Nov 22

SlimPlate System ★★★★★

SlimPlate System – Step by Step Portion Control Plate Weight Loss Program

I began the SlimPlate System on October 15. Today is November 22. I’m on step 2 and still have two more steps to go. When I started, I was 140 pounds. My BMI is okay, but I’m heavier than I’d like to be. Today, I’m 136. I was planning to wait until the end of four months to write this review, but the holidays are coming up and it would be hard to evaluate the effectiveness of the system if I cheat and gain weight, so I want report what has happened up until now.

I’ve followed the system as best I could, but it was not exact. The first month, there was no room for carbs on the dinner plate. If we were having spaghetti and meatballs with salad, I’d take just meatballs and salad. However, if it was lasagna night, no problem. I still had my lasagna on the protein portion. I just pat myself on the back for adhering to smaller portions. There’s a breakfast bowl and plate for bread and cereals, so the system does not disallow carbs completely in step 1.

To be honest, I was hungry the first day. After that, it wasn’t so hard. We get two snacks, which the plan insists we eat, and I can drink two sugared drinks (not sugar-free) per day, so I can get in my sodas.

I’m on step 2 now. There is room for a small amount of carbs on my dinner plate now. If my roll is far too large for the carb section, I might break it in half; but something that is just a little bigger, I leave whole. Having room for carbs is so much nicer.

We eat out a lot. I cut portions in half most of the time. When I eyeball it, half a portion is what fits on my plate. Alternatively, I order off the light menu.

I plot my weight with an app using my Bluetooth scale. My weight has been fluctuating much less since I’ve started the system. It is on a steady downward slope. You can see it in the photo of the screenshot I uploaded:

SlimPlate Weight Loss Graph

I’m very happy with the weight loss and I hope I have some self control for this Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This product was provided for review by SlimPlate System.

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Nov 22

ProDeals® 10FT Photo Video Studio Adjustable Background Backdrop Support ★★★★☆

ProDeals® 10FT Photo Video Studio Adjustable Background Backdrop Support System Stand Backdrop Background Heavy Duty Support Stand with Case + 4 x Sectional Cross Bars

This ProDeals® Background Backdrop Support is my first backdrop support. I wasn’t sure what to expected. It comes in a bag. We take it out, snap the bars together, open up the legs, and screw the bars to the legs. It’s pretty simple.

We have to provide our own backdrop, of course. I bought my own muslin that’s 6 feet wide. That means I really don’t need ten feet of bars all the way across. I just put two bars together and that’s good enough for me. The stand extends to a maximum of 6 feet tall. I can’t seem to get the advertised 8 feet.

I’ve pretty much left this up in my office, ready to snap photos or video at any time, so the bag is not being used. It wouldn’t be hard to take apart for transportation, though. The backdrop support helps my photos look so much nicer than they did before. I’m happy with it.

Nov 22

Avery Textured Place Cards ★★★★☆

Avery Textured Place Cards, White, 1.43 x 3.75 Inches, Pack of 60 (80504)

Avery has it down with their specialty papers. We no longer need worry about downloading or installing software, proper formatting, or finding images. Once we have the paper, just go to their site, enter the template type, and every event or celebration type will show up. Choose one style, change it up, use their images or upload your own. Then (this the beauty of it), automatically transfer the style you created to other paper types to coordinate your theme. I did exactly that.

Avery Textured Place Cards come six to a page. The paper is textured card stock. They come apart so cleanly, you’d never know they were ever attached. The secret to separating them is to bend them once forward then back. Don’t tear them or the edges will be ragged.

Once separated, we have to fold them in half ourselves. I think they should have included a crease line for that, but folding them into a tent isn’t hard.

Be sure to select the correct template type (16109). I didn’t the first time. I just clicked on “place cards” and ended up formatting for some other type of Avery place cards. If you do it right, they will format nicely.

This product was provided for review by the Amazon Vine program.

Nov 22

Tourna Pete Sampras Ballport ★★★★☆

Tourna Pete Sampras Ballport, Holds 80 Balls

Assembly wasn’t too difficult, but the illustration wasn’t completely clear. Two bars go on top and two bars go on bottom. We were missing four screws to complete the job. Luckily, I found some at home that fit the holes.

The Tourna Pete Sampras Ballport is a huge improvement over the wire basket one we had. It’s sturdy. Its legs don’t fall off, and the top bars hold the balls in during transport. No more spilling balls because of a loose lid. Slide those bars aside to gain access to the balls. It’s easy. Picking up balls isn’t a chore anymore, either.

My son is a fan. I am, also. After the last basket we had, I’m very happy we found this one.

Nov 20

ACEVOG® Women’s Round Neck Bodycon Pencil Dress ★★★★★

ACEVOG® Women’s Round Neck Bodycon Pencil Party Work Basic Dress

What a nice dress. I wasn’t expecting the ACEVOG® Pencil Dress to fit so well. The fabric is stretchy and thin, so that it’s form fitting yet comfortable. I used some shapewear, because my every curve is exposed. It’s not translucent material, though. I don’t need to worry about what those undies look like.

My daughter says it looks futuristic. I can see that – the curves of bold red and black remind me of Star Trek. It could be a costume in their next movie.

I got medium, exactly what the sizing chart recommended. It fits fine and hits me just below the knees (I’m 5’5″). My husband thinks it’s flattering.

This product was provided for review by Honormall.

Nov 20

DBK E8 10000mAh 2USB Output Portable Charger ★★★★☆

DBK E8 10000mAh 2USB Output Portable Charger with LED flashlight for iPhone, Android, other Smartphones and Tablets (Apple Adapters Not Included) (Blue)

This is an attractive matte blue power bank, no shiny fingerprint magnet surface here. I’d say the DBK E8 Charger the size of a phone but double the thickness. At only 8 ounces, I can carry it everywhere with me in my purse.

Having two ports means I can charge two devices at once. Right now, I’m charging two cell phones.

The capacity is enough to give my HTC One M8 two full charges, which is wonderful. I only wish it would charge faster. It takes five hours to charge my phone, even on the 2.1 amp port. Still, the size, aesthetics, and capacity keep me happy.

This product was provided for review by Sehnzhen DBK Electronics.

Nov 20

Candy Molds Lego Styled Minifigures Silicone Tray ★★★★★

Candy Molds Lego Styled Minifigures Silicone Tray. Mold Chocolate, Ice Cubes, Jello, Crayons, Soap.

For the Lego enthusiast in your life, Lego Styled Minifigures Silicone Tray are a real treat. Use them for candy or Jello or chocolate, or what I did: ice.

With these three molds, we can make one big Lego man, four small Lego men, eight, smaller Lego men, and ten Lego bricks. The ice bricks excited my son until he realized ice bricks don’t snap together. Maybe if I had more brick molds, I could stack them in the freezer and they would make indentations on the back of each ice brick, so the ice bricks would fit together like Lego bricks do.

The ice comes out of the molds so easily. They don’t get stuck like they might out of other traditional molds. We just push to pop them out.

I can imagine these molds would come in especially handy for a Lego themed birthday party, and they would also make great stocking stuffers.

This product was provided for review by Evergreen Life Kitchen.

Nov 20

808 CANZ Bluetooth Wireless Speaker ★★★★★

808 CANZ Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – Blue (SP880BL)

It looks like a small soda can, but it’s all speaker. I could feel it when I pick it up. It’s solid weight, not cheap plastic, with a sound to match. I love listening to CANZ every morning as I get ready for the day.

Pairing was easy, and reconnecting is automatic on my HTC One M8. Range is great. I can go two rooms away with walls in between and still get a signal.

The only thing this lacks is onboard controls. There’s a power switch and a pairing button. That’s it. If you like simplicity, that’s all you need.

This product was provided for review by the Max Borges Agency.

Nov 20

Elvish Model C Wireless Doorbell ★★★★★

Elvish Model C Wireless Doorbell Operating At 500-feet Range with Over 50 Chimes, No Batteries Required for Receiver

We had doorbells like the Elvish Doorbell where I worked, but they weren’t placed outdoors. They were placed indoors to let employees communicate with each other. “Hey, I need help!” I tinkered with using this for calling my kids downstairs for dinner. They certainly couldn’t miss the loud sound, and we could pick from so many tunes/sounds that it’s pleasant enough.

I plugged the chime downstairs in the middle of the house. I can trigger it from anywhere in the house using my remote button.

The best thing is there’s no wiring nor installation required. We can simply mount the button with adhesive pads, and the chime goes anywhere there’s an outlet.

This product was provided for review by Allinone.

Nov 20

Aurora Master ★★★★☆

Aurora Master Sold by Abco Tech Multicolor Ocean Wave Light Projector, 12 LED, BLUE, RED, GREEN, MULTICOLOR, MP3 iPhone Speaker LED Night Light

Aurora Master projects light waves onto the ceiling reminiscent of the movement of water or the sway of a ship. Depending on how you lean, it will either soothe you or make you seasick.

We can have quick changing colors, slow changing colors, or a choice of solid colors. It turns off automatically after about an hour. There is no other option. If you want it on all night, you will have to get up and turn it back on. For most kids, an hour is plenty.

Alternatively, connect the Aurora Master to an audio device via auxiliary cable (included) and listen to music. This can be done with or without the lights (and lights can be on with or without music). The buttons on Aurora Master allow us to adjust volume without picking up our music player.

It works exactly as described. There is a slight sound from the lights as they move, but I have to listen to it to notice. I took a nap today with it on and didn’t notice the sound at all.

The plastic feels a little cheap, but that doesn’t affect the light show. It’s great for children who are afraid of the dark, distracting them long enough to drift off to sleep. My daughter had one just like it when she was younger and I’m happy to see it again.

This product was provided for review by Abco Tech.