Dec 18

Eachine AT888 4.3″ LCD Rear View Mirror Car DVR Dash Cam ★★☆☆☆

Eachine AT888 4.3″ LCD Rear View Mirror Car DVR Dash Cam BlackBox Accident Dual-Camera HD Video Recorder 1080P G-Sensor

The Eachine LCD Rear View Mirror Car DVR Dash Cam acts as both a rearview mirror and a dash cam. The display takes up more real estate than another dash cam/rearview mirror I owned, which means I get a better view of what’s being filmed. I like that.

There are suction cups on the back of the cam so that it doesn’t scratch up the car’s rearview mirror (like my last such dash cam did). I like that, also.

What I don’t like is the bluish tint of the mirror and the fact the display won’t turn off when the camera is recording. My other rearview mirror dash cam would only stay on for minute, allowing us to check the angle. This one is on even at night, distracting me and making it hard to see cars behind me.

The cable that goes into the car’s power socket doesn’t work. I’m not sure if that’s the fault of the cable or the fault of the ports. There are two ports. I tried them both. Fortunately, the mini USB port works, and that’s what I used to power it.

The ultimate problem is the weak spring mount on the back, which broke after only a day of use. It no longer will mount to my car’s rearview mirror, which means I can’t use it.

This product was provided for review by Eachine.

Dec 18

Jelly Comb Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker with LED Lantern ★★★★☆

Jelly Comb Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker with LED Lantern Lamp & FM Radio

This Jelly Comb Speaker functions as an mp3 player, a lantern, and a Bluetooth speaker. Notice I didn’t say radio. I live where FM reception is good, but I rarely get a signal from this radio. Even when I do, I can’t tell what channel I’m on (no display) and there’s lots of static.

The mp3 player works with a micro SD card. It was a little scary inserting it because I didn’t feel a spring, but there is a spring after all. Controls work as expected, except for volume. I tried to get the sound to turn way down low, but it doesn’t turn as low as I’d like before muting. Oh well.

Bluetooth speaker is good for personal use. No one expects a lantern to have high end audio, but the sound is clear and the volume good enough to satisfy most casual users. On the other hand, phone call quality is extremely poor. The caller is far too soft, and they can’t hear me, either.

Pairing is easy, reconnection is automatic, and the range is good. The stern female voice telling me Bluetooth is pairing is accented. I’m used to foreign accents on my devices. I usually find them pleasant, but this one is particularly strong and grating. If I didn’t understand English, I’d think she was scolding me. It needs a sweeter voice.

The speaker unfolds into a lantern with two brightness settings. For its small size, it puts out a lot of light. My daughter actually complained about how bright it was when I brought it to her room at night, and that was on the low setting. I don’t think it’s as bright as she claimed, but it is bright enough for me to find my way in the dark. I could read by it if I had to.

This combination of lantern/mp3 player/Bluetooth speaker makes it ideal for camping and other outdoor activities.

This product was provided for review by Jelly Comb Corp.

Dec 18

Luxebell 8-in-1 Accessories Kit ★★★★★

Luxebell 8-in-1 Accessories Kit for Gopro HD Hero4,Hero3+,Hero3,Hero2,Hero Camera,Chest Belt Strap Mount+ Head Belt Strap Mount+ Extendable Handle Monopod + 360 Degree Car Suction Cup Mount Holder + Floating Handle Grip + 2PCS Tripod Mount Adapter + 2PCS Surface J-Hook

I didn’t need a GoPro to use the Luxebell 8-in-1 Accessories Kit. I used a generic GoPro action cam instead. It fits everything like a dream. I’m so happy. I thought I wouldn’t be able to find accessories for the generic cam, but that’s not the case at all.

The windshield mount has a strong hold. I used it for an hour today without a problem. The chest strap is great for wearing on my body. The size is adjustable and it’s comfortable. The helmet strap doesn’t work on my bike helmet. The shape of the bike helmet causes the strap to slip off. Instead, it fits a sport helmet. The monopod not only works with my action cam, it will work with any camera or camcorder. Fit it with a phone mount (not included) and you can mount a smartphone, as well.

I’m happy I don’t have to resort the adhesive pads that came with my camera to mount to a dashboard or sport helmet. I can use the accessories in this kit instead.

This product was provided for review by Luxebell Direct.

Dec 18

Lepower LED Wireless Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light ★★★★☆

Lepower Upgraded Version 16 Bright LED Wireless Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light (Weatherproof, No Batteries Required)

I have a lot of solar lights like the Lepower Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light. They depend heavily on the sun. Not only do they need sun, they need more intense sun. Winter sun will not bring out the best in these lights. My light started out very bright, but we’ve had lots of rain and clouds lately. It’s now dimmer than it was, but that’s not the fault of the light. It still automatically turns on at night and brightens up when I’m nearby. I don’t even have to be directly under it, just somewhere in the vicinity.

I place this light up on my shade structure. It’s the ideal way to light a path raising the electric bill, so long as it can get enough sunlight.

This product was provided for review by Lepower.

Dec 18

Sportown Women’s Capri Leggings ★★★★★

Sportown Women’s Capri Leggings Yoga/Gym/Running Workout Pants, Hidden Pocket (Purple, L)

The Sportown Women’s Capri Leggings looked small out of the bag, but they stretch. Once I had them on, they were down to my ankles. I wouldn’t call them capris at all. I find the fit flattering and I love the color.

There’s a small pocket. I wouldn’t put more than a bill or two inside. The waistband doesn’t fold down, so I think they are more leggings than yoga pants. I’ve been wearing them to the gym and I like the comfort and freedom of movement.

This product was provided for review by Appearances International.

Dec 18

Flylinktech® M10 NEW for HD 1080P 60fps Sports Action Camera ★★★★★

Flylinktech® M10 NEW for HD 1080P 60fps Sports Action Camera H.264 12MP Helmet Cam 1.5 -inch High Definition Screen with 60M Waterproof Case (Black)

The Flylinktech® M10 Sports Action Camera comes with basic mounting hardware and a waterproof case. I can mount it on a bike, a bike helmet, my waistband. The following supplies are included:

* waterproof case
* bicycle mount
* base 1
* base 2
* clip (holds bare camera)
* fixed base
* switch support 1, 2, & 3 (helps change direction of camera)
* adapter (allows camera to be used with tripods and monopods)
* helmet base
* straps
* cable ties
* adhesive pads
* wire cable (not sure what it’s for)
* micro USB cable
* USB wall charger
* manual
* microfiber cloth

To unlock its full potential, I recommend a GoPro accessories kit (yes, this is compatible). Once I paired them together, a whole new world opened up to me. Place it on anything. Wear it anywhere.

The Flylinktech camera does not have the remote capabilities my previous action cam had. It takes photos, but action video suits it best, since I don’t want to stop in the middle of my action to press a button. I get great footage, but remember that the wide angle lens lends a fish eye effect.

Speaking of fish, the waterproof case is truly waterproof. I’m not sure if the screws on the hardware will eventually rust, but the case itself did not let in a drop of water during my tests.

This product was provided for review by Flylinktech.

Dec 18

Oversized XXL Glass Polishing Cloth (2-Pack) by Frost ★★★★★

Oversized XXL Glass Polishing Cloth (2-Pack) by Frost – Microfiber Cloths 25×20 inches

I like to keep all my fun electronic devices looking like new. These Glass Polishing Cloths make buffing out those fingerprints easy. I just place them in a towel and start rubbing. When I’m done, I use the towel to put it back where I want it without touching them. Those devices come out looking like new.

I have a drawer full of little microfiber towels. If there’s a drawback to this set, it’s that they take up much more room. Nevertheless, I’m replacing those towels with this set. Wrapping up a device and rubbing with my whole hand works much better than wadding a tiny towel in my fingertips.

This product was provided for review by Frost.

Dec 18

Noosy 3rd generation Nano SIM card and Micro SIM Card Cutter ★★★★★

Noosy 3rd generation Nano SIM card and Micro SIM Card Cutter for iPhone 5, iPhone 4, 4S and Other Phones

I was a little worried reading reviews of all these SIM card cutters: SIM card loose, crooked cut, rough cut, hard to punch, ruined card, etc. The Noosy SIM Card Cutter looks like a stapler. I put the card in the bottom slot, then press down hard and fast. Perfect. I didn’t even bother to use the included file to smooth it out. It works. It wasn’t difficult, and my card is functional.

There are two slots on this cutter. We can cut from full size SIM to micro SIM, or we can cut micro SIM to nano SIM. We can’t cut from full size SIM directly to nano SIM. If we ever change our minds, there are SIM card adapters included to size us back up.

Since I only need micro SIM, I’m not sure how well the nano SIM slot works. I’m just happy I can use up the minutes on my old card and not have to buy myself a new one for my new phone.

Dec 16

Dog Feeding Mat with Bowl ★★★★☆

Dog Feeding Mat with Bowl – Stainless Bowl & Silicon Mat

My 23 pound cocker spaniel always pushes her bowl around when she eats. The mat on this Dog Feeding Mat with Bowl will keep her from knocking it over, but she can still push it around. She also makes a mess when eating, and the mat is not large enough to contain that.

It’s a small bowl, probably better suited for a toy breed or cat. We can take the bowl out and use the mat as an additional bowl, but the metal bowl looks easy to tip over without the mat. I know it wouldn’t stand more than a few minutes with my dog.

If you’re looking for a bowl that won’t tip, this will definitely work. If you’re looking for one that can’t be pushed, my dog can push it. Maybe a smaller dog can’t. My cat would be fine with it.

This product was provided for review by Pet Magasin.

Dec 16

TheraPearl Pals – Pearl the Pig ★★★★★

TheraPearl Pals – Pearl the Pig

Pearl the Pig is filled with more beads than similar cold packs I’ve used. I’ve had it sitting on my arm for the past half hour and it’s still cold. I honestly didn’t expect something smaller than the size of my hand to work for that long.

My daughter picked out the pig. She thought it was cute. At least when she gets hurt, the pig will give her something to smile about.

This product was provided for review by THERA°PEARL.