Mar 24

Chocobanana ★★★★☆


Chocobanana looks like cake on the Amazon listing. In real life, it looks more like a Twix bar and tastes like a nutrition bar – more banana than choco, not too sweet. It fills me up in between meals. If you’re looking for cake or chocolate, this might not be for you. If you want a snack bar to fill you up, it works. Only 70 Calories each, but they are small bars.

This product was provided for review by Qarnosa.

Mar 24

Hyundai HCR-580 Vehicle Black Box ★★★★★

Hyundai HCR-580 Vehicle Black Box DVR Road Dash Video Camera Recorder 12MP Full HD 1920x1080P Car DVR 120 Degree Wide Angle 2.7inch LCD Traffic Dashboard Camcorder with Night Vision

The Hyundai HCR-580 is one of the tiniest dash cams I’ve ever owned. It’s about half the size of the one I normally use. The screen is that much smaller, but we only need the screen to adjust the camera angle and to occasionally review footage. If you wanted, you could buy a GoPro accessories kit and use it as an action cam. I did try that with my GoPro accessories kit and it works. It looks just like an action cam, except it doesn’t come with a waterproof case.

This is a wonderful camera on so many levels. It can be mounted on the dashboard or windshield. (I use it on my dash with a beanbag mount.) We can flip the image so that it doesn’t come out upside down when we play it back on the PC. We can set the screen to turn off while we’re driving so it doesn’t disturb us, though it’s too small to disturb me anyway. It comes with a case. I’m not sure why, because it doesn’t really need one.

The only thing you’ll need for this cam is a micro SD card. Make sure you buy one. I don’t have an instruction manual (didn’t come with one) to see what’s recommended for this cam, but I use class 10 cards because that is what is recommended with other dash cams. If you can get class 10, I recommend it.

This product was provided for review by Innolife.

Mar 24

Rosarita Vegetarian Refried Beans ★★★★★

Rosarita Vegetarian Refried Beans

My daughter’s vegetarian. I try to only use vegetarian refried beans for her burritos. The whole family ends up eating it, because I don’t want to make two sets of burritos. Honestly, I don’t think anyone even notices Rosarita Vegetarian Refried Beans are vegetarian. They taste just like regular refried beans. They cook like them, also, getting more “melted” as they heat up.

Mar 22

DBPOWER 1080P Video Projector ★★★★☆

DBPOWER 1080P Video Projector 854*540 2000 Lumens HD Home Theater Multimedia LCD Projector HDMI USB TV DVD WII

What a nice projector. The DBPOWER Video Projector huge, with the biggest lens I’ve ever seen. It comes with a remote control, lens paper, an extra fuse, a VGA cable, an RCA cable, and even a coaxial cable connector male/female converter. No HDMI cable was included, but there’s an HDMI port. I skipped the cables and used my flash drive. The projector has two USB ports for those who need them.

Controls are located on the top, but it’s very basic. I prefer using the remote. The only problem is the IR receiver sits on the front of the projector, the same as on other projectors I’ve owned. I always sit behind the projector. That’s about the only thing I don’t care for.

I started watching right away on my cloth backdrop that doubles as my screen. One thing I that had my heart off the bat is the keystone correction, which we use to adjust the image when we project it up or downwards at an angle to our screen. That way, our image always looks rectangular, not like a trapezoid. The volume is adjustable and can be quite loud. And how are the videos? During daylight hours with the shutters closed, I can see the image but not that well. At night, with the room lights on, it’s perfectly doable. Watch in the dark, and it shines.

This product was provided for review by DBPOWER.

Mar 22

Chalk Markers by Vegas Wand ★★★★★

Chalk Markers by Vegas Wand™ Deep Earthy Color Liquid Chalk Pen – Professional 10 Pack

We’ve had chalk markers before, but not the earth tones set. I gave these to my daughter and she went to work on the sliding glass mirror in her room. Boy, was I surprised when I came to look at her creation. It was beautiful. I love the color palette. Vegas Wand Chalk Markers marked like paint. In fact, my husband asked if she used paint. No, it was chalk markers, but hard to believe because artwork is so opaque. We didn’t see a lot of streaking that I’d expect from markers.

Her work dried quickly. She would erase large mistakes with water, which came right off. Smaller errors, she’d scratch off. I’m so impressed with what she could do with these markers. Five stars!

This product was provided for review by Vegas Wand.

Mar 22

Aduro AquaSound WSP40 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker ★★★★☆

Aduro AquaSound WSP40 Waterproof Shower Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Stand and Suction Cup (Black/Pink)

I’m used to round or square shower speakers. Rectangular threw me off, but that leaves more room for a larger speaker and I appreciate the better sound quality. I love that the Aduro AquaSound speaks English well. So many of them speak broken English with thick accents, I was beginning to forget what’s proper.

Pairing was quick and easy and it reconnects immediately. I get a good Bluetooth range. Phone calls are okay, but the speaker sometimes breaks in and out. I would prefer not to take calls that way.

I like the dedicated controls. I don’t have to worry about how many times to push a button to raise the volume or remembering whether it’s supposed to be a short or long press. The volume button is for volume only.

The suction cup works well. I’ve had this in my shower for a couple of weeks, and it hasn’t failed. If I want, I can remove the suction cup and pull out the stand. Nice.

This product was provided for review by Entronik.

Mar 22

Jergens Natural Glow Tan Extender ★★★★★

Jergens Natural Glow Tan Extender

Living in this sunny climate, I don’t think my tan will ever have the chance to fade. I used Jergens Natural Glow Tan Extender for the moisturizing effect, and it works well for that purpose. The lotion is tinted. I’m not sure if that darkens my skin any. If it does, it couldn’t be much. I can’t tell. I like the sweet, earthy rich scent. They ought to make more lotions smell like this.

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Mar 22

Golden Star Jasmine Rice ★★★★★

Golden Star Jasmine Rice

If you think rice is rice, think again. They have subtle differences in taste and texture. Uncle Ben’s? Ptooey! That’s not rice!

I like jasmine rice, and I often buy the Golden Star brand — admittedly because it is familiar to me and that’s what the local grocery store carries. Jasmine rice has a light aroma and it sticks just right. We eat it all the time and I love it. Every now and then, I’ll switch to other types of rice, but I always come back to jasmine.

Mar 21

Waterproof Endoscope ★★★★☆

HD 2 Million Pixels 720p Waterproof Borescope Endoscope Inspection Camera Pipe Cam Tool Included

This HD Endoscope plugs into a USB port. It comes with a CD, but I didn’t install any software. At least on Windows 7, that wasn’t necessary. I just plugged the endoscope in and used my video editor to capture video.

The camera has a long cable. It’s not a stiff cable, so it has a tendency to curl because we must store it rolled up. This means we will view a close-up of the walls of a pipe or tube, unless we tie the camera to a rod or guide it with our hands. Brightness control is supposed to be automatic. I don’t know how it decides when to be dim, but I can’t make it brighten up by putting it in a dark tube. I have to unplug it and plug it back in and it resets. We can’t really focus, but up-close images are good enough that I can read printed words.

Three tools are included: a hook, a magnet, and mirror. The most useful tool is the magnet. I threw the mirror into a document tube and was able to fish it out with the magnet. The mirror is useless. It gets in the way, and I can’t see what image it’s supposed to be reflecting. The hook might work, but the collar that holds these tools in place on the camera is pretty loose, so it tends to move. You might want to tape it down instead.

This product was provided for review by Leon Lee.

Mar 21

Magictodoor Vintage Canvas Backpack ★★★★★

Ag1039Lan Magictodoor Vintage Canvas Backpack High Density Rucksack Schoolbag Hiking Bag

I’ve been seeing a lot of rugged backpacks lately. They must be style of the moment. Classically fashionable – I like that. Like other mountain men backpacks, the Magictodoor Vintage Canvas Backpack can be dragged through the woods and over the Rockies and still come out in one piece. I didn’t have a mountain to climb. Flying through Space Mountain at Disneyland will have to do; but I tell you, I can wear it all day and not even feel it.

I’ve been carrying everything I can think of in this backpack, including my jacket, hat, water bottle, eReader, wallet, and knickknacks. It’s roomy enough for everything, but the water bottle has to go in the main compartment, because the side pockets are too small. They are zippered side pockets, though. The zippers make up for it. There’s also a zippered pocket sitting next to my back. I like backpacks with pockets placed there.

The main compartment is has a drawstring closure and a flap that buttons down. Inside, there are two zippered pockets, a padded pocket to hold a small laptop (fits my 11-inch Dell), and some open pockets. There’s a place for everything.

This product was provided for review by Magictodoor.