May 29

Kpmall Dog Mounting Harness Mount for GoPro Hero 1/2/3/3+/4 SJ4000 ★★★★☆

Kpmall Dog Mounting Harness Mount for GoPro Hero 1/2/3/3+/4 SJ4000

The Kpmall Dog Harnessis compatible with my generic action cam. It looks well made, with Velcro along the front strap and an adjustable buckle around the chest. There are “police” labels on both sides, but they are attached with Velcro, so you can remove them if you want.

The Amazon product page says it’s for 15 to 120 pound dogs at the top, and later 10 to 120 pounds in the product description. All I can say is I’m disappointed, because it doesn’t fit my 23 pound cocker spaniel at its smallest adjusted size. She runs around and it slips right off her.

The harness appears to be a quality mount. I am sure it will fit larger dogs. It just won’t fit small and medium dogs.

This product was provided for review by Kpmall.

May 29

S-ZONE Fashion Silk Tassel Women Genuine Leather Handbag ★★★★☆

S-ZONE Fashion Silk Tassel Women Genuine Leather Top-handle Cross Body Purse/Handbag

This is one large bag. It comes with a shoulder strap, but I wouldn’t call it a cross body bag. It’s a little awkward to wear it that way. In fact, it reminds me of the bags the house doctors used to carry around. When it’s filled to the brim, it’s shaped like a cinder block.

Let me tell you, the S-ZONE Handbag holds a lot. I had a Kindle Voyager, Kindle Fire HD, a dead tree book, a selfie stick, a phone, wallet, and keys, some small miscellaneous items, and it was not even full. I felt like I was pulling out stuff from the magic bag like Hermione had in Harry Potter.

I decided to forgo the strap, not just because I couldn’t wear it cross body, there really was nothing to attach it to except for the metal things that were holding the handles. That just wouldn’t look right.

Otherwise, the bag is well made. It’s sturdy, with some open pockets inside, two inner zippered pockets and one zippered outer pocket, so even though it has a large main compartment, I don’t lose my small items.

This product was provided for review by Pennybuying.

May 29

Freegrace® Multifunctional Tarp ★★★★★

Freegrace® Multifunctional Tarp with Four Stakes – Premium Lightweight Tarp Waterproof (Charming Orange)

My husband uses lots of tarps. He takes them with him to the desert, where he lays them out and shovels dirt on them. He does this to dry out the dirt before dry washing, which is what he does to find gold. The tarps he has are big and unwieldy. The Freegrace® Tarpis a little smaller, but it is also so much lighter and much more compact. It comes with its own little carry bag and stakes. We need stakes, because those tarps often try to fly away when we haven’t yet loaded them with dirt.

Before I even had a chance to look at the tarp, my husband told me to put it in his gold prospecting pile for him to take on our next trip. He already knew he liked it.

This product was provided for review by Freegrace.

May 28

Genuine Big Girls’ Pleated Twill Shorts ★★★☆☆

Genuine Big Girls’ Pleated Twill Shorts with Coin Pocket, Navy

My daughter wears size 12. The Genuine Big Girls’ Shorts are size 12. They fit . . . around the waist (adjustable waistband). The legs are another story. She does not like these. No, she doesn’t. The legs are so fat. Do they think our kids are elephants?

This product was provided for review by the Amazon Vine program.

May 28

Acevog Women’s Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse ★★★★☆

Acevog Women’s Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse Lace Shirt Cape Blazer Long Sheer Tops

Sometimes, I have tops that show a little more skin than I’d like and this top is a good way of covering up without throwing on a sweater. It is currently listed on Amazon as a “Plus Size Long Sleeve Lace Cropped Bolero Shrug,” but it’s not plus size, it’s not long sleeved, it’s not cropped, and it’s not a bolero nor a shrug. It’s more like a loose vest. I suspect this top was just grouped improperly with the boleros and this will be fixed. The Acevog Women’s Blouse has lace on the back, which I like. The fabric is loose and flowy, and the seams are nicely finished. Sizing was as expected. I didn’t have to order a size up like I normally do for clothing on Amazon. I wear medium, I ordered medium, and it fits.

This product was provided for review by Acevog.

May 28

Women & Girls Spring & Summer Floral Design Cotton Long Shorts ★★★★☆

Women & Girls Spring & Summer Floral Design Cotton Capri Pants / Elegant Long Shorts

I know they are listed as capris, but I call them shorts, because they hit my knees but they don’t extend below them. I chose size 11/12 when I normally wear size 10. The Women’s Long Shorts were a little large, but they shrunk in the wash. Now, they look too small, but the fabric is stretchy and it fits perfectly.

I’ve gotten lots of compliments on these shorts, even as the colors faded in the wash. My husband said he liked them, and he doesn’t often comment on my clothes. The shorts have a very low waist, which means I have to wear long shirts to make sure parts of my rear don’t peek through.

This product was provided for review by OrionDeals.

May 28

Lionbay® Rhinestones Clutch Handbag ★★★★☆

Lionbay® Rhinestones Clutch Handbag (Silver1)

I wish I had more fancy events to attend. The Lionbay® Rhinestones Clutchis the prettiest clutch. It’s large enough to fit my HTC One M8 and my small wallet, or my keys and wallet. It won’t fit my phone and keys together (I have a lot of keys). It comes with an optional short chain, so we can sling it on our forearm or hold it in our hand. The chain just seems so plain compared to the sparkle of the purse, but it’s such a lovely clutch that I don’t think anyone is going to be noticing the chain.

This product was provided for review by Homebuty.

May 28

DBPOWER Ultrathin Portable 7 inch Touch Screen Car GPS Navigation ★★★★☆

DBPOWER Ultrathin Portable 7 inch Touch Screen Car GPS Navigation FM HD 4GB New Map WinCE6.0 7026NF4G, Supports up to 8 GB micro SD card, Built-in GPS antenna+HIFI- SPK

I am the proud owner of three different TomToms and a fourth TomTom I had to return. While this won’t hold a torch to my TomTom GO 600, it can give my other TomToms (XL 350TM and One) a run for their money, and it leaves the one I returned (XL 340TM) in the dust.


The DBPOWER GPS isn’t a high end GPS, but it has features none of my TomToms can claim. For one thing, it’s a tablet. Okay, so it’s not a high end tablet, but it can play music, videos (MP4 and WMV, but not MOV), and we can view our photos (micro SD card not included). It even comes pre-loaded with some simple games for the kids to play when they’re bored.

The tablet has Windows CE (Wince), with basic software for reading PDF documents, and an Excel viewer and Word viewer. Internet Explorer is included, but I have no idea how to go about that. The tablet has no Bluetooth nor Wi-Fi capabilities. It doesn’t have a camera, either. This is a very basic tablet.


But this is a GPS, right? Don’t let the default setting confuse you. It will open to the tablet, but you can set it to always open in GPS mode, so it will feel like a GPS. You don’t need a phone to use it. You don’t need to pay for a map. Mine came with a U.S. map preloaded. Since this model doesn’t include Bluetooth, we can’t get traffic.

We can save our favorites and some points of interest are pre-loaded. Google search is an option, but again, we don’t have Bluetooth nor Wi-Fi, so the option just sits there and taunts us. Programming an address is not hard at all. In fact, I find it easier to punch in the address on this unit than on my TomTom XL 350TM. It does say a lot of the street names (better than my TomTom ONE), and when we miss a turn, it scolds us (“Recalculating because you missed the turn”). It has always gotten me home, but it doesn’t always choose the route I would have taken. As I’m driving, the signal drops more often than my other GPSs, but it usually picks the signal back up pretty quickly.

This is a large GPS, the size of a small tablet. I wouldn’t want it on my dashboard or windshield, even though it comes with a mount. Instead I use a vent mount (not included) to keep it out of the way. The screen does fade out at certain angles, but when I have it facing me, I don’t have problems seeing the display.

I consider the DBPOWER GPS a good budget GPS. It won’t do voice commands like my TomTom GO 600, but it has a huge screen, and it says the street names, and it has some tablet functions. Best of all, it gets me home.

This product was provided for review by DBPOWER.

May 28

Veetop® 4 in 1 Wireless Key Finder Tracker Locator ★★★★★

Veetop® 4 in 1 Wireless Key Finder Tracker Locator with LED Flash Light and Docking Base for Keys, Remotes – 1 RF Transmitter and 4 Receivers

I am always losing my keys. My husband suggested I always leave them in the same spot, but that is too hard for some reason. I need an aid. Normally, I use the Pet Loc8tor, but that is very expensive. For the past three weeks, I’ve been using the Veetop® 4 in 1 Locator. The tags are larger than my other locator, just a little smaller than the key fob for the car’s alarm. The remote doesn’t tell me if I’m getting hotter or colder, but the tags have a louder beep, and I find my keys just as easily. Just push the button on the remote that corresponds to the tag you want to find.

If you think I might just lose the remote, well that’s never been a problem. It comes with a little stand and that is enough to prompt me to return the remote to the stand whenever I use it.

This product was provided for review by Veetop.

May 28

T-shinning Water Absorbent Microfiber Cleaning Cloths ★★★★☆

T-shinning Water Absorbent Microfiber Cleaning Towel Car Wash Cloths 30cm * 40cm (4pack)

I have been using T-shinning Cleaning Cloths around the kitchen. They are especially good at drying my plates. The only problem with them is the edges, which tend to pull and pucker. They’re not perfectly flat when you lay them out. If you are OCD, this might drive you nuts. Come to think of it, it might drive a lot of people nuts, but it doesn’t bother me. I like them, but they’re not perfect. Minus one star for the pulled edges.

This product was provided for review by T-shinning.