Apr 16

iXCC ® Dual USB 3.1 Amp [15 Watt] White Car Charger ★★★★☆

iXCC ® Dual USB 3.1 Amp [15 Watt] White Car Charger

The iXCC ® Dual Car Charger comes with a 2.1 and 1 amp port. I prefer they both be 2.1 amp, because I don’t want to have search for the 2.1 amp port.

I use the charger to charge my dash cam and my iPhone at the same time. It juts out of the console, but I like that. I never need to look down to find it.

Charging is pretty quick on the 2.1 amp port. I got a 35% charge on my iPhone 4S just driving to and from school to pick up my daughter.

It’s handy to have if you own small electronic devices that charge via USB. Just about every cell phone on the market is like that, and all the tablets. It’s a great way to keep them charged up.

This product was provided for review by iXCC.

Apr 16

200 Yard Water Balloon Launcher ★★★★★

200 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

The 200 Yard Water Balloon Launcher is a little tighter than the 100 yard launcher. If you have older children, I’d recommend the 200 yard launcher. Adults can try the 300 and 400 yard launchers.

Our balloons really didn’t go 200 yards. We couldn’t even go 100 yards, but I was using two pre-teens and a one adult. I’m sure it would go much farther with all adults. You will always need at least three people to operate this.

Safety glasses are recommended. You never know when something like this could snap. Also, supply your own nozzle to fill the balloons.

My kids and brother had fun with this launcher. They liked the 100 yard launcher best, because it is the most elastic. They get harder to pull, the farther they are supposed to launch. The 400 yard launcher is so hard to pull that the kids couldn’t get the balloons to go very far at all. 60 meters was the maximum distance we could shoot, and I’m not sure which launcher made that. They all looked to shoot about the same distance.

Definitely go for the 200 or 100 yard launcher, unless your group consists of a bunch of muscular men.

This product was provided for review by Bam Launcher.

Apr 16

300 Yard Water Balloon Launcher ★★★★☆

300 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

We got the entire line of these water balloon launchers to test out: 100, 200, 300, and 400 yards. The farther it’s supposed to launch, the thicker and tighter the slingshot.

That’s really what it is: a slingshot made of humans and some rubber tubing. You’ll need at least three humans. There’s a warning against tying the slingshot to inanimate objects, so you need humans. Children should be supervised, and they need protective eyewear in case it snaps.

Balloons come with the 300 Yard Water Balloon Launcher, but it doesn’t come with a nozzle to fill up the balloons. If you plan to use this, you need to get a nozzle, or it will be difficult to fill the balloons. They are little.

My family fulfilled most of the requirements. I used two children and an adult. We were prepared to shoot all the way across the playground. Instead, we shot 30 to 60 meters. They all shot about the same distance. The 300 yard launcher was more difficult to pull, so the kids couldn’t really load it as well. I think if we used grown, muscular men like in the ads, the balloons could probably launch quite a ways more.

Given the choice, the children preferred the 100 yard launcher. They like it because it’s more elastic. It’s harder to pull the 300 yard launcher. Still, they enjoyed it.

This product was provided for review by Bam Launcher.

Apr 16

Bluefinger AirKee Pro ★★★★☆

Bluefinger AirKee Pro the Ultra-thin Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Brightness and Color Adjustable Backlight for iPad Air – White

I was given the Bluefinger AirKee Pro with the understanding that I do not own an iPad Air. I have a Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ tablet. The vendor said it might not fit, but that I could try to see how it performs. Well, it didn’t fit; and unfortunately, it didn’t pair. My Kindle said it was incompatible. Instead, I was able to get this to work with the iPhone 4S.

The Airkee Pro is not only a keyboard, it is also a case. As you can imagine, the iPhone doesn’t fit in the case. However, I can lean it on the shell stand and type.

This is a different keyboard from all that I’ve ever seen and used. The tablet sits inside the lid and it opens up and stands via a magnetic mount. When the magnet is engaged, the keyboard turns on. I imagine the iPad Air also turns on. It would be all automatic. I love the concept.

Typing is comfortable. The keys are all well-placed, with the exception of the right shift key, which is small and too far to the right. I keep hitting the page up key instead. That is an annoyance, but I’m beginning to learn to reach whenever I need to shift.

There are some keyboards that can be used with a variety of devices. Because of the shell case design, this one works best with iPad Air. It is exceptionally thin. It’s lightweight, and would be great for travel. Just make sure you have an iPad Air.

This product was provided for review by Bluefinger.

Apr 16

Enhance Nightlux Lantern ★★★★☆

Enhance Nightlux Lantern — Rugged Battery Powered Lantern with Remote Control, 12 LED Lights & Durable Fold-out Hanging Clip

The Enhance Nightlux Lantern is on the small side for lanterns, but it can put out enough light for a tent, which is where I plan to use it. The lantern can light a bedroom enough so I don’t trip on anything. If I want to read, I need to get pretty close.

Also included is a remote on a clip. The remote works from at least 35 feet away. I was impressed. There’s a hook on the lantern for hanging. It folds up so we can attach the remote when we store it. Remotes that get lost are always a worry, but not here.

The Enhance Nightlux is compact and lightweight – a good personal lantern.

This product was provided for review by Accessory Power.

Apr 16

100 yard Water Balloon Launcher ★★★★★

100 yard Water Balloon Launcher

My children and brother tried out the 100, 200, 300, and 400 Yard Water Balloon Launchers. The 100 yard Water Balloon Launcher was the pick up the group. It’s the easiest to pull and launch. The farther they are supposed to go, the harder they are to pull, so the kids did not end up pulling hard enough with the 400 yard launcher, and the balloons landed right where the 100-yard balloons landed. At the end of the day, we got between 30 to 60 yards, having used all the launchers. That was far enough. If the balloons went any farther, I wouldn’t be able to see them land.

Make sure to wear safety glasses and supply your own water nozzle for filling up the water balloons. You’ll need at least three people. I recommend the kids be supervised. When you have everything together, enjoy.

This is a fun and unique outdoor activity that’s sure get everyone’s attention. My children had a good time.

This product was provided for review by Bam Launcher.

Apr 16

U Color by Umberto Italian Demi Color 6.43 Dark Copper Brown ★★★★☆

U Color by Umberto Italian Demi Color 6.43 Dark Copper Brown

This is the first time I’ve used demi color. I rarely color my hair. When my hair was all dark, I thought it would be great to see some gray strands come in so I could give it “highlights.” You see, my dark hair would never take any colors. No matter what color I dyed it, it always looked the same dark color. I would have to bleach it first, which I didn’t want to do. Being a little gray made it possible to lighten my hair a bit.

U Color comes with two applications (one for now, one for later), a pair of gloves, and an applicator brush. The hair color comes in a packet, separated into three compartments. We need to fold the packet into thirds and cut off the top, exposing all three compartments at once. Squeeze the three compartments evenly onto our hair — yeah, right. It wasn’t that easy to squeeze evenly. Sometimes, I saw clear liquid. Sometimes, I saw colored liquid. That meant color may be uneven. Once done, I waited 25 minutes then washed off. It doesn’t stink to high heaven like one dye I used does, and my hair didn’t feel too dry when I was done. I still see grays, but some of the grays look more coppery.

I like the color, I like that we don’t have to mix it, but I don’t like the pouch. The maker warns of allergic reaction and how we have to do a test area first. That is truly impractical with these plastic pouches. There ought to be a way we can do this without mixing and without the pouch method.

Though gray peeks through, it’s blended. My hair looks more natural that way. No one would ever accuse me of dying my hair when there are strands of gray here and there. Since I used a color lighter than my own hair color, I now have my highlights. It looks great to me; but if you want total gray coverage, it might not work.

Apr 16

Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment ★★★★★

This review was originally posted May 7, 2009.

Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment

Chapstick can’t beat this. I feel instant relief with a cool and then warming sensation, and my lips feel the hydration. Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment is especially good when the lips are so dry and chapped that they hurt. It really works!

Apr 16

Intex Swim Center Summer Colors Pool ★★★★☆

This review was originally posted May 9, 2009.

Intex Swim Center 73-by-71-by-21-Inch Summer Colors Pool

The Intex Swim Center is a little smaller than I imagined it to be. The picture on the box is an accurate depiction with the children and adult inside, although I did not see that picture online when I bought it — I just saw the pool.

The floor is inflatable, so it’s nice and padded. The pool is deep enough for my 5 and 7 year old to enjoy. They don’t seem to mind the circumference and are playing happily in it as I type.

The walls are sturdy. My son was sitting on it and it held his weight (50 pounds). My yard is not level and we sometimes have problems with children’s pools, because the weight of the water pushing on one end is too much for the wall, but I think the shape of the pool does help keep the walls from sagging under pressure.

It’s a nice pool. I’d get a larger next time because my children are older. I’d recommend it for preschoolers. It’s a bit deep for toddlers, unless you watch them very closely or don’t fill it completely.

Apr 14

Pogi’s Poop Bag Dispenser ★★★★★

Pogi’s Poop Bag Dispenser with 15 Earth-Friendly Poop Bags (Cream)

There are poop bag dispensers at the dollar store shaped like bones. I own some. Pogi’s Poop Bag Dispenser looks like a bone, but the quality is much better.

Dollar store dispensers are made of cheap plastic. They come apart when I’m on my walks, spilling my roll of plastic bags all over the ground. Not Pogi’s. This is quality hard plastic. It comes apart only when I need it to come apart.

Dollar store dispensers have a cheap plastic hook. Not Pogi’s. Pogi’s comes with a metal carabiner.

Dollar store dispensers have cheap plastic bags that don’t separate easily. I end up with holes in the thin bags I pull off. Not Pogi’s. We get a nice scent with each bag we pull out. They tear off easily. They are thicker, no holes.

The one thing that is a problem: the opening sticks shut like the produce bags at the supermarket. I need to wet my fingers to open them. That seems to be a problem with a lot of brands I’ve used.

There are poop bag dispensers, and there are poop bag dispensers. There is a difference. I like Pogi’s.

This product was provided for review by Pogi’s Pet Supplies.