Jan 27

Fascinations Metal Earth Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Model ★★★★★

Fascinations Metal Earth Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Model

I saw these Star Wars Metal Earth models in the hobby shop and just had to have one. The Millennium Falcon Model comes with two sheets of laser cut metal we have to punch out and assemble. No adhesive necessary. There are little tabs that we insert and bend to keep everything together.

I recommend you have needle nose pliers handy. Tweezers help but aren’t completely necessary. I used the wrong end of the tweezers sometimes to bend the tabs, because my fingernails were suffering.

The instructions are all graphic but easy to follow. I put it together all in one evening and the result impressed me. It doesn’t look like something I put together with my own two hands, especially since it’s so tiny, only about 3 inches long.

Tiny is the key word. If you have access to one of those standing magnifying lenses, that would be very useful. It’s like threading a needle at hundred times. If you don’t have good vision and steady hands, stay away.

As for age recommendation, all the Metal Earth models are marked for age 14 and up. My daughter just put the Leaning Tower of Pisa together by herself. She’s ten.

Jan 27

BYB E419 Professional Architect LED Desk Lamp ★★★★★

BYB E419 Professional Architect Swing / Adjustable Arm, 3 Levels Brightness Dimming Touch Control, Giant Eye-care 12-watt LED Desk Lamp / Swing Arm Table Lamp with Metal Clamp and Interchangeable Base, 5000K Natural White

Wow. This thing is tall. The BYB Desk Lamp reaches up to 3 feet, and adjusts in any direction or height. There’s a clamp included to mount on a desk, but I prefer the heavy base.

We can choose from three levels of brightness.

I like it. My husband apparently does, also, because he took this from me and put it next to his bed as a reading light.

This product was provided for review by BYBlight.

Jan 27

Kingtop Wooden Pattern Speaker ★★★★☆

Kingtop Wooden Pattern Speaker Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Hands Free Call Voice Prompt Support – Compatible with iPhone 6 Plus, All Galaxy Tablets & iPad Air, Mini & Laptops

Let’s start with what I like. I like the wood grain pattern on the plastic housing, more earthy than the electronic glossy black of other speakers.

The Kingtop Speaker pairs quickly and reconnects automatically. The sound is good enough to satisfy the casual listener. I like that.

What I don’t like: The buttons have multiple functions. I can skip tracks or change volume with the same button, but I often do one when I want the other. Add to that, they’re reversed. The right button usually increases volume, but it decreases it and vice versa. With time, I can get used to it, but it bothers me for now. Minus one star.

This product was provided for review by Kingtop.

Jan 27

iFans Travelmate 5600mAh Ultra Compact Power Bank ★★★★★

iFans Travelmate 5600mAh Ultra Compact Power Bank with 2.4A Output Portable External Phone Charger Pack Battery for iPads, iPhones iPods, LG Phones, Samsung Phones, Nokia Phones, Micro USB,Mini USB Plugs and More ,White

This is one of those power banks that’s all about simplicity. The iFans Travelmateeasy to use, only one USB port. Plug in the device, turn it on, and charge. I get a full charge on my HTC One M8 with a little juice left over, which is about what I expect.

I like the texture of the housing. It resists fingerprints of the sort that seek out glossy black cases. Hidden in the front is the LED flashlight bulb. Other than that, it’s simple, simple. Only one USB port, one that charges with super speed. Most of my other single port chargers have only 1 amp. This one sports 2.4 amps, and I feel the difference.

This product was provided for review by iFans.

Jan 27

Barilla Veggie Pasta, Penne ★★★★★

Barilla Veggie Pasta, Penne

I substituted Barilla Veggie Pasta for the ziti in my first attempt at baked ziti. Oh my gosh, it was to die for. My husband said make it again. I think I will.

The pasta boasts 25% pureed tomato and carrots, but don’t let that scare you. It doesn’t taste any different from other pasta, at least not in my substituted baked ziti. More importantly, the kids didn’t complain.

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Jan 25

Xbox $10 Gift Card ★★★★★

Xbox $10 Gift Card [Online Game Code]

My son wanted to download something on his Xbox. It required me to enter my credit card number not only to buy the game but “for future purchases.” I didn’t want my credit card on there for him to go crazy buying stuff. I needed a gift card, one I could get right away because it’s the one day out of the week he’s allowed to play all day. Poor kid’s been waiting.

I knew Amazon had gift cards for Xbox. I didn’t know they had gift codes. That’s so handy. The Xbox $10 Gift Card is available for printing immediately. Son’s happy.

Jan 25

Bionic Body Door Anchor ★★★★☆

Bionic Body Door Anchor Exercise Strap, Black

Before you buy the Bionic Body Door Anchor, look at the door you want to use as it’s closed. From the side you want to use it, can you see the hinge? If not, this anchor won’t work for you.

For everyone else, this anchor provides a solid mount for resistant tubes. If you’re like me and don’t own resistant tubes, it also works with resistant bands. Neither come with the anchor. The set only includes the anchor and carabiner.

This anchor can be set any height I wish, and it’s solid. I’m more worried about the band breaking than anything happening to the anchor or the door that’s holding it.

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Jan 25

Mifine® Portable FM Radio ★★★★☆

Mifine® Portable FM Radio Speaker Music Player with Micro SD/TF Card/USB Disk Input,Clock Function -Super Long Standby Time (B820 Blue)

I didn’t look at the dimensions of the Mifine® FM Radio, but it looks bigger in photos. This 4 ¾” long radio measures thicker and shorter than my HTC One M8 phone. I think it’s cute.

I did a scan when I first turned the radio on. It picked up all the stations in the area and automatically preset them. I could scroll through them or punch them in manually. For those who don’t remember or know what FM radios sound like, well, you’ll know it’s a radio when you hear it. It’s good reception for a radio, but the clarity will never beat mp3. That’s just the nature of the beast.

If we want mp3, the radio accepts flash drives. That’s what I’m listening to right now. Sound quality is acceptable to anyone who’s not picky about their audio, but it doesn’t blow me away.

My niggly complaint is a logo that’s placed upside down. Someone in the factory wasn’t paying attention.

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Jan 25

WeighWizard Professional Digital Kitchen Scale ★★★★☆

WeighWizard Professional Digital Kitchen Scale for Cooking, Baking, Prepping & Storing Food Ð Generous 11-Pound Capacity Ð Silver/Chrome Finish

I have a 500 gram calibration weight. Right out of the box, the WeighWizard Kitchen Scale measured it at 500 grams. I didn’t need to calibrate it at all.

The scale can measure in the following units:
* grams
* kilograms
* ounces
* pounds

I like the offset display, so bowls don’t get in the way of reading. The tare function means we don’t have to do mental math to subtract the weight of the bowl. The font is large, so I don’t need to squint.

I would like to see a backlight, and the scale is very lightweight. It almost feels cheap, but it works. When I needed it to weigh my envelopes, it was there, and I could trust the accuracy.

This product was provided for review by Resel Corp.

Jan 25

Gembonics® Desktop USB Charger ★★★★★

Gembonics® 40W High Speed 5 Port (8 Amps) Desktop USB Charger Travel Power Adapter with Auto Detect Technology for iPhone 6 Plus 5S 5C 5 4S, iPad Air Mini, Samsung Tablets, Galaxy S5 S4 S3, Galaxy Note 4 3 2, LG G3, HTC One (M8); Nexus, Smartphones, Tablets, iPods and Many other USB Charged Devices (Black)

I’m only going to take smart chargers from now on. Why worry about which port I’m plugging into when I can use a charger that figures it out for me?

The Gembonics® Desktop USB Charger is great. I’ve been using it for more than a week without trouble. I own phones, smart watches, tablets, power banks, lamps, radios, speakers, and more. They all require USB charging. I often have all the charger’s ports occupied at once, which it handles like a champ. Fast charge when I need it. That’s all I ask for in a desktop charger.

This product was provided for review by Gembonics.