Apr 25

Newstep Women’s One Piece Halter Bathing Suit ★★★★★

Newstep Women’s One Piece Halter Push Up Padding Bathing Suit Blue

The Newstep Bathing Suit fits me from top to bottom. The top makes me look fuller. The bottom gives full coverage without looking like it gives full coverage. No bikini shave needed.

I would prefer not having a teardrop hole that draws the eyes to the belly. Nevertheless, I find it flattering. So does hubby.

This product was provided for review by Newstop.

Apr 25

Lesypet 12″-16″ Leopard Pattern Collar ★★★★☆

Lesypet 12″-16″ Leopard Pattern Collar LED Dog Puppy Collar Blue Color -Small

The small Lesypet Leopard Pattern Collar fits my 23-pound cocker spaniel. I was impressed by how bright it shines. This works much better than reflective collars. She’s not easy to miss, even with the steady on setting. It has a flashing mode, which would be even better, but that gets her too excited (she tries to find the lights).

The only problem is I can’t use this collar as her primary collar, because he tugs at her leash, and that loosens the collar. I place this collar on with her other collar and attach the leash to her other collar. For this, I will reduce the rating by one star.

This product was provided for review by Lesypet.

Apr 25

LolliZ Beverage Napkins ★★★★☆

LolliZ Beverage Napkins, Polka Dots – Blue

What pretty napkins. LolliZ Beverage Napkins look better in person. While the product description says “beverage napkins,” they were large enough for us to use for meals. I could open one up on my lap. They’re a good size for beverage napkins.

Like all the printed party napkins I’ve ever used, the napkins are on the coarse and stiff side, the better to look crisp for the party.

This product was provided for review by Culina.

Apr 25

JADO Full HD Super Night Vision Car DVR ★★★★☆

JADO Full HD Super Night Vision Car DVR Anti-shake Dash Cam – 2.4″ High Dynamic Range Rendering

I like small dash cams with a screen on the back that I can mount to my dashboard. I want them to use micro SD cards and store the footage in a universal (i.e., not proprietary) format. The JADO Dash Cam has all those qualities. It comes with a windshield mount, and a disk I can adhere to my dash. A micro SD card was included, but that failed after less than two weeks of use. By fail, I mean it won’t record, and I can’t format it. Not to fear, I carry my own micro SD cards.

So far, so good. The screen helps with adjusting the angle, and I don’t have to take it back to my computer to program in the time and date. I set the screen to turn off after a few seconds so that it doesn’t bother me while driving, especially at night. I would like to see some sort of indicator light when that screen is off, to let me know it’s still recording. There’s an indicator light on the front. Go figure.

The camera comes with a battery, but I don’t rely on that for daily driving. That’s more for when I want to do things like turn on the camera while I’m parked. Keeping the camera plugged into the USB port lets it do things like automatically turn on and off when I start or stop the engine.

I like it.

This product was provided for review by AUTO-VOX.

Apr 25

Premium PU Leather Business Handbag ★★★★☆

Premium PU Leather Business Handbag Briefcase – Men’s Vintage Messenger Laptop Bag – Fit 14″ Laptop

This Men’s Vintage Messenger Laptop Bag looks great. I can fit both my 11-inch Dell laptop and my backpack purse inside. It features carry handles and an optional strap. I love the shoulder strap for the swivel claw clasps. The strap is not leather, but the bag is.

The top zips up and there are snap buttons. It’s a little awkward to button up, though. The buttons do not face each other. I have to remove the shoulder strap and bend one side down. It would have worked better if both sets of buttons were inside the bag facing each other. Kinda makes me think someone at the factory was asleep at the wheel. No matter. The zipper is good enough to hold everything inside.

There are two open pockets and one zippered pocket inside. It’s lined but not padded. It’s sewn, but the edges are raw. I like the look.

This product was provided for review by IBport.

Apr 25

The Nutro Company Breakfast Scrambles with Chicken, Egg and Salmon ★★★★☆

The Nutro Company Breakfast Scrambles with Chicken, Egg and Salmon

My cat is never one to turn down canned food. We were a little worried at first, because she looked like she wasn’t crazy about The Nutro Company Breakfast Scrambles. Not to fear. Once she figured it out, it was gone. The next day, she was following my daughter all over the house when she thought the can was coming out. Obviously, she likes it.

This product was provided for review by the Amazon Vine program.

Apr 25

Foscam C1 Indoor HD 720P Wireless IP Camera ★★★★☆

Foscam C1 Indoor HD 720P Wireless “Plug and Play” IP Camera with Night Vision Up to 26 ft, Super Wide 115° Viewing Angle, PIR Motion Detection (Black)

I really love the Foscam C1 IP Camera. It was easy to set up with my HTC One M8, it has a small footprint, it records to a micro SD card, it is motion activated, and it gives me remote access even when my internet service is throttled.

Some of the drawbacks include a lack of pan/tilt capability and an inability to view the micro SD card videos on my Android app. Pan and tilt is cool, and I like it when it’s available. The reality is, I only ever use that feature to set up the shot and it’s easy enough to set up without it. Being able to view the micro SD footage is useful, but I rarely use that, as well.

The Foscam software for Windows 7 is not user friendly at all. I guess if I could figure it out, it would be powerful stuff. I tried the Internet Explorer interface, but some of those functions don’t work – like setup, I can’t enter setup. Internet Explorer gives me a live feed, though. Just stick with the Android app. It’s simple and easy and the only thing I use. I just wish it would let me tell the cam to email me when motion is detected.

There is a lag time for the transmission of footage. Motion is a little jerky, even when my internet connection is running full speed. The recorded video does not show lag, though. It works just fine.

I’ve tested a lot of security cameras. I don’t always keep them, but I’m keeping this one. The remote access works, it stores video, and it is motion activated. Believe me, we don’t always get those in one package, which is why this is my favorite Foscam security cam to date.

This product was provided for review by Foscam.

Apr 25

MIXI Batch Mixing Fashion Leather Bracelet ★★★★☆

MIXI Batch Mixing Fashion Leather Bracelet Cool Jewelry Gift Flower Cuff Women Mens

The MIXI Bracelet is a cute bracelet. It goes with a lot of my outfits because it’s so casual. We tighten it by pulling two strands, which requires me to use my teeth to hold one end, but that’s not too hard. I have a small wrist, so I tighten it all the way. It fits me perfectly, but I can see that it will fit very large wrists, as well.

This product was provided for review by MIXI.

Apr 25

Dbmier Tracing Light Pad ★★★★★

Dbmier A4 LED Ultra-Thin Light Tracer Artcraft Tracing Light Pad Light Box – 12″ x 8″ with Acrylics 110V AC Power Adapter & Dimmable LED Lamps, Ideal for Stenciling, 2D Animation, Calligraphy, Embossing, Scrapbooking, Tattoo Transferring, Sketching & Drawing, Sewing projects, Stained Glass, Quilting

I didn’t know what a light box was. I thought maybe it hooked up to the computer or something, but this is so cool. The Dbmier Light Box simply lights up. We place and image we want to trace on it and a piece of paper on top of that. The light makes it easy to see and trace. Simple, yet effective. It’s a little larger than a letter size page, making it comfortable to work on. The light is bright but not blindingly so. I like it, my kids like it. I know it will be put to use, especially for school projects. Best of all, it’s thin and lightweight, thus easy to store.

This product was provided for review by Dbmier.