Felt & Leather Handmade Case ★★★★☆

Sinoguo Gray Felt & Leather Handmade Case with the Bow-shaped Leather Stitching on Both Sides for 11″ Macbook Air and Most Popular 11~11.6 Inches Laptop / Notebook / Ultrabook /Netbook, Plus the Adapter Package for Power Adapter / Mobile Phone / Charger or Mouse

Sinoguo Gray Felt & Leather Cases make me feel so executive. Touches of leather accent the bottom and sides. The stitching and cut are first class.

It’s such a pity it doesn’t work for my Dell Inspiron 11.6″ notebook. The notebook fits perfectly until I pull the flap over to close. The snap button won’t reach. I guess it’s too thick for the case. A thinner or smaller notebook would not have this problem.

I like the little case that comes in this set. My Dell’s power adapter wouldn’t fit in there.  I don’t think most laptop power adapters would.  Instead, I use it to carry small items like power banks. Very nice.

This product was provided for review by Sinoguo.

Mar 06

Culina Lorena 20 pcs Flatware ★★★★☆

Culina Lorena 20 pcs Flatware for 4 18/10 Stainless Steel Silverware, Mirror Finish

Culina Lorena Flatware has such elegant lines. No sharp edges, no quick bends. The curves just flow.

I washed my new flatware in the dishwasher and tossed them in the drawer with my Mikasa set. The Culina Lorena collection may not have the weight of my Mikasa set, but I don’t notice the difference when I mix and match.  I’ve been using these daily and I’m pleased with the flatware’s beauty and quality.

This product was provided by Culina.

Mar 06

AvoDerm Natural Revolving Menu Small Breed Lamb Dog Food ★★★★★

AvoDerm Natural Revolving Menu Small Breed Lamb Dog Food

My cocker spaniel doesn’t have a sensitive stomach. I switch her food cold turkey all the time. She handles it like a champ. It was no different when I tested the AvoDerm Natural Revolving Menu Lamb Dog Food. I think the Vine program was supposed to send a bag of AvoDerm turkey to show how we can alternate their foods on our furry friends. No problem, I just switched back and forth between her regular food and AvoDerm.

My dog is fine. She likes AvoDerm. Her bowl is always licked clean. She hasn’t had any ill effects from the sudden change in diet.

And yes, I did say my dog is a cocker spaniel. She isn’t small breed, but it didn’t bother her that the kibble was tiny. Make that itty bitty, about half the size of my cat’s kibble. Teacup breeds should have no trouble eating it, but it’s okay for larger dogs.

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Mar 06

Avery Small Tent Cards ★★★★☆

Avery Small Tent Cards, 2 x 3.5 Inches, White, Box of 160 (5302)

Avery Tent Cards come micro-perforated and lightly scored. Separate them by bending back and forth. Don’t tear! They come apart so cleanly, you’d think they were cut by a blade. My tent cards looked sharp.

The only problem is we can only feed one page into the printer at a time. Yep, says that on every page. Each page has four cards. Small jobs are fine, but I’d not be too happy if I needed to print more than a few pages.

This product was provided for review by the Amazon Vine program.

Mar 06

Citations Made Simple ★★★☆☆

Citations Made Simple: A Student’s Guide to Easy Referencing: The Complete Guide

by Joanne M. Weselby

Citations Made Simple covers citation style guides for five different formats: APA, Harvard, Chicago, Vancouver, Oxford, and MLA. The author tells us a little about each format, where they are used (US or UK), and what fields of study we might find them.

This is a quick guide, but it would be more helpful if the author used fictitious names, titles, and dates in the examples instead of the generic “Title of Book,” “Author,” and “Year.” When I searched for examples of how to alphabetize in-text citations, I couldn’t tell how they were alphabetized by reading “(Author 1 & Author 2, Year).” Similarly, when sources are ordered by year, “Year 1, Year 2, Year 3″ doesn’t cut it. The entire book is filled with examples like these and it’s very hard on the eyes.

Mar 06

Lunch Bag by Freddie and Sebbie ★★★★☆

Lunch Bag by Freddie and Sebbie – Luxury Freezable Lunch Box Cooler Bag

Who needs ice packs? Just freeze the lunch bag. This lunch bag has room for six soda cans and a small sandwich.

Just how long will Freddie and Sebbie Lunch Bagstay cold? I’ve left the bag out all day in the desert in mild weather. At seven hours, drinks were still cold. At ten hours, the bag was no longer frozen and drinks were cool.

The bag is well constructed, but the flap opens all the way down the front. Things can fall out if it’s fully unzipped, so make sure the bag is sitting on a table first. Also, the bag is ice cold on the outside as well as inside. If you don’t want to feel it on the outside, you’ll need a different type of bag.

This product was provided for review by Freddie and Sebbie.

Mar 06

Mudder Heat-resistant Locking Tongs Set ★★★★☆

Mudder Set of 2 (9” and 12”) Heat-resistant Locking Tongs Set Made of 100% Food-Grade Silicone, Stainless Steel (Red)

These Locking Tongs take a little learning. When I set them out for guests at potlucks and such, they don’t seem to know how to operate them. Push the circle lever at the top in to open. Pull it to lock closed.

The tongs have silicone where I need them, on the grabbing surface and the handle, so nothing slips. They are easy to use, easy to clean (I put them in the dishwasher), and they stay closed for storage. A bit of the silicone grip does come off the handle if I pull on it, but it pops right back in and I’m right back in business.

I use these tongs every day for cooking and serving and I love them.

This product was provided for review by Mudder.

Mar 06

NomNom Delights Chocolate Lovers Popcorn Pizza ★★★★★

NomNom Delights Chocolate Lovers Popcorn Pizza in a Box – Unique Gourmet Gift! Kosher Certified (Sea Salt Caramel)

A solid chocolate crust, popcorn and salty pretzels drizzled in caramel. Please tell me I’m not dreaming. The presentation had everyone in the family drooling with excitement. Who would ever believe such sweetness could come disguised in a pizza box?

I loved my Chocolate Lovers Popcorn Pizza, absolutely. My husband was happy, yet critical of the popcorn. Too bland, he says. My daughter followed his lead.

I counter that sweet and salty need a balance, like spicy foods with white rice. Caramel popcorn would throw me into a diabetic coma. Yes, I need plain popcorn. It has an air-popped quality to it. Maybe that’s what they’re critiquing.

If there’s any indication what they really think, the caramel chocolate popcorn pretzel pizza box is sitting empty on the counter.

This pizza would make a great treat for a small party of about eight guests.

This product was provided for review by NomNom Delights.