Nov 30

Velocity Toys Savage X Baja Buggy Remote Control RC Buggy ★★★★☆

Velocity Toys Savage X Baja Buggy Remote Control RC Buggy 1:16 Scale Size Off Road Ready To Run RTR, 4 Wheel Suspension (Colors May Vary)

The Savage X Baja Buggy is a good starter RC car for children. It’s slower than more powerful cars and it’s easier to steer with the trigger style remote. The shell is soft, pliable plastic — less likely to crack when crashed. This car has a range as far as the other side of a neighborhood street, but not much farther than that. Battery life is about fifteen minutes. I have no idea how long it takes to charge because the light on the charger doesn’t change color.

This car handles well.  It does occasionally lose signal, even when in range, but that’s a quick fix. You know Autopia cars at Disneyland? They sometimes stop in the middle of the road and we just have to take our foot off the pedal and press down again, but my kids still think they’re a hoot to drive. Yeah, that’s the Savage X, but minus one star for the occasional loss of connection.

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Nov 30

Ferplast Amigo Cord Dog Lead ★★★★☆

Ferplast Amigo Cord Dog Lead, Black, Mini

I normally use tape leashes, and I buy leashes that are designed for large dogs, even though my dog is a cocker spaniel. How does the Ferplast Mini compare? Well, the corded leashes are a little more dangerous, because they are more likely to cause injury when wrapped around a finger. However, small dogs don’t really pull hard enough for that. Also, the smooth spring back action is light, so I can’t see it really doing eye damage, should it snap and break. The cord is solid enough that the force of my 23-pound cocker spaniel pulling on the cord hasn’t broken it. The clasp is lightweight and the case is tiny with an equally small hand slot. My hand is medium size but my fingers are slender. Men with large hands need not apply. For people like me, it is compact and convenient.

I’m not sure about the gimmick for this leash. Unless we can buy packs of different shells, I can’t see why I’d want to change them out.

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Nov 30

Airheads Fruit Bites ★★★★★

Airheads Fruit Bites

I’m not normally a candy person, so I have to take my daughter’s word for it that Airheads Fruit Bites taste just like Airheads. She loves Airheads, so of course she likes Airheads Bites. Me? I just tasted a sample (full size package) from a warehouse store. They’re very fruity — sweet and sour — chewy, but not sticky. In one word: good. I still prefer chocolate over these balls of candy, but I wouldn’t mind sneaking in an occasional taste of Airheads Bites.

Nov 28

Hook and Loop Fastening Velcro Cable Ties ★★★★★

50 PCS Reusable Hook and Loop Fastening Velcro Cable Ties with Microfiber Cloth, 5 Colors

I literally buy cable ties by the hundreds. Honestly, I don’t know how it is that I find so many cables to bundle but I do. The ties I usually buy come in a roll, but these Hook and Loop Fastening Velcro Cable Ties come flat, stacked one on top of the other. They are a much better quality than my standby. I love the velvety surface texture and the smooth micro hooks that don’t catch everything in sight. They are strong enough to hold computer cables and other cords I have laying loose around the house (I have no idea how that could be). These ties are about six inches, but you can extend them by attaching several end to end. I don’t have a need for that as I mostly use them for USB cables and power cords on my appliances, not heavy duty extension cables. Actually, I don’t know how they would hold up if you need super duper grip. I don’t think they are made for that. See the color coding? Think cable organization/computers/entertainment systems.

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Nov 28

EBMORE® Women’s 5 Pairs Soft Comfortable Warm Crew Socks ★★★★★

EBMORE® Women’s 5 Pairs Soft Comfortable Warm Crew Socks (style 3)

I wear size 8 1/2 women’s shoes, and these EBMORE® Crew Socks fit me perfectly. They are so soft, warm, and comfortable; and I love the colors, which coordinate well with fall/winter colors. The quality is very good, not too thin and better than most socks I own.

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Nov 28

Clover Valley Purified Drinking Water ★★★★★

Clover Valley Purified Drinking Water

My in-laws have well water that’s filtered, but I can taste and smell the sulfur in it so I drink bottled water. My husband bought me Clover Valley Purified Drinking Water at the local store, which turned out to be pretty good. It has a crisp, clean flavor when cold — a huge improvement over sulfur and definitely a contender with the better known national brands.

Nov 28

UDI 818A HD Drone ★★★★☆

UDI 818A HD Drone Quadcopter with 720p HD Camera Headless Mode with Return to Home Function and Extra Batteries in Exclusive White

The UDI 818A is very stable in the air and easy to fly. It has headless mode, which I am embracing more and more. Headless mode, for those who don’t know, enables us to fly while spinning. It means we don’t have to keep track of orientation, because forward is the direction we’re facing rather than the direction the drone is facing.

This drone also has one touch return to home, which functions even in headless mode. This feature is used to recall drones from a distance when we lose track of where they’re at. You’d think that wouldn’t be possible, but the white color of this drone makes it blend into the clouds, so it’s easier to lose sight of than others. Good thing return to home works.

The weakness of this drone is battery life. I expected longer battery life because the batteries are much bigger than other drone batteries, but is only lasts half as long, if that. I can squeeze out about three minutes before it starts beeping and refusing to flip (most toy drones will fly for 8-10 minutes on a single charge). At least we get a warning so we can bring back the drone. I would honestly reduce the rating by two stars for the battery life if it weren’t for the fact that it comes with two batteries and a battery charger that charges both at the same time. If you buy this drone, buy extra drone batteries.

I like the protection around the blades. They’re harder to mar than blades on other drones but we still get extra blades just in case.

This drone is ready to fly right out of the box. I don’t have to install blades or blade guards or landing feet. I love that. The battery compartment is not enclosed. That bottom section looks a little unfinished, but the camera is super awesome. I love the camera, which comes with a micro SD card and a micro SD card reader that came in handy when I was on vacation.

Overall, it’s a good drone that lacks battery power.

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Nov 28

Club Crackers Original ★★★★★

Club Crackers Original

My daughter was starving at grandma’s, so we dug around for some snacks and found Club Crackers. Yes! I remember these. They have a sweet crunch but melt in our mouths. Yummy.

Grandma said there was an open bag somewhere, but it was gone because Grandpa ate them. Who could blame him? My baby ate them straight, without anything. That’s the way to get the full flavor, but they are great with cheese, as well.

Nov 28

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Rescue ★★★★★

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Rescue Actively Hydrating Daily Lotion Spf 15

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Rescue melts into my skin. I usually put lots on my face, enough to bring down over my neck. That way, I get lots of UV protection. It makes my face feel nice and plump without any lingering film. The difference before and after is noticeable, at least in the immediate aftermath. Long-term remains to be seen, but it’s always hard to tell for me to see things long term. My husband said to do half my face, but half my face is more aged than the other half as it is. LOL.

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